What do you call the orientation where you are attracted to attractive people? You know, like what do you call a woman who is attracted to good looking men? What is that called? Lookosexuality? Or a guy that likes a fit gal? Healthosexual?

I was reading something and accidentally clicked on a link to CPAC, and watched Donald Trump Jr. call a guy from CNN a “gender neutral Mr. Potato Head” and then I saw the guy’s picture and it was true. He was a disgusting creature, fat, bald, with an annoying voice, reading stupid nonsense written by a Democratic party intern about “cancel culture” and how the people who want to “cancel cancel culture” are the REAL cancel culture.

Or whatever – who watches this shit? If the numbers are to be believed – no one.

But what else are bloggers going to write about? Everyone is still stuck in the audience of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and NYT/WP. They set the agenda, we just react to it. That is what being “reactionary” means.

The transcendentals (Latin: transcendentalia) are the three properties of being: truth, beauty, and goodness. They correspond to three aspects of the human field of interest and their ideals: science (truth), the arts (beauty) and religion (goodness).

There are certainly cultural beauty standards, but they are always based on biology.

Intelligence could perhaps be defined as the ability to discern truth, and beauty and intelligence are correlated – with seemingly some exceptions. Nikola Tesla was a handsome man, quite sought after by women, especially as he gained fame and notoriety. Apparently he was too busy inventing things to bother with a wife – he was also probably autistic. He “lived in utter disregard of the most elementary rules of hygiene” and had his “dinner at exactly 8:10 p.m.”

Tesla could be harsh at times and openly expressed disgust for overweight people, such as when he fired a secretary because of her weight. He was quick to criticize clothing; on several occasions, Tesla directed a subordinate to go home and change her dress.

That is alpha, right there.

It seem unlikely that beautiful people are “good” compared to ugly people, but I certain believe that on a subconscious level. And so do you.

Since Rush Limbaugh died, I read a few articles and watched some clips about him. I’ve listened to maybe three hours of Rush Limbaugh in my entire life – not willingly – and frankly I never understood the appeal.

After watching a clip, I realized that I had seen Rush Limbaugh’s short-lived TV show as a kid, and probably why I’ve never like him. He was fat and ugly with an annoying voice.

Around 2007 or so, I remember FOX News paraded this 12 year old boy around that did, essentially, an imitation of Rush Limbaugh. He even “wrote a book.” He could do an interview and give the standard conservative Republican line – full of midwit platitudes about “freedom” and “capitalism” and “lib-ruls.” Frankly it was a self-own. Conservative Republicanism is rhetoric so simplistic and trite it can be easily mimicked by a 12 year old boy.

This kid was fat too. I have no idea if he grew up to be a fat conservative talk radio host, but that was the idea.

So I guess that is why I’ve never been a conservative. To me, being a conservative means being fat and lecturing people with trite, glittering generalities and bullshit that doesn’t matter.

That’s why they have Hollywood – the liberals are just as trite, often times worse, but at least they have attractive people saying the lines.

In real life, clearly, the best looking, most masculine men are more or less conservative. Just like the best looking and most feminine women, once they get married and have children, are more or less conservative.

Beauty is correlated with intelligence too. Hollywood specifically selects for good looks, but filters out anyone with a brain.

It’s also just a fact that everyone knows that beautiful women have better personalities than ugly women – the exact opposite of the fake stereotype. When an ugly woman has a good personality people tend to play it up because it is so rare.

Frankly there is nothing wrong with American culture when it comes to beauty. Beauty pageants are good and it is a good cultural practice to have young women get up there and show off their looks and bodies and to win awards and stuff. They should make the talent part more serious, but if you want talent you have ballet, gymnastics, and theater.

On the other hand, America does have a problem with male culture. American football is a monstrosity, a perversion, degenerate.

Baseball is just straight up fucking boring as hell.

Sorry, my beloved America, you got this one wrong, and everyone else got it right: Soccer is the correct sport for men. It is the equivalent of a “beauty pageant” for men, which is why women go nuts for soccer players. For men, physicality, like athletics, is more important that “looks” per se. Sure, lacrosse is cool and tennis is for everyone. (Golf is a Veblen pursuit, thus we’re going to have to eliminate golfers but it is a small price to pay for a healthy culture.)

Donald Trump Jr. is good looking enough to be a politician – he’s no Matthew McConaughey, but he qualifies. His voice is good. Clearly he has been practicing his delivery and he’s better than average. On the other hand, I have to give him two pieces of advice:

  1. Good lord, tone down the hand gestures – it’s supposed to be natural.
  2. You’re really, really going to have to stop snorting so much cocaine. Believe it or not, “coke high” is not the same thing as “natural charisma.”

This is gender neutral Mr. Potato Head. It is gross to look at.

Just to be clear, I’m not claiming to be good looking myself – you don’t see me trying to get on TV or run for office. But ugly people on TV in spokesmen roles is morally wrong in the same way it is morally wrong to have boys dressed up like girls wrestling girls. If Brian Stelter was running a local business, like a used car lot, I’m sure he’d be fine. I’d buy a used car from him. But he is fat, ugly, and unmasculine in a way that simply does not belong on TV.

We need standards, people. Beautiful people are a gift from God to make us feel happy when we look at them, like we feel happy when we look at babies or puppies. But beauty can be terrible too, in a good way, “awful” in the original sense of “full of awe.”

I am strictly voting by looks in the next election because that is what democracy means to me.

Plus, I’ve found that filtering out ugly people tend to filters out other undesirable qualities, so you get a kind of plausible deniability. Hint, hint.