Here’s the timeline:

October 2019: Event 21. They even handed out “Coronavirus plush dolls” based on the cartoon image of the virus that would become the popular symbol. But to fact check the conspiracy theorists, USA tells us they did not “predict” the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead, they created a plan of action that they did, more or less, put into place when Coronavirus hit four months later.

Fact check: A Bill Gates-backed pandemic simulation in October did not predict COVID-19

Late 2019: “Vaping disease.” This is when the Federal Reserve goes into overdrive backstopping the crashing financial assets. “QE Infinity.”

February: Covid-19 hits. Lockdowns begin.

Summer 2020: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and the Washington Post and the New York Times start broadcasting racial agitation propaganda 24/7. The “Atlanta Jogger” case proves a flop, so they try again with George Floyd and hit the jackpot. Just like Rodney King, they play the video over and over again.

Black Lives Matter “protests” begin with Antifa agitation, then the pent-up energy from the “lock downs” finally gets an outlet. The entire summer is a mix of street party, political protest, and rioting, arson, and looting. The entire mass media – ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WP – downplay the riots and being targeted attacks on white victims. They begin playing up “right-wing Trump MAGA violence.” Essentially a “Charlottesville Part II” random white people who just “look like Trump supporters” are demonized, the ones who are actual Trump protestors get arrested under any pretext. Antifa rioters are released immediately when they are arrested at all. Kyle Rittenhouse becomes the new Timothy McVeigh – the Antifa murderer in Portland who commits suicide is memory-holed.

Fall 2020: The “Transition Integrity Project” and Mike Podhorzer of AFL-CIO organize the anti-Trump forces. Essentially the entire Republican party is on the “Stop Trump” team, although some counter-signal in public for fear of Trump’s popularity. Any Republican who can afford to joins with the GOP establishment, joined by the living GOP Presidents and officials. Traditional Republican allies like the Chambers of Commerce join the Stop Trump forces.

A fake scandal about a “Trump Post Office” director trying to prevent absentee balloting, as a good cover for the necessary rule changes to assure the absentee ballots.

Top levels of the Pentagon begin assuring they will not interfere in the coming elections.

October Surprise: “Hunter Biden’s laptop” and the related stories of Biden corruption. The entire mass media – with the exception of the NY Post, a Murdoch publication with specific Trump/Likud ties – immediately censors the Hunter Biden scandal, bans the NY Post, starts a new wave of censorship.

Elections: The media says on election night it will look like Trump will win, then they will count the absentee ballots and Biden will win. Over the next week, this is what they say did happen. Trump’s lawyers – a very weird bunch and no one from the top levels of the American legal establishment – start various court cases and the entire judicial establishment, including the Supreme Court – including the SC judges Trump himself appointed – turn down every case.

Then it gets interesting.

For months the media, mainstream and fringe, discussed various scenarios for a “close election.” The Trump shills have a novel idea: Vice President Mike Pence can throw out the electoral votes for disputed states which will throw the election into the House and ensure a GOP victory.

Trump – in public – calls on Mike Pence to “do the right thing.”

Trump fires the Secretary of Defense, top officials in the Pentagon and replaces them with a faction of “Trump loyalists” – all of them with close, direct ties to the Israel lobby, AIPAC, and the Likud party of Israel – and Mossad. According to many reports, the entire “QAnon” online campaign is directed by these people.

Then the “QAnon” protestors show up – led by Trump – to demonstrate and force Mike Pence to “do the right thing.”

The new faction at the Pentagon refuses to protect the Capitol using bureaucratic excuses to “stand down” and allow the QAnon protestors to enter the Capitol. Some people in uniform let the protestors inside.

Then while everyone is focused on the “QAnon Shaman” wandering around without his shirt on wearing a Flintstone’s hat, some faction enters the Capitol and scares the hell out of the assembled legislators.

As predicted, Biden’s new regime is not going after any of Trump’s Israeli Likud operatives involved in this – Ezra Cohen-Watnik and Christopher Miller, for two. Instead, Biden’s new Attorney General, Merrick Garland, himself a Zionist, with his own direct connections to Alan Dershowitz, Jamie Gorelick, and the entire Israeli espionage apparatus from the Clinton administration, starts going after “the goys” – Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and various regular people who were just work-a-day Trump fans who got maybe a little excited.

Of course now the Zionist on Trump’s side, and the Zionists on Biden’s side, are pointing at the “goys” on the “other side” and covering for each other.

This is exactly what they did during the Bush administration. Trump’s and Obama’s roles during the Obama administration played out much the same way.

And when Jared Kushner, son of Charles Kushner, an Israeli spy connected to the 9/11 coverup, was installed in the White House as the boss after sidelining “goy” Steve Bannon (Remember the Huffington Post, “Bye Goy!” headline?) the Democratic party started their chants of “white supremacy” and “anti-semitism.”

Isn’t it interesting how the story is Ezra Cohen-Watnik just doesn’t have a lot of pictures out there. He doesn’t do interviews. He’s just a technocrat, low level Pentagon staffer. Why focus on him? Focus on someone else.

Like Alex Jones – the lizard people guy. Or Roger Stone, the weird sex pervert. Or the My Pillow guy.

But not Cohen-Watnik, nor Kushner, nor any of the other Zionist Israelis that have run the “Trump Train” since, well, since the very beginning.

It’s an open question how “serious” they were. But if Trump had been successful, Mike Pence had thrown the election into the House, and the House chose Trump based on a party line vote …

… Trump would have been Woodrow Wilson because there is zero question that Trump’s people wanted to, and were going to, start a hot war with Iran, to finally finish up the 9/11 War on Terror.

But the entire American establishment, including the small business lobby like the Chambers of Commerce, and the entire Republican party establishment, both Democrats and Republicans in the State Department and the military, worked together to prevent World War III.

Because that is what will happen when the Zionist Jews finally drags America into a real hot war with Iran – that is World War III, because China and Russia – and everyone else – will get involved. All it would have taken is some explosion, not even necessarily in the USA, and a video of an “Iranian terrorist” claiming responsibility and the mass of conservatives would probably go along. For the ones that proved hesitant, pair them up with some obnoxious SJW protestors and they’d grumble online but do nothing else.

Have I mentioned 9/11 yet? Back then the Journal wrote an interesting article about how when overseas, George W. Bush had a personal toilet that traveled with him and saved his “waste” – urine and feces – which was brought back to the US for disposal.

The Journal article speculated as to why: preventing foreign agents from getting stool samples from the President which may lead to information about, e.g., which drugs he was taking, or even worse, some sort of genetic profile that may be used to target some sort of biological weapons.

The US State Department has objected to China’s new policy of requiring foreign visitors to get an anal probe Covid test, calling it “undignified.” China has relented somewhat and offered to instead accept a stool sample.

Forget all the “conspiracy theories” about Covid-19. The dead are not piling up in the streets like they said. Most people who get coronavirus don’t even notice, some get sick, fewer get very sick, and elderly people who are on death’s door get marked as “Covid” without even a test – which is where the vast majority of casualties come from.

So you can make up your own conspiracy theories about that, I’m all out. But if this were a Hollywood script, the Chinese wanting stool samples to check for “just the flu bro” would make it very difficult to suspend belief in this particular plotline. What do you think?

We’ve learned one thing from the Trump era: if the Republicans wanted to win, all they would have to do is put a charismatic candidate up there to say “populist” things – like, no more offshoring jobs no more mass immigration of foreigners – and the GOP would win every election. They wouldn’t have to do any of those things, of course. With the right framing, with the correct selection of Faces and Heels, they can create a huge audience of “regular white guys” and “gals” that are ready and willing to even commit insurrection, given a good enough plot line (Democrat Sex Pervert plot line was saleable enough.)

This is what all the occult fights over the data companies, like Cambridge Analytica, and figures like Peter Thiel, was all about. This is why Andy Jassy banned Parler then got promoted to CEO of all of Amazon. This is why the Fortune 500 ad companies always boycotts the media companies on the black list.

The era when everyone read the New York Times and watched ABC, CBS, and NBC are over.

A Trump channel like OANN is indistinguishable from CNN – the actors are better looking, for one – the production values are the same.

Media is the Means of Communication. It sets the agenda. People used to get up, turn on the TV or the radio to get the weather and the traffick, and if there was an issue you were supposed to know about – like Bill Clinton getting serviced by Monica Lewinsky in the White House, those media companies would tell you.

But now it’s via Social Media – Facebook – and Search – Google – hence we see the fighting.

According to the Deep Green guy whose name escapes me, the county lock up is worse than state prison. In state prison, there are lifers and the hierarchy is set. Everyone knows who King Prisoner is, everyone knows which gang they belong too, everyone knows there place, so there is no need for fighting.

In the county lockup, the prisoners and coming and going, so it is a constant battle for King of the Hill and everyone’s place – hence, constant shanking.

The agenda setters of the 20th century – ABC, CBS, NBC, et al., – are weaker than ever, and the pretenders are circling the old man to snatch the crown the second he croaks.

Someone is going to come along with a new means of communication and organize factions that can brainwash the rest.

Sheeple are always going to be Sheeple. American democracy has always been about getting the sheeple to consent to agendas set by minority factions – only minority factions can really even have an agenda. Sheeple have interests – and the smarter sheeple understand their own interests – but sheeple can’t have agendas.

To have an agenda you have to have a faction, that requires organization.

As we enter Year Two of Covid, just look at what has changed and think long and hard about the “Bioterrorism” we have been warned about for 20 years – since the 2001 9/11 Antrax Attacks.

The PMC and their essential workers are networked via Zoom, the Internet and IT generally. The upper levels have moved away from the cities and increasingly live in exclusive, semi-rural archipelago. This is not the same as the “Blue Archipelago” vs. “Red Rural” areas of the R. vs. D. county maps.

The “working class” – agricultural and factory workers – are increasingly fungible as the geographical sources of agricultural and industrial products have been made redundant for decades.

The future of the United States of America is Brazil. Frankly, the present of the United States of America is Brazil.

The brief and shining moment when the United States was a “middle class white, European Christian Protestant country with a free market and free speech” is OVER.

The fatal blow was the aftermath of 9/11, when the Mass Media proved they had complete control of the Sheeple. As the real Voltaire said: those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

Trump was a five year diversion. Get back to work.

It is time for us to start using the Scientology tactic “Fair Game” against our enemies.