The “Official Story” – JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, and many, many other women, but “back in those days” the newspapers wouldn’t report on such things. The “official story” says that the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, would send a G-Man to JFK with pictures of JFK sneaking out of his mistress’ house and say, “Mr. President, we obtained these pictures and we urge you to be more discreet so your political opponents do not aquire such material.”

This is what is called a “blackmail threat.” The man who was the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, was deeply involved in organized crime and was himself sexually compromised by them. Hoover – the top law enforcement official for 50 years, going back to World War I. The various organized crime gangs, the “mafia,” including the “Five Families” of New York and the “Chicago Outfit” that would take over Hollywood and eventually the entire state government of California.

The top law enforcement official of the United States of America provided them protection and cover to the entire criminal underworld for 50 years – he was a major part of that criminal underworld..

This is what is called “the Deep State.”

Even though this is the “official story” everyone acts as if it is somewhere in the past, back in the “old days” and that such things don’t exist anymore.

Bill Clinton’s sexual affairs were well known before he was elected President. It was fodder for jokes but no one particularly cared. When the Monica Lewinsky scandal “broke,” the Republicans impeached him over his perjury under oath, the Democrats responded that he was being “impeached over a blow job.”

Certainly the scandalous details – like the bit about the cigar and the “stained” blue dress – were great entertainment. But the polls showed that people didn’t think it was particularly relevant to politics and Republicans suffered just as much of a hit to their reputations as Clinton did. For his part, Clinton hired … Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, to dig up scandals on Republicans.

First, ask yourself why Larry Flynt was the man to go to to dig up dirt on your political enemies. Sure, he was a “pornographer” – he published a porno mag. But think for a minute. Think about how the mechanics of this work. Why Larry Flynt? How would he know? Or who would he know to find out?

To the howls of Democrats, a bunch of Republicans had to resign because more or less all of them were cheating on their wives and had various mistresses – and worse. The top Republican, the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, was known to be a literal child molester – and the FBI knew it, but kept it a secret. Apparently, in the 1990’s the FBI wasn’t any different than it was in the days of J. Edgar Hoover. It’s always been about obtaining compromising material and then using that as political leverage – in other words, blackmail.

The top Law Enforcement agency in the United States of America is itself a giant blackmail operation collaborating with organized crime and always has been.

Literally in the released CIA documents from the infamous and notorious MK-ULTRA program there is correspondence between the CIA director and a popular gossip columnist. The gossip columnist is apparently attempting to blackmail the director of the CIA with information about closeted gays and lesbians in Washington DC.

But that is all in the past, right?

Well … is it?

What was the big scandal during the 2016 elections? Wikileaks released a bunch of emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign. That led to a “fake news” story that was dubbed “Pizzagate.”

In 2015, Donald Trump spoke at the CPAC conference and announced, on live TV, that Bill and Hillary Clinton were going to have “a lot of problems” due to their connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

A couple of years later, they are arrested – Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” in his prison cell and Ghislaine Maxwell is currently cooling her heels in jail awaiting trial. The media is constantly telling us that a dangerous domestic terrorist underground in America is influenced by the “QAnon Conspiracy Theory” about an “elite cabal” sexually trafficking children. Apparently what makes it a “conspiracy theory” is that it posits someone other than Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Les Wexner, and Glenn Dubin are involved.

We saw Donald Trump’s “personal attorney and fixer” Michael Cohen blackmailing celebrity Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. with scandalous pictures of his wife, and a humiliating story to match. After Cohen took possession of these compromising pictures, Falwell endorsed Donald Trump and campaigned to win him the Evangelical vote.

Infamously, Donald Trump’s political ally, David Pecker of AMI, the publisher of the tabloid National Enquirer tried to blackmail the richest man in the world, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, with sexual pictures he had sent to his mistress – and the accompanying narrative about his affair that cost him his marriage and half of his fortune.

Ms. Bezos knew about the affair, likely didn’t care and was likely having her own, but she was forced to divorce him not because of the affair but because of the humiliation of having her personal life broadcast over the mass media. These blackmail threats were explicitly political, as Bezos said, it was an attempt to force him to force the Washington Post to stop their coverage of the murder of WP writer and CIA agent Jamal Khashoggi by the Prince of Saudi Arabia … and Donald Trump’s son-in-law and manager, the Israeli Jared Kushner.

So – is this stuff in the past? No – it is the present.

Lots of people said at the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, “who cares?” According to some polls it actually made Clinton more popular, because people thought it was gross of the media to drag this stuff out in public.

But it doesn’t matter – if the mass media wants to embarrass you, humiliate you, turn you into a villain, they can. That is all they do – that is the entire point of the mass media, to control people through the threat of negative publicity. Everyone has done something bad and scandalous – and if you haven’t they will just make something up.

Consider what is happening to the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. According to the state hundreds of thousands of people were killed by Covid-19 in New York. If one takes the official Covid-19 numbers as accurate, Cuomo’s policies led to the deaths of so many people it makes Governor Cuomo a bigger terrorist than Osama Bin Laden.

Last year Cuomo was beloved by the media, constantly broadcast via the media as a hero in comparison to the villain Donald Trump. Now, the same media has turned Cuomo into a villain…

…but notice they aren’t really discussing the Covid-19 mass deaths nearly as much as they are covering various sexual advances and harassment that Cuomo has allegedly made against multiple women. An old fashioned sex scandal.

Just a couple of years ago the mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, had to resign after being accused of being a serial child molester like Dennis Hastert. A major Democratic fundraiser Ed Buck has been accused of murdering multiple men, specifically targeting gay black men who he allegedly murdered with illegal drugs after raping them. The “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, while false, nevertheless revealed an extremely seedy subculture in Washington DC Democratic party circles that at least find notions of pedophilia, child abuse, and even cannibalism culturally “edgy” if they are not necessarily participating in those things literally.

So – is anything different now than they were in the “old days?”

Cancel culture is the same thing, except it is about race as opposed to sex. If a young girl is videotaped doing something sexual and that is released on social media – and publicized by the mass media like NBC, ABC, and CBS – that is considered “slut shaming” and “rape culture” and “gross violation of privacy.”

But if the same young girl had said “The N Word” – or to use the current phrase, “Vocalized The N Word” – now she is no longer the victim of bullying and smears,- now she is a villain, a horrible “racist” and in fact “deserves” to have her privacy violated and get smeared all over the media.

Who started this cancel culture?

Well, the Anti-Defamation League, of course. They were founded to defame the people of Alabama for not taking bribes from New York to drop the charges against a child rapist and murder. The Anti-Defamation League – and their collaborators in the New York media – wrote article after article defaming everyone involved of anti-Semitism” and printed “fake news” purporting the criminal to be actually the victim.

The Anti-Defamation League is an openly Zionist political lobby that openly supports racial apartheid in Palestine and has openly given awards to organized crime figures and their accomplices like Moe Daliz and Jeffrey Epstein collaborators Alan Dershowitz and Barry Krischer.

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times all quote the Anti-Defamation League as an “expert” on “hate.” Outfits like the SPLC are almost identical to the ADL, also specializing in smearing people in collaboration with ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, and WP.

CNN once tracked down a teenage boy who posted a funny “wrestling meme” about Donald Trump, accused him of being a “violent white supremacist” and then threatened him with public defamation if he posted any more pro-Trump jokes.

“Cancel culture” is nothing new.

Remember the actor Jim Carrey? During the Trump administration he went into hysterics attacking Trump and drawing weird pictures about him. Why? He’s an actor, who cares?

Well, Jim Carrey, in the 1990’s, made movies and jokes that would be considered extremely transphobic in 2021. You would likely be fired from your job in a Fortune 500 company for even telling some of the “transphobic” jokes that were mainstream Hollywood fare in 1996.

In fact, in the 1990’s, the gayest show on TV except for Ellen was Friends. The entire basic set up of Friends was about a nebbish Jewish guy whose wife becomes a lesbian and divorces him and marries another lesbian who raises his child.

Now, in 2021, Friends – literally the gayest and most “pro-LGBT” show on TV in the 1990’s – is considered “homophobic” and “hate speech.”

The point is these media companies – it’s all one big club mostly – can simply destroy anyone via negative publicity, true or false – anytime they want.

Clearly, a huge number, perhaps a majority, of elected officials are vulnerable to a sustained media assault, and some of them seem to be put in that position precisely because they are compromised.

What happened to Gawker? Once a darling Internet publication, they decided to “out” Silicon Valley oligarch Peter Thiel, who, like Senator Lindsey Graham and many others, was “politely closeted.” Later when Gawker leaked the professional wrestler Hulk Hogan’s sex tapes, Thiel took his revenge and financed Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit which bankrupted Gawker.

Everyone was happy when Gawker was destroyed, because it was a scumbag publication run by a scumbag man.

But Peter Thiel can’t destroy CNN via a lawsuit – nor the NYT, nor NBC. The opposite is true – if they wanted, NYT and ABC could probably find something scandalous that Thiel has done – and if not, they could just make something up, pay someone for a fake story, etc.

Peter Thiel – and all the CEO’s – know that. So they have to play ball with the “mainstream media.”

The media is a cartel. If one appendage “goes too far” – like Gawker – that appendage can be shut down. But if they all decide to go in – if ABC, CBS, and NBC all make it a story, it’s a story.

And the people who control ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times – they are all friends, they go to the same parties, they all vacation on the same Tel Aviv beach, and they collaborate and coordinate their positive and negative cover.

They are not competitors, they are a cartel.

But think about this:

ABC, CBS, NBC – and CNN – and all the newspapers – ask a typical conservative Republican and what will they say? They will say they are all “liberal” and biased toward the Democratic party.

Except for FOX. FOX is the exception. Conservatives and Republicans will say that FOX is the only TV channel that gives Republicans fair treatment.

Democrats hate FOX with the heat of a thousand suns. You can read millions of words written by liberals, progressives, and Democrats saying FOX is nothing but pure GOP propaganda, that it is “fake news” that all the other channels are “moderate” or “centrist” – except for FOX, which is pure Republican party propaganda.

What makes FOX so different than the rest?

What is the difference between investigative journalism and espionage?

That is a harder question than it seems, isn’t it?

News Corp. is different – it is a different faction. Partisans who say they are “biased” are correct – but come now, what the conservatives say is 100% true – the rest of them are just as biased, in some cases far more biased, than News Corp.

Why is the Washington Post considered a “serious newspaper” while its local competitor, the Washington Times, is attacked as “not real journalism” by the entire DC establishment?

They say it is because the Washington Times is run by a weirdo cult, the “Moonies.”

Which is an entire story in an of itself. Because the Reverend Sun Yung Moon has played a similar role that of Fethullah Gulen.

The Moonies, back in the day, played a similar role that Fulan Gong has played since the 90’s and especially recently, and probably increasingly as the Democrats have embraced the new Cold War with China.

The Deep State consists of three factions.

  1. Military, including law enforcement.
  2. Media, including the entertainment media like celebrities – especially beautiful women, concubines to the ruling class – like Marilyn Monroe – and potential leverage via children. (Remember when vassal kings had to send their children as hostages to their Emperor? Ask Director of National Security Avril Haines about that one, as she has clearly fantasized about such things.)
  3. Organized crime. Ask a Mexican, “do drug cartels run the government?” The Mexican will say, “of course they do, but keep your voice down.” Ask an American, “do drug cartesl run the government?” The American will say, “of course not, that is a conspiracy theory and keep your voice down!”

The Internet has really changed the dynamic, as technology often does.

What happens when you try to compete against this media cartel, but you don’t have the backing of a News Corp. or the CIA like the Moonies and Fulan Gong?

Well, you get called an “anti-Semite” – like – and a Zionist CEO like Amazon’s Andy Jassy will ban you from the Internet, and Google will deplatform you, and eventually your domain will be seized.

There is no “free market” – if you challenge the power of the Cartel, you will be destroyed.

Remember – Wikipedia considers the ADL and the SPLC to be “reliable sources” so any smear that ADL or the SPLC publishes about you goes straight to Wikipedia and becomes “the official story.”

When you are dead, Hollywood will make feature films defaming you.

That is how the Cartel works.

Anyone trying to waste people’s time with “liberal media this” or “conservative that” is just distracting you.

But face it – the next time a Democrat has a media scandal, the Republicans will cheer, and the next time a Republicans have a scandal, the Democrats will cheer.

Whatever the Mass Media says is important, everyone assumes is important. Because making your own news is hard.