Why is Greg Abbott siding with the Zionists in Antifa?

I’m told it is impossible for Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott to be a typical child rapist like many of his fellow Republicans because he’s in a wheelchair. But I figured that would be a reason for him to target children, as they can’t run away as fast.

Tel Aviv, Israel is over 7,000 miles away from Austin, Texas. Why is Texas Governor Greg Abbot attacking a business for allowing free speech?

Why in the world would Governor Greg Abbott, with Texans facing so many problems, instead do photo ops with foreign Zionist Jews in order to demand fealty to a foreign, racist state based on an anti-Christian fundamentalist religious sect that rejects Jesus Christ and practices racial apartheid?

I’m just worried that the conspiracy theorists may start assuming that the Israeli Mossad have Greg Abbott on tape doing awful things, and if Abbott doesn’t do what Zionist Jews say, they will leak the tapes to David Pecker of the National Enquirer and engulf the Governor in some sort of scandal.

Maybe Abbott doesn’t molest children like his fellow conservative Republicans, but instead he has decided to put the interests of a foreign government over the interests of Texas because he is getting paid by the Zionist Jews that run Gab’s competitors: like Larry Page, Serge Brin, and Eric Schmidt of Google and Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook.

This is how the ADL operates: if any one who is racialized as “white but not Jewish” start competing with the Zionist Jews that run the big social media companies like Alphabet, Google, Youtube and Facebook, they will start calling them “anti-semitic” and blackmailing public officials like Abbott to take down their competition.

This is called “white privilege” when people who are racialized as “white but not Jewish” do it – but it is called “fighting anti-semitism” when people who are racialized as “white and Jewish” do it.

It is a form of “white privilege” but for some strange reason they never talk about that.

It’s just a big mystery.

In any case, why should I buy anything from a racist, apartheid occupation government in Palestine that hates me, my people, and my religion? They call us “Christo-fascists” – they also hate Muslim people, and call them “Islamo-fascists!”

Governor Greg Abbott: Stop The Hate. Zionism has NO PLACE in Texas or anywhere in America.

Really, you can almost see it, Greg Abbott in the crowd, screaming CRUCIFY HIM! CRUCIFY HIM! Give us Barabbas!