It is astonishing – just start anywhere, follow the obvious links, and it ALWAYS winds up in the same place.

Ruling classes are natural. In many cases, even a foreign ruling class is natural. But what is unique is having a ruling class that is both foreign – and hiding, unwilling to acknowledge their status as a foreign ruling class.

American neo-colonialism was known for not swapping flags. In the British Empire, they put a Union Jack up on the flagpole so everyone knew what the deal was. America never did that – instead they put of ads for McDonald’s and Coca-Cola.

This colonialism is similar, at least in kind. There won’t be flags, for the most part. But there will be movies.

The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history. White Man’s Burden [sic] — April 2, 2003

Mary Lynn Rajskub, an actress, tells a funny story about Rush Limbaugh and her TV show, 24. According to Wikipedia, “the show premiered on November 6, 2001.”

The producers of the TV show 24: one guy was a “big liberal”, the other guy a “hard-core Republican.”

What was the TV show 24 all about?

Who created it?

Why was the Heritage Foundation putting the actors from a TV show on a panel about the US War on Terrorism “public relations?”

And on the screen, streaming hits like Apple TV Plus’s “Tehran,” Netflix’s “The Spy” and Hulu’s “False Flag” have starred the Mossad as a cold, ruthless and efficient machine. Far from squirming, the once-supersecret agency has welcomed the exposure, former spies say. The Mossad needs recruits. *

Rush Limbaugh was caught with a suitcase full of Viagra after he was coming back from the Dominican Republican … with the producers of the TV Show 24.

Limbaugh had been a target of Barry Krischer – the Palm Beach Attorney who was given an award by the ADL after he helped cover up the Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell Israel Mossad child sex trafficking and blackmail operation.

When the Harvey Weinstein “scandal” first came out, some reactionaries were sure it was a case of “feminism going too far.” Few even mentioned that Harvey Weinstein had hired a “security company” staffed with “former Israeli Mossad” agents to follow and threaten the starlets who were considering talking about him.

Jeffrey Epstein did the same thing – he hired “private detectives” – “former Israeli Mossad agents” – to follow around and threaten the girls they were trafficking, and their families – especially the ones that had been in contact with law enforcement – this is when “Americans” like Barry Krischer step in, to protect Epstein’s operation.

Krischer worked with Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz.

I’d make a point about “hiding in plain sight” but they aren’t really hiding, now are they? It is perfectly obvious what they are, but no one wants to say, because the Anti-Defamation League will defame you.

The DVD’s confiscated from Jeffrey Epstein’s home in Manhattan have not been released to the public – their contents, labeled “Young [Name] + Name” – are still in the possession of the FBI and/or the SDNY.

No one has been charged. No customers who were not already known have been exposed.

So, in 2021, a question is, which people currently in positions of power are compromised by the Epstein-Mawell operation – or the Weinstein operation – or the Bronfman Sister’s NXIVM “sex cult” operation – or the ADL’s multiple operations – or the operations of all of these “Hollywood producers,” many of them openly known as foreign intelligence agents – they make TV show about themselves, remember.

The Democrats have told us that Donald Trump is an “agent of the Russians.” The Republicans tell us that Joe Biden is an “agent of the Chinese.”

Yet we can see this other foreign state openly interfering in American politics, but no one says anything, because they will get defamed by the ADL.

Or they will have their sex tapes leaked to David Pecker of AMI.

Or they will have their scandals broadcast on NBC, CBS, or ABC.

The first big political “scandal” I remember is the “Monica Lewinsky” scandal. It came out – a decade later – that a foreign intelligence agency had Clinton’s phone calls with Monica Lewinsky since the beginning of his affair.

Lewinsky was told to start recording the conversations by a certain woman “political operative.”

Matt Drudge – a brand new “internet journalist” – was the first to break the Lewinsky story.

They stick out like sore thumbs in the Republican party. Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz? No one believes those people are “American conservatives.”

But in the Democratic party, people like Jamie Gorelick and Merrick Garland? No one raises an eyebrow. They just sort of blend in as “liberals.”

Or people like Tony Blinken for that matter. Or Mayorkas. Or the two dozen others, just in the Cabinet. Or in Biden’s family itself, like Hunter Biden’s wife – who just shows up one day and whips that whoremongering druggie into shape – even MARRIES him! He’s so wrapped around her finger he’s getting her tatoos.

I know there are some “Alt Right” or “Dissident Right” people that think, why talk about this? Why not talk about something else?

Really what else is there to talk about? This one problem is the reason we can’t solve the other problems.

Anyone talking about another issue is just trying to distract you from the main issue.

*The Washington Post is putting out this article to explain that, right now, the Mossad is leaning on Jewish-Americans attempting to turn them into traitors against the United States working for a foreign intelligence agency. Clearly – the Israeli government, and the IDF, and the Mossad, believe very strongly in the anti-semitic trope of “Jewish dual loyalty” – don’t blame me, blame them.

The Cost Of Zionism