She’s no more a sadomasochist than she is a vampire. — Stan Rice

I like Christian rock. It’s very positive. It’s not like those real musicians who think they’re so “cool” and “hip.” — George Costanza

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard was fifty-six years old, the father of seven children and a grandfather several times over. With a loyal wife, a home in England and four children still at school, he was at an age when most men put down roots and plan nothing more ambitious than a comfortable retirement. But he was not like most men.

In 1967, L. Ron Hubbard raised a private navy, appointed himself Commodore, donned a dashing uniform of his own design and set forth on an extraordinary odyssey, leading a fleet of ships across the oceans variously pursued by the CIA, the FBI, the international press and a miscellany of suspicious government and maritime agencies.

Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story Of L. Ron Hubbard, Chapter 16: Launching the Sea Org

The basic trick is to always accuse your enemies of what you yourself are doing. So in 2020, as the “Deep State” via its mass media was broadcasting highly-charged racial propaganda 24/7, culminating in Rodney King Part 2, George Floyd Boogaloo and the BLM/Antifa riots.

BLM and Antifa are racial militias organized openly by the American “establishment.” The propaganda is written by academia, the taxpayer funded universities, and their students and faculty provide the street organizers. Corporate America, the Capitalist Fortune 500, lavish the racial militias with tens of millions of dollars in funding, and the Mass Media, themselves Capitalist Fortune 500 companies, provide the public relations propaganda.

It’s called “Color Revolution” and the CIA has been doing it since the 1990’s in Eastern Europe, the 2000’s in the Middle East – and since the 1960’s in the United States.

So in 2020, as the Antifa/BLM Racial Militias were being activated, the Mass Media arm of the Deep State started broadcasting lurid propaganda about “White Supremacist Neo-Nazi KKK MAGA Trump Militias” – the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Three-Percenters (not to be confused with the Five Percenters.)

The Proud Boys were a joke fraternity, started by the comedian Gavin McInness, an employee of the Israeli front group Rebel Media run by the Zionist Jew and pro-apartheid activist Ezra Levant, after a visit to Israel where he complained the Israelis were “too liberal” for not mass murdering enough Palestinians. The current leader of the Proud Boys is a tri-racial FBI informant.

The “Boogaloo Bois” apparently do not even exist, being simply a label attached by “journalists” to various online trolling websites, based on a very ambiguous murder involving active duty military and law enforcement in Northern California in 2015 – something the mass media studiously ignores and refuses to investigate – which would seem surprising if it really had something to do with the Boogaloo Bois. You would think it would be a major story, the context for every article. But no, they never mention it. Just one of those mysteries.

The Three-Percenters are a label sometimes used by various American patriots, especially veterans, a reference to the American War for Independence.

But it was necessary for the Media arm of the Deep State to scare-monger about these mostly non-existent groups, to draw attention away from what the Deep State itself was doing, organizing racial militias to attack Americans racialized as “white but not Jewish” – especially those who were conservative, registered Republicans, or supporters of President Donald Trump.

For the past twenty or so years, Internet hooligans, mostly based around 4Chan and its related websites, have had a blast trolling the media by seeing if they could convince “journalists” to write and broadcast absurd and self-discrediting stories based on various online “trolls.”

An early permutation of this was “9,000 Penises.” Some Internet trolls claimed to be aggressive pedophiles organizing an online child molester army to rape America’s children with “9,000 Penises.” The Queen of Daytime Television, Oprah Winfrey, broadcast herself reading these internet trolls on national television, completely seriously. This was considered a “huge win” for the Internet hooligans.

Another win was when the 4chan people made up the idea that the “OK” hand gesture was actually a secret code for “white supremacy.” Not only did this get on the news, it was published far and wide in the “mainstream” media and resulted in numerous people – including some active duty military personnel, including officers – investigated, disciplined, and fired for making an innocent “OK” hand sign – or playing the “made you look” game, where you get someone to look at your hand as you make a “hole” gesture.

When Democrats have the White House, the “Intelligence Community” is idolized and given non-stop positive coverage, and they took the opportunity to write official reports about the dangers of “white supremacists” using the “OK” hand sign to somehow “spread racism” or somesuch.

Considering another infamous incident staged by Internet hooligans.

In 2006, the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was boycotted by Sumner Redstone and Paramount pictures over his role in Scientology and their recruitment efforts in Hollywood.

When Tom Cruise attempted to have a leaked speech he made to a Scientology conference removed from certain websites, vvarious people posing as a “leaderless Internet-based group” called “Anonymous” initiated Project Chanology, an online and offline “troll war” against the Scientology organization, culmiating in real life protests in front of Scientology buildings.

Among Right-leaning Americans racialized as “white but not Jewish” – and aware of that racialization – three decades of discussions have been had around ideas of religion and social organization. Religion and social organization form the basis for cultural identity, and despite the post-modern Imperialist concept of “anti-racism,” race and ethnicity have always undergird the identities based on religion and social organization.

In these circles there have always been heated arguments between Christians and anti-Christians. A constant source of tension is the complex relationship between Christianity and Jews and the “universal” – thus racially unexclusive – aspects of Christianity.

In such situations it is often helpful to switch frames, to purposefully ignore “both sides” of an argument and look at the problem from a third angle. Humans exist in their own culture like fish exist in water, thus like fish don’t notice water, humans have a hard time even perceiving certain aspects of their own culture.

Thus, Scientology makes an interesting illustration. Likely no one reading this is a Scientologist, nor has any relationship to Scientology. Readers will likely not be “emotionally triggered” when discussing Scientology, thus may be discuss the phenomenon objectively.

People make two mistakes when discussing Scientology. First, they attempt to discuss the “ideology” or “teachings” of Scientology. This is a pointless exercise. It would begin with the book Dianetics, published in 1950 and detailing a form of “para-psychology,” in the context of the time, a kind of low-rent competitor to Freudian psychology, itself an absurd psuedo-science. Both Dianetics and Freudianism claimed to be a study of the human mind; neither are taken seriously today.

The second mistake people make is to simplify Scientology as a “money making scam.” This is similar to defining a human being as a “food eating machine.” Saying “Scientology is all about money” is like saying “Tom Cruise is all about food and water.” Organizations can no more exist without money than human beings can exist without food and water – money, in whatever form in exists in a society, is how people cooperate, thus how people organize.

As of 2021, Scientology is 70 years old, has had two leaders, and like virtually all Western civil society institutions, is dying – nearly already dead. Former Scientologists note that there are very few, if any, new recruits to Scientology and the next generation, such as it is, are simply the children and grandchildren of Scientologists – and as far as religions go, Scientology was not particular fecund.

This leads to an interesting situation as Scientology owns some very choice real assets – especially real estate – all over the world. There is a kind of residential compound “Gold Base” south of Los Angeles, a luxury hotel residential complex in Clearwater, Florida, and numerous smaller facilities in Europe and all over the world.

The “mainstream” opinion of Scientology is that it is an “abusive cult” and one might notice that the label would work quite well to describe “the military” – and not just the American military either.

So the point is not to understand Scientology, the “ideology” – which is absurd and irrelevant – but to instead understand the organizational structure and tactics of Scientology.

The Scientology organization has done some astonishing things.

Church of Scientology spies committed scores of break-ins at government offices — including those of the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service — in Washington and elsewhere to obtain secret files containing information about the church, according to evidence in federal court here yesterday.

Church operatives also infiltrated government agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Coast Guard intelligence service, to conduct their burglary, bugging and spying operation, the evidence said.

The Scientologist burglars would be given awards for their performances by the church, the evidence asserted.

More Break-Ins Revealed In Scientology Spy Case, October 26, 1979, Washington Post

Another astonishing thing that Scientology has done is to use their asset, celebrity Scientologist John Travolta, to personally lobby President Bill Clinton to grant the Church of Scientology a long-coveted IRS tax exemption, in exchange for John Travolta portraying Clinton in a favorable light in the Hollywood film based on his presidential campaign, Primary Colors.

This is extraordinary for a weird cult that recruits aspiring actors in Los Angeles with the equivalent of novelty toy lie detectors from Radio Shack.

Then there is “NXIVM” – the “sex cult” led by the Clare and Sara Bronfman, daughters of the notorious Jewish organized crime family. NXIVM has similarities to Scientology, and a much sexier backstory.

The “mass media” has given major publicity to what they refer to as a “cult” – “QAnon.” Beginning in 2017, some attendees of a Trump rally wore t-shirts and signs about “Q” and the Washington Post and the New York Times write articles virtually calling QAnon a “terrorist organization” and have claimed that millions of people reading blogs online have been “brainwashed” by “QAnon cult propaganda” about how Democrats are part of a “Deep State Elite” that engage in cannibalism and pedophilia.

These beliefs are “extreme” thus lead to “violence” – this formulation is being used in all sorts of contexts as an excuse to censor speech generally and political speech specifically. Disputing the results of the last election is considered “disinformation” and “QAnon-adjacent.”

It is very difficult to put things into historical context because the tendency is to try to trace everything back to the dawn of time. This is why Carroll Quigley’s magnus opus, Tragedy & Hope ran well over a thousand pages and started with the invention of fire.

But at least for context we can go back to the 1990’s, when Avril Haines, now the Director of National Security, was at Johns Hopkins University.

Before 9/11, the worst terrorist attack in the United States was the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building by Timothy McVeigh, a terrorist attack investigated and prosecuted by now Attorney General Merrick Garland and his mentor, 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick.

Early on the mass media claimed that Timothy McVeigh was “inspired” by the book The Turner Diaries by the notorious White Nationalist William Pierce. The clear implication is that reading this book had “radicalized” Timothy McVeigh.

While enemies of the United States might very well consider the Directior of National Intelligence Avril Haines to be a “terrorist,” no such judgement is needed to objectively speculate on a certain book that Haines was reading, and promoting, that may have influenced her in her legal activities in the same way that the book Turner Diaries supposedly influenced Timothy McVeigh in his illegal activities.

The phrase “they hate us for our freedom” was a propaganda slogan central to the “War On Terror” that asserted that Islamic terrorist attacks on the West were motivated by the conflict between the secular, liberated culture of the West and the strict Muslim culture advocated by figures such as Sayyid Qutb in his work Ma’alim fi al-Tariq. His books are said to have influenced terrorists Osama Bin Laden and “Azzam the American” and countless others.

So if we’re going to be check each other’s reading lists, I nominate the reading list of Director of National Security Avril Haines. Let’s see if her reading materials “inspired” her to do the things she has done.

For context, read the Wikipedia pages for “QAnon” and its predecessor “Pizzagate” and whatever mainstream sources are available about the Israeli child sex trafficking and blackmail ring run by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

QAnon, or simply Q, is a disproven and discredited American far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotted against former U.S. president Donald Trump while he was in office. According to U.S. prosecutors, QAnon is commonly called a cult.

Notice that the “cult” are the people who “believe in Q” – not the “cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles” “running a global child sex-trafficking ring” that doesn’t exist.

In any case, what is interesting – to me, at least – is the fact that one of the Director Of National Intelligence Avril Haine’s favorite books is an erotic fantasy about a world wide elite sex cult with practices that, while maybe not precisely be described as “Satan-worshipping” “cannibalistic” and “pedophile” are certainly – to use the lingo – adjacent to those things.

It can also be speculated that this novel influenced the decisions that Avril Haines has made over her career, specifically how she related to Christians and Muslims.

I wonder if Avril Haines ever met Jack McGeorge?

The United Nations launched perhaps its most important weapons inspections ever yesterday with a team that includes a 53-year-old Virginia man with no specialized scientific degree and a leadership role in sadomasochistic sex clubs.

An Internet search of open Web sites conducted by The Washington Post found that McGeorge is the co-founder and past president of Black Rose, a Washington-area pansexual S&M group, and the former chairman of the board of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. He is also a founding officer of the Leather Leadership Conference Inc., which “produces training sessions for current and potential leaders of the sadomasochism/leather/fetish community,” according to its Web site. Several Web sites describe McGeorge’s training seminars, which involve various acts conducted with knives and ropes.

McGeorge said yesterday that a State Department official invited him to apply for the U.N. team, and officials at State and the United Nations did not ask about his S&M background. But he said he would tender his resignation to Blix if The Post printed a story about it. “I have been very upfront with people in the past about what I do, and it has never prevented me from getting a job or doing service,” McGeorge said. “I am who I am. I am not ashamed of who I am — not one bit.”

Weapons Inspectors’ Experience Questioned: Va. Man Is Cited As Example; Hiring Process Criticized, Washingting Post, November 28, 2002

There was more clapping and shouting as the auctioneer forced the rod deep into her hot wet pubis, calling out all the while, “Dainty, elegant little girl, fit for the finest lady’s maid or gentleman’s diversion!” Beauty knew her face was scarlet. Never at the castle had she known such exposure. And as her legs gave out from under her again, she felt the auctioneer’s sure hand lifting her wrists above her head until she dangled above the platform, and the leather paddle slapped at her helpless calves and the soles of her feet.