On the surface, it is idyllic: racial harmony, gender equality, unity behind a common goal—and firm, perky asses and tits.

I can’t think of anything less sexy than “gender equality.”

And then the characters speak. The topic of conversation? Military service, of course. One joined for the sake of her political career. Another joined in the hopes of receiving her breeding license. Another talks about how badly he wants to kill the enemy. No one looks at each other. No one flirts. A room full of beautiful, bare bodies, and everyone is only horny for war.

“We want sex and naked bodies to be normalized and boring, then we will complain when people hang around the showers discussing work.”

Also, “everything we know about sex comes from feature films and pornography.”


Fuck all that mass-media social programming propaganda. Murder and violence are “okay,” while sex and sexuality are “bad.” I’ll walk around naked, look at women, and hookup whenever I damn well please. Sex is awesome, bodies are beautiful, and no shame is necessary for either.

Anyone want to bet that no women want to see this guy walking around naked or hooking up with him? Anyone want to bet there would be complaints about him going around leering at women?

He can’t even think of his own sexuality without discussing movies and he’s complaining that Americans can’t make movies like:

  1. Lolita – a film about a pedophile obsessed with a child, murdering her mother, and kidnapping her and repeatedly raping her.
  2. Pretty Baby – a film about a child being forced into prostitution.
  3. Rocky Horror Picture Show – the complaints would come from his people declaring the film “transphobic.”
  4. Caligula – don’t worry they will complain about violence later.

My favorite though is the discussions of polygamy.

Today, there are people that live wholesome lives with multiple consensual sexual partners, search for polyamory.

How radical – a Silicon Valley nerd telling people to search the Internet for polyamory. At least we have penicillin for the STDs!

These people act as if they live under some sort of Puritanical Christian theocracy – which is a direct reversal of reality. In reality, they search the ends of the earth for religious Christians NOT engaging in polyamory and scream about “oppression.”

The reason why actors work out so much but there is “less sex?”

9/11 – of course!

The second event was, of course, 9/11. The attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon sparked a new War on Terror, and America needed to get in shape so we could win that war. The USA’s hyper-militaristic troop-worshipping post-9/11 culture seeped into the panic over obesity and gave birth to a terrifying, swole baby.

Well, is anyone surprised he is “terrified” of muscular male bodies?

I’m not surprised.

But there is hope. Robert Pattinson is playing the next Batman in a film set to release in 2022. He has proudly bragged about his refusal to bulk up for the role, despite an outcry from superhero movie fans. In a 2019 interview with Variety, Pattinson said, “In the last three or four movies, I’ve got a masturbation scene. I did it in ‘High Life.’ I did it in ‘Damsel.’ And ‘The Devil All the Time.’ I only realized when I did it the fourth time [in The Lighthouse].” Perhaps he will be the hero we need.

Jerking off on camera is heroic?

“I have never understood why nudity and consensual sex – basically harmless activities – are deeply frowned on by the ratings groups, yet stabbing someone in the throat and having their blood gush out everywhere is fine and dandy.”

What planet do these people live on? Graphic violence gets an “R” rating – just like nudity and sex. Why do they always PRETEND America is so puritanical when the exact opposite is the case?

These people wake up every day fanatasizing about being sexually repressed by a Christian theocrat.

These people are a clear and present danger to society – and specifically, children. Why their obsession with children anyway?

Our society glorifies pornography and sex-work, but condemns the objectification of bodies. Our society condemns fat shaming, but makes idols out of instagram models. We are very, very confused. Huxley predicted a world where sex became God. Orwell predicted a world where sex was taboo. Unsurprisingly, the reality is that our society has become a paradox by adopting both.

OUR society? What society would that be? I’m not in a “society” with these people. It is precisely these people who are instituting 1984. They even try to brush off #MeToo – a phenomenon among them, certainly not conservatives – suggesting that they are the first people to come up with rules about sexual consent.

Marriage is an oppressive institution, but also we need rules around sex…

Presumably these are the people who score high on IQ tests, which should be a good indicator that IQ has hardly proven itself to be evolutionarily adaptive. The high IQ West and Asia are declining in populations while low IQ areas of the world are growing in population.

This one is amusing:

I once had a debate in an online forum about legalizing prostitution, and most participants were supportive of it. Then I asked the same group, what about legalizing partial prostitution, like a receptionist that also has sex with the boss as part of the job description. The participants all immediately switched to revulsion at the idea and none would support it.

What happened when the CEO of one of these companies started holding “cuddle parties” for his employees? The women who didn’t want to “cuddle” with him complained they were passed over at work.

It’s a clear cut case of old fashioned “sexism” – the same as a boss slapping his secretary’s ass and telling her to “loosen up.”

They HATE that – but then they turn around and want to use money and promotions to not just get the sexual attention, but force their female employees to act like they want it.

“You’re not one of those Christian prudes, are you? At this company we’re like sexually liberated! Now take off your top and give me a back rub, honey!”

I recall a video where one of these types “deconstructed” some films with the “Born Yesterday” trope and explained how “innocence” wasn’t sexy, “experience” was sexy. I just thought to myself, says who – you? These people are QUICK to demand entire societies overthrow their own sexual customs so they can impose their own, even stricter – and far more unhealthy – sexual rules on everyone else.

Look at how sensitive they are to power relations – the idea of serving coffee puts their class status in jeopardy:


You know what – I don’t think these people are “sexually liberated” at all. In fact, I find them extremely prudish. They are uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

Notice too how they parse and parse prostitution.

They so want prostitution to be legal and accepted, so they can leverage their comparatively higher salaries to buy sexual access to women – and girls – that they know are “out of their league.”

They hate historical context and of course despite tradition and religion that have already dealt with many of these issues.

They complain about life losing its sexy edge, even as they parse out legal questions about how they can pay women to have sex with them – women who clearly do not want to have sex with them out of sexual passion – but instead, for money.

Imagine one of these people thinking this:

“I make a good salary. There’s a chubby gal at the supermarket who might marry me if I provided her a home so she could raise our children.”

“Nah, monogamy is oppression. I make $175 working at Google. Let’s open the borders so impoverished women from Asia can move to San Jose and I can pay two at a time for sex acts I saw in a movie.”

These people are unbelievably evil but they are convinced they are morally superior.

Autism is more dangerous than Covid-19.

I pray every day that Best Korea will nuke Northern California before the infection spreads.

Help us, Kim Jong Il – you’re our only hope!