Well, not really. It’s actually Black people, then weirdo hippie New Age types. But if you define “Christian Nationalism” to mean “people who celebrate Christmas and believe only citizens should be allowed to vote in a nation’s elections and also voted for Trump” – some of those people are anti-vaxx.


Of course, Reddit, the propaganda company with fake voting and majority participation by spammers and paid astroturf, has a field day. They have to admit it’s really Blacks and New Agers, but if you ignore all that you can find a way to hate white Christians, “nationalists” and the half of the country that voted for Trump.

I always have to remind myself that it’s Reddit – it’s fake. There is no “community” and there certainly isn’t a consensus. It’s as fake as a Las Vegas magic show. But it’s so cleverly designed to mimic the “free speech” communities of the last century’s Internet it fools my lizard brain.

In any case I have never been anti-vax but at this point in history? I’d gladly and happily vote for a Christian nation. First, it would get rid of a certain non-Christian population that causes far, far more trouble than they are worth. Second, once they are gone it would be easy to deal with the racial issues.

Praise Jesus and pass the vaccine.

Just kidding I haven’t gotten the experimental Covid mRNA “vaccine” because I want to help end racism by giving my dose to an African-American.

In other news:

I do not like – and greatly distrust – this new celebrity of Dolly Parton. I have fond memories of listening to Dolly Parton as a child – her rendition of Mule Skinner Blues is wonderful and a great example of semi-yodeling – a really white form of singing, by the way.

I read all these people on Reddit going gaga for Dolly Parton and frankly it just makes me suspicious. You people hate Dolly Parton, her religion, her culture, her people, her music, everything about her. So what’s the deal? Did she sign a contract with the Devil or something, which is why the Devil’s media is now promoting her?

The least horrible option is she’s become a “gay Icon” due to the awful plastic surgery. Gay men like to “adopt” aging women with bad plastic surgery – I assume it’s a kind of misogyny or something.

I mean, I’m allowed to like Dolly Parton because I actually listen to her music and my parents visited Dollyworld plenty after my dad retired.

But if you people – those people – start “embracing” my cultural heroes I know something terrible is happening behind the scenes.

I know, I know, the Zionist Jews always want to paint me as a “hater” – more of their own racist hate and bigotry projected on to others. So I won’t say that I hate you people. Instead, I’ll just say I love you the least among all humans. I love my people 100%, I love the Maori people like 1%, and I love “you people” 0.00001.

So that is not hate, it’s just less love.