So Vice President Kamala Harris and Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the phone.

What did Vice President Kamala Harris say to Benjamin Netanyahu?

She expressed strong support for Israel’s recent groundbreaking normalization agreements with countries in the Arab and Muslim world, and stressed the importance of advancing peace, security, and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike,” said the statement. “The Vice President and the Prime Minister agreed on the importance of continuing close cooperation and partnership on regional security issues, including Iran’s nuclear program and the regime’s dangerous regional behavior.

So they are keeping Kushner’s agreements made during the Trump administration, and Harris pledges to continue the “special relationship” and continue to warmonger against Iran, for Israel.

What does America get in return? Netanyahu to Harris:

Vice President Harris expressed the American administration’s complete opposition to the decision of the prosecutor of the ICC in The Hague.” The release continued, “Prime Minister Netanyahu said that intelligence and security cooperation would continue to be strengthened and added that as Prime Minister of Israel he was totally committed to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons designed to destroy Israel.”

Was that a thank you? Thank you, America, for doing our bidding at the ICC and international organizations and thank you for helping us harm our enemy, Iran?

Wait – did I miss the part where America gets something out of this bargain?

Would the United States ever openly state it was going to “ignore Israel” if Israel does something the United States doesn’t want them to do?

It’s impossible to even imagine.


When news surfaced about the U.S. starting talks again with Iran, the Ambassador to the U.S. Gilad Erdan said Israel may ignore U.S. President Joe Biden in dealing with Iran if he pushes toward reviving the nuclear deal

“It’s America’s stationary aircraft carrier.”

No – America can’t do anything from Israel and we already have aircraft carriers. What do we need Israel for?

“It’s the Christian Zionists.”

Like the My Pillow guy? Some old church lady in Texas? Do these people have some sort of power over presidential administrations and the State Department? Were all those “Evangelicals” voting for Trump because of Israel, or was it about immigration to America, etc?

Is it “liberals” like Noah Oppenheim, who run the “liberal media?”

He became president of NBC News in 2017 and is known for attempting to stop Ronan Farrow’s reporting on the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse cases.

I guess it is just a big mystery why a tiny little country, five thousand miles away from America, has such unbelievable power in the American government. Perhaps it is just Benjamin Netanyahu’s magnetic personality?

So Biden’s not doing a State of the Union because apparently he barely knows where he is these days. So I guess they are sliding Harris in.

Increasingly the elected politicians play merely symbolic and ritualistic roles – exactly as one would expect with this gerontocracy.

In a functional system, the executive delegates to his staff, but he ultimately sets the agenda. Law clerks write the opinions, but in theory they are guided by the Justice. Was that the case in the last decade or more of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s term? Does Mitch McConnell read even 1% of the legislation he votes for, and his agenda anything but deal making for his favored lobbyists?

The vision they sell to school students in Civics class is that “the people” vote for representatives, who implement policy.

In academia they attempt a structural analysis, an abstract “machine” where you can measure the “power” in and out.

The “political” media plays it like a sporting event – they use the term “horse race” constantly. This is one level of indirection – you are no longer discussing the issue itself, but how the issue affects the election contest. Like trading stocks on volatility, the stock doesn’t matter, what matters is other trader’s opinion of the stock.

I like the “foreign connections” analysis. This seems particularly important in an Empire. For instance, there were plenty of local Boston pols – and likely Ted Kennedy himself – that were more or less openly collaborating with the IRA back in the 1970’s. They were running guns on boats from Boston to Belfast. At some point the Fed stepped in, confiscated a shipment, put some low level guys in jail, and that was the end of it.

The Turkish lobby is more influential than one might think on Capitol Hill. They were particularly close to the infamous Dennis Hastert.

We have a politician nicknamed “Cocaine Mitch” – his campaign sells official T-Shirts with an imagine of cocaine powder on them – who got that nickname when a company run by his Chinese wife’s family got caught with a boatful of cocaine.

Diane Feinstein – she’s coming up later in this series – had a Chinese spy running her office for decades.

That is the kind of Empire they are. I feel for y’all, my people have been imperial subjects since 1865!

So – seems obvious to me – look for the people with a connection to the foreign state of Israel, 5,000 miles away in Asia, and all of a sudden a pattern emerges, a pretty important pattern that has a lot of explanatory power about a lot of things.

It shouldn’t be surprising that that analysis is basically illegal in America. It is literally more than speech-crime, it is thought crime. Glenn Beck was thrown off of the air a decade ago for discussing George Soros, because that was an “anti-semitic dog whistle.”

Anyway, isn’t Netanyahu up for election soon, or did he win again already?

I think the Democrats would really prefer to work with someone like Ehud Barak. I think that they think he’s more in tune with the right people in America.

Ehud Barak was the kind of guy who could visit Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita House in Manhattan and have enough sense to cover his face. He’s personal friends with Alan Dershowitz. He spoke at Ghislaine Maxwell’s father’s funeral. He was close to Bill Clinton. Had a good relationship with Obama.

He’s doing some weird “cyber” thing in Texas now. I guess he’s helping America.

I guess Benny Ganz is the closest to Barak you are going to get these days.