Gary: Well I guess I just thought that maybe you and I had a little something.

Diana: I’m 28! I mean, in what world would this be ok?

Gary: DC and LA, parts of New York, Miami. Maybe Dallas.

Diana: Look – it was impersonal. It was math.

— Irresistible (2020)

Remember the Red-Brown Coalition? Charlie Mansonism?

Here it is, exactly as described:

These ‘Dirtbag Left’ Stars Are Flirting With the Far Right

“Fringe Meets Fringe”

Their podcasts and shows are full of Boogaloos, “deep state” conspiracies, and even “great replacement” talking points. Which side is this, again?

Alexander Reid Ross
Updated Mar. 09, 2021 11:48AM ET
Published Mar. 08, 2021 4:57AM ET

Alexander Reid Ross is a professor of geography at an Oregon community college, and became a darling of the Jewish media for writing a book titled “Against The Fascist Creep” which declared Donald Trump the New Hitler and anyone who voted for him “fascists.” Reid-Ross also declared all the right-wing bloggers “fascists” and now he’s back to declare a bunch of left-wing bloggers “fascists” too.

Reid-Ross declares every single lefty progressive podcaster I like a “fascist”: Jimmy Dore, Aimee Terese, Oliver Bateman, Malcom Kyeyune, Angela Nagle, Dasha Nekrasova and Anna Khachiyan. The last one actually gives the game away, as Khachiyan is not only the only Jew on his hate list, thus the exception that proves the rule, Khachiyan is interesting for her own angle on the “#MeToo” movement – she claims it’s anti-Semitic.

Reid-Ross’ tactic is really quite simple: this podcaster made this joke which is actually “right-wing humor” (in 2021, is there any other kind?) and also quoted this other podcaster, who quoted a writer, who quoted Hitler, and/or the Nazis, and/or some other “fascist” and/or a religious Christian who was suspiciously not openly anti-fascist.

Seriously – read it – he gets paid the big bucks for these sorts of smears. It’s directly out of the open pro-apartheid Zionist front group Anti-Defamation League playbook, guilt by association and insinuation. “You’re guilty until investigated.” “If there was nothing there we wouldn’t be asking.” Etc.

What is the crime of Jimmy Dore? He’s a typical libtard. Suspiciously against bankers and against wars – you know, like Mel Gibson!

According to people like Alexander Reid Ross, since I listen to Jimmy Dore, and I’m basically the Grand Hitler-Wizard of the Nazi-KKK, that means there is something vaguely “nazi-like” about Jimmy Dore, otherwise Nazis wouldn’t listen to him.

Think: Larry David hallucinating that the bald cancer patient in the doctor’s office waiting room is a “Nazi Skinhead” calling him “Jew” because … well, because that is what Jews do. Everyone is Hitler, everyone is a “fascist,” everyone is an “anti-Semite” and more importantly, if these “Goys” get together without Jewish supervision, you may have an outbreak of “anti-Semitism.”

You know those Fly-Over Country types. They look like simple farmers, but they are really growing Fascism in those corn fields. Lots of blond, corn fed white guys who just don’t have the introspection needed to know how close they are to Full Fledged Fascists.

That is what minders like Alexander Ross-Reid are for, to sniff around for “fascism” among the “goyims.” When the urban “lefty” goyim start talking to the rural, “conservative” goyim, that’s the Nazi Party forming in real time, right there. For Antifa, it’s “scratch an American and a Fascist bleeds.”

Think: Philip Roth. Roth gets big writing a novel Portnoy’s Complaint about how he enjoys sexually degrading “WASP” gals as a way of revenge against their fathers and grandfathers for being Nazis – or if not Nazis, at least anti-Semites, the genteel kind.

Then after the Zionist Jews get the US government to go to war against Israel’s enemy, Iraq, Philip Roth writes a book about how Americans are all a bunch of “Nazis” and in another universe – in Philip Roth’s imaginary universe, the one in his head – Americans would have forced all the Jews to go to summer camp and work on the farm if the anti-war America First movement had won in the 1930’s.

Which is Literally Auschwitz.

You see, Jews have been “oppressed” for thousands of years, due to irrational “anti-Semitism” which appears in the “Goyim” just by their Fascist Biology. As Zionist Jews are always telling us, “anti-Semitism” is in the literal, biological DNA of European people.

They call this “anti-racism.”

All people – if you want to call “goyims” “people.” Even Black people sometimes wander off the Plantation and instead of attacking Southern White Christians like they should, bad actors like Louis Farrakhan turn them “anti-Semitic” too, requiring their Jewish managers to order a public apology.

You can tell when someone is genetically fascist by just looking at them. Blond hair? Fascist. Strong jaw? Athletic? White? Double Fascist!

Anna Khachiyan is on the list. She is genetically Jewish, but she’s not, like, religious and stuff. In fact, she points out that “Jews” – like her, New York Jews – really hate the “Hassids” because the Hassids are so “misogynist.”

But don’t think that Khachiyan is a “self-hating Jew” – on the contrary, Khachiyan – despite being a “fascist” or maybe “so far left she’s right” – actually sniffs out anti-semitism in the #MeToo movement.

You see, there is an “undercurrent” of “anti-semitism” in the #MeToo movement because of all the Jewish men harassing the non-Jewish women, the “shiksas,” the “white women.”

Honestly I can’t do her justice, but basically Khachiyan tells us that “Jewish desire” is being “problematized” by the stories of Harvey Weinstein masturbating into a ficus plant while forcing the “shiksa” actresses to watch. It’s like, if you’re not into that, that’s ok, but it also might mean you’re an anti-Semite. Because – hey, this is the Jewess Anne Khachiyan, not me – that is just the sort of things that Jews do, so if you aren’t into that it may be that you just hate Jews.

In any case, Red Scare is a pretty fun podcast. It’s like hanging out with your older sister’s hot friends when you are still underage, smoking a joint, totally creeping on the hot one but still too young for her to take you seriously – but it’s still kind of sexy to listen chicks talk about sex and stuff.

Red Scare had some quite interesting things to say about prostitution: good when it’s boutique craft, exploitative when it’s industrialized and subject to short-term market forces in a corporate setting.

So, like a hot gal in Manhattan that blows some “finance guys” for a thousand dollars a pop – well that is not just a good business decision, frankly it’s kind of fun and glamorous. It is the oldest profession after all.

But when they make an Uber for Whores and women are literally just servicing regular guys – not finance guys – well, that is a dystopia.

The Red Scare gals once had on Steve Bannon – the “Goy” in the Huffington Post’s famous headline, “Bye, Goy” they had to censor when people started asking, “what’s a ‘goy?'” and “why is the Huffington Post celebrating Jared Kushner taking over the Trump’s White House?” They made some flirty comments about him and conceded he had some good points.

For this, that makes them “fascist” for Alexander Ross Reid. It’s the fascism “creeping” in. If Steven Bannon, the “Goy” is Basically Hitler, than anyone who talks to him is “Fascist Creeping.”

Now the gals from Red Scare have sexy voices. They do the “uptalk” thing which is annoying in regular conversation but can be extremely hot in a sex situation. It’s an invitation.

But the sexiest voice in the Progressive Left/Alt Right/they are all a bunch of Hitler Nazi Fascists podcasting space is clearly that of Aimee Terese.

Listening to Aimee Terese I don’t know whether I should do an Internet search for some obscure Marxist reference or close my eyes and start jerking off. There is a picture of Terese floating around but that isn’t the point, it’s the voice I am objectifying. It’s more than uptalk, it’s fully fledged feminine. She has just a hint of “raspy” – the kind of thing that made Demi Moore so hot – but not to that level, just a hint.

Terese and Oliver Bateman have a sort of brother and sister chemistry, where he trolls her: “hey, Aimee, the Professional Managerial Class is going to liberate young Chinese women by providing them single payer health care for their first three abortions to make sure they don’t ruin their career at the Western corporate branch office.” Terese will then flip out, doing the whine thing, “no, don’t say that, it’s so gross, no!”

Terese does this sort of “whining” thing that is pure sexy. It’s like when you are trying to ignore some gal, and she starts sort of pouting and then leaning over you, “accidentally on purpose” brushing her boob up against you, and did I mention the pouting?

In my head, I do a sort of “brat taming” thing with Terese. She’s like, “aww, come on, why cant the proletarian family have dignity and education?” And I’m like, “sorry, princess, you’re going to have to EARN it.”

Then she sticks her tongue out, does the pouty thing, then I say “OK, that is demerit number two. Someone needs a spanking.”

I mean, it is just a fantasy.

At least mine are fun and sexy, if a bit kinky.

Alexander Ross Reid’s fantasies are not sexy at all – even though they are pretty kinky. Fascist Nazi Hitlers everywhere, always attacking poor Jews who just want to genocide Palestinians in peace while calling the “goyim” – the “nations” – “fascists” for having borders, citizenship, and a culture.

Only Jews are allowed to do that.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t even think that Alexander Ross Reid is himself Jewish. He’s just doing it for the money. If he wasn’t an “anti-Fascist” he’s just be a guy teaching college students how to read maps.

Getting paid to smear everyone your Jewish bosses tell you to, all the while having the “mainstream” press like the New York Times quote you as an “anti-fascist expert” is a reward in and of itself. Good goy!

Eventually Jimmy Dore, Aimee Terese, Oliver Bateman, Malcom Kyeyune, Angela Nagle, Dasha Nekrasova … and probably, if she is honest with herself, Anna Khachiyan too … will have to just accept the fact that “fascist” is just a code word for “goyim” and the Zionist Jews who fund the “left” don’t believe of their political hogwash any more than anyone else does.

In America, 2021, to speak truth to power is to speak truth to Jewish power.

Hopefully people like Anna Khachiyan will start by declaring herself opposed to groups like the Anti-Defamation League and taking a leadership role in exposing this Jewish organized crime racket. As a semi-public figure who “happens to be Jewish” she can get away with it, just like Rudy Giuliani was able to get away with openly discussing Italian organized crime and their front groups.

We really do need the “moderate Jews” to start standing up and denouncing their fringe hate leaders, like Jonathan Greenblatt.

In the meantime, Aimee Terese you go ahead and fascist creep right into my DMs whenever. I got the leather boots and everything.