My plan is working.

Appearance reform is the politics of possibility. Some may dismiss this as cynicism but that is a simplification. Appearance reform is a transcendental process, it is “revelation of the method,” it is the appearance of the Mahdi,it is the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 8: “For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”

The only movie I’ve seen with Matthew McConaughey is Dazed and Confused, which is a great movie, one of my favorites. I have spoken to older people who went to high school during that time period and they said the film got everything right, and my experiences weren’t all that different. Also his scene in Wolf of Wall Street which was pretty funny, although DiCaprio dragged him down, because DiCaprio just isn’t a very good actor.

I’ve also seen lots of other actors “doing” McConaughey’s accent and it’s almost always funny and entertaining.

These days due diligence is just looking up Wikipedia, so who is the future Governor of Texas?

Matthew David McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969, in Uvalde, Texas. His mother, Mary Kathleen “Kay”/”KMac” (née McCabe), is a former kindergarten teacher and published author who taught him. She was originally from Trenton, New Jersey. His father, James Donald “Jim” McConaughey, was born in Mississippi in 1929 and raised in Louisiana, where he ran an oil pipe supply business; he played for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Houston Cougars college football teams. In 1953, Jim was drafted in the 27th round by the NFL’s Green Bay Packers. He was released before the season began and never played an official league game in the NFL.

So far, so good – very good.

McConaughey’s parents married each other three times, having divorced each other twice.

This is literally the plot line of a romantic comedy. Great stuff, sweet and romantic, great family story.

He has two older brothers, Michael and Patrick (who was adopted).

Something else we have lost due to Industrialization and diversity? 100 years ago a family adopting an orphan, a relative or someone local, would be praiseworthy and an indicator of character. Now, due to the mass media, we know that “Madonna” the celebrity literally buys children from Africa as pets, as a fashion accessory, and these days even worse than that. But let’s just assume the best for now.

McConaughey got his start via director Richard Linklater, who as far as I can tell is the real deal. Literally an Austin hipster that, along with Spike Lee, all but invented “indie film” in the 1990’s. You know why indie film appealed to us 90’s hipsters so much? Because it was for us, by us. Not a hostile propaganda effort run from New York and Los Angeles by a population of alien foreigners who hate us. That goes for the black people too – give Spike his due.

Linklater lives in Austin, Texas and refuses to live or work in Hollywood for any extended period of time.

Very good sign, eh?

Linklater has been partnered with Christina Harrison since the 1990s

Very good. So if McConaughey was “discovered” by Linklater, we have an unsullied origin.

Texas is obviously its own thing, but it is Ground Zero for our sovereignty in North America. The oil business is primary economy thus Greater Texas has the capacity of autarky which seems to this writer to be a necessary condition for sovereignty.

Dad a self-made millionaire oil man – fantastic. “McConaughey’s ancestry includes English, German, Irish, Scottish, and Swedish, with some of his Irish roots being from the Cavan/Monaghan area. He is a relative of Confederate brigadier general Dandridge McRae. He had a Methodist upbringing.”

Just keeps getting better.

What this tells us is that there is nothing openly problematic in McConaughey’s background, like a Rhodes Scholarship, an aunt running a foreign espionage operation (like LBJ) and a normal Christian background, a Methodist, not some weirdo X-ian Zionist freakiness.

Obviously the Hollywood career is going to be full of red flags. He is almost certain to have worked with and been paid by foreign interests, Zionist interests specifically, and organized crime interests.

One of the best things about having someone like Matthew McConaughey is that there is very little possibility for blackmail. Any sex scandals would just make him more popular, “oh wow Matthew McConaughey had an affair with this smoking hot Hollywood actress.” All the men would wish they were him, and all the women would wish they were her.

Ugly people are messed up sexually – that how the Zionists could get Rush Limbaugh to compromise himself with underage Dominican whores, of which sex your guess is as good as mine. Jeffrey Epstein literally flaunted jailbait sex slaves around the elites of America for 20 plus years and ensnared who knows how many ugly men with messed up sexual lives. If McConaughey ever wanted some strange, he just had to show up at a party and pick one.

Plus, we live in the post-Gawker, post-Hunter Biden, post-Jeff Bezos age.

Who was the last victim of New York tabloid publishers like David Pecker, “fixers” like Trump’s Michael Cohen, and Republican blackmailers like Roy Cohn and Arthur Finkelstein?

Probably Jerry Falwell Jr. He thought he could run his father’s old time Christian institution the way his father did. Not saying that Falwell Sr. was involved in anything sexual but he clearly loved the money and fame and flying around on that private jet the Israelis bought him. As far as the “official story” goes – they sought out him. Trump’s “fixer” Michael Cohen just happened to be around when Falwell Jr. started getting sexually blackmailed, you know, to “fix” his problems. (Hint: if you can’t figure out that Jamal Khashoggi, at least you can figure out the Falwell story. Falwell didn’t just “happen” to have Israelis show up and buy him a private airplane. So little Jerry Jr. has been watched by the foreign intelligence agency since he was born. Michael Cohen didn’t just “show up” one day to “help” Jerry Jr. fix his blackmail problem. Yet everyone ignores this stuff when it happens and they never incorporate this into their analysis. Even though it is business as usual, especially for the crowd that controls the media.)

Here, ask yourself this question. How does Lindsey Graham get elected in South Carolina? Because him being gay isn’t made an issue of by the media. There was a Tea Party guy that said it, in a crowd of Tea Partiers, “hey is Lindsey Graham being blackmailed or something, because look at what he does.”

If they wanted, there would be a “scandal.” Online, in the Gawker sense, he’s already been “outed” a number of times. But Lindsey Graham is allowed to stay “politely closeted” because he is 100% reliable on the “Israel thing” – as he puts it. Remember, Graham bragged about how he didn’t have to do any fundraising for his Presidential run because of how much financial support he got because of the “Israel thing” – you know, from wealthy New Yorkers who were into “the Israel thing.”

I’m sorry you don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry you wish you could talk about something else. But when you have a ruling class that is literally controlled by a foreign government – to the point where they have to make pilgrimages to a land thousands of miles away and perform a humiliating ritual of subservience to a foreign state – it’s important.

Lindsey Graham could have been taken out at any time if the “Mainstream Media” – meaning, ABC, CBS, NBC, or Washington Post or New York Times – had chosen to do so. But he was protected by the media. He is a “conservative Republican.” Yet also a “mainstream Republican” when he is doing the correct “bipartisan” thing.

When he flipped to Trump, it was a clear signal from Likud-friendly figures like the young dynamo Jared Kushner. Conservatives are utterly useless because they are all about never speaking the taboo, the “liberal media” like NBC New’s Noah Oppenheim, or the New York Times’ A. G. Sulzberger. You know, “liberals” who run the “liberal media.”

Republicans from Glenn Beck to Alex Jones were telling us about the “Arab owned media” ten years ago and now they are talking about “Chinese influence.” It doesn’t matter how many times these “liberals” in the “liberal media” spit in their face, humiliate them, they just keep sucking up to them. It is astonishing.

McConaughey started the just keep livin foundation, which is “dedicated to helping teenage kids lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women”. On February 25, 2016, McConaughey received the Creative Conscience award from unite4:humanity for his work with his foundation. McConaughey rescued various pets stranded after the flooding of New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. In 2019, McConaughey officially became a professor of practice for the Department of Radio-Television-Film at the Moody College of Communication in his alma mater, UT-Austin; he had served as a visiting instructor since 2015. The first two sessions were about the filming of the movie Free State of Jones.

Anyone want to take a shot at this? At first glance this looks like typical NGO bullshit, one can assume CIA and/or Pentagon has been working with McConaughey for a while. The word “politics” does not appear in the Wikipedia page even once, so he either has amazing and astonishing discipline – to not go all Taylor Swift on us – or he’s been planning this for a while.

Son of a millionaire Texas oilman who got into “communications” – i.e., propaganda. First generation aristocracy, raised with an eye to leadership. That is basically the sweet spot, Texas could get three generations until they revert to the mean.

I mean, whatever, do you have anything better? As of now I’m supporting Matthew McConaughey for President whenever he runs. It’s either him or – god forbid – Beto O’Rourke who as a white male Democrat must resign to allow a Womxn of Color to run. Beto O’Rourke is a straight-up racist white supremacist, a Nazi who reminds people of Hitler.

Reading the comments at NYMag, people I assume are Texas expatriates sucking up to the New York crowd are in downright hysterics over it, so good. Anything that hurts them is good in this particular zero-sum game. Traitors are worse than enemies.