Hey, Joe – that’s a lot of expensive bombs for someone who still owes me two thousand dollars!


I just got this memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office. It says we’re going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years – we’re going to start with Iraq, and then we’re going to move to Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.” — General Wes Clark, October 2007, Commonwealth Club of San Francisco


Well, what did anyone expect? Joe Biden’s cabinet consist of a bunch of Zionist Jews.

The very first hire was Zionist Jew Ron Klain. He was played by Jeffrey Epstein’s friend the pedophile actor Kevin Spacey in the film Recount

Klain goes back to the Clintons, and – what do you know, shocking I know – he worked with his fellow Zionist Jew Jamie Gorelick as a “lobbyist” for Fannie Mae. Do we need a refresher in Fannie Mae and the 2008 financial crisis?

The Times of Israel refers to him as a “power-player consigliere” – openly using “mafia” slang to make sure everyone gets the connection with “organized crime.”

First they liken Klain to Tony Soprano’s Jew “consigliere” Herman Rabkin. Then they praise his “deep knowledge of the gears and levers of power in the capital” and of course how he is so “unusual” because he has “drawn praise from both sides of the ideological divide.”


What does this mean, in plain language: “the gears and levels of power” – like’s it a video game, or some complicated machinery that you need some sort of “expertise” to run? Isn’t it more like, “call up my fellow Zionist Jews in Washington?” Is it really that “mysterious” or “complicated?” And he gets praise from “both sides” – just like Merrick Garland, he is beloved by Republicans too, for some weird reason. Like Porter Goss’ early retirement, it’s just “one of those mysteries.”

It’s great how they always use the “technocratic” language for the “Democrats” they like. The idea is that these people are not “political” – they are simply technical engineers of a system. They themselves have no interests, except for abstractions like “consensus” and “competence.”

Well Klain is the Chief of Staff, so he is the one hiring the new team. First guy he names? His fellow Zionist Jew Anthony “Tony” Blinken – why no Sopranos jokes about him? Blinken is America’s First Family of Zionism, literally the people who created the Israel Lobby that tirelessly warmongers in Washington DC, and with the aid of Zionist Jew fronts like the Anti-Defamation League, keeps the politicians in line with the interests of the foreign Israeli regime. The Blinken family represents three generations of foreign interference in American politics.

Then comes another Zionist Jew to head up the secret police, all of the post-9/11 “security” arrangements. Alejandro Mayorkas – who isn’t even an American, he just was granted a passport for some reason. A foreigner in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, everything from immigration to the Coast Guard, to the Secret Service. You know, the guys that make sure the President doesn’t get assassinated. They switched that up after 9/11 too, and now Alejandro Mayorkas is the man in charge of making sure no one gets assassinated by the foreign intelligence agency that Mayorkas works for. It’s a great set up, isn’t it?

In a couple of days Merrick Garland will be in charge of prosecuting Americans. Considering his role in the Zionist War On Terrorism against the Arabs, Persians, and Muslims that Jews and Israel hate, it’s obvious what Garland will do to the Americans, Christians, and others racialized as “white” … but not “Jewish” … in his new role as Attorney General. He’s already promised to prosecute Trump voters who protested the Capitol building.

And of course Garland’s one of the “family” – his mentor being Jamie Gorelick, the one that started his career.

Merrick Garland and Gorelick’s mention Alan Deshowitz know each other, having done various legal presentations together and some sort of “debate” about some legal topic a decade ago. There’s more where that came from, because it is all one big happy family.

It’s clearly not Joe Biden giving the orders. Biden’s an 80-year old dementia patient that can barely read a speech off of the teleprompter. So the new bombing campaign against Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and probably Turkey and Russia too, is being ordered by someone else.

Who knows?

Bipartisan Consensus

Joe Biden is so dumb Obama used to have a fake morning call to make Biden feel “included” before he had the real call with the real team. Now he’s dumb plus suffering from advanced dementia. The man can’t even wipe his own ass anymore. They are even keeping the nuclear football away from him.

One day America will get rid of the Zionist parasite infecting the government. People who want to show their patriotism and debunk all those “anti-semitic canards” should start now, rather than later.

Be the first on your block to have your goy come home in a box!