What did the Center for American Progress do to piss of America’s Most Wonderful Progressive, kindly, grandfatherly Bernie Sanders?

Oh … right.


Wikileaks: Clinton Adviser Tanden Calls Israel Govt. “Ruthless Wingnuts”

The day after the election, where Netanyahu won a surprise victory in national elections on handing him his fourth term in office and making him Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, Hillary adviser/President Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden wrote John Podesta an email that said:

“Israel is depressing It’s a good lesson that the wing nuts are just ruthless in every country,” “Bad,” replies Podesta.

It’s an interesting lesson in how the media covers this.

The Mass Media is saying that Neera Tanden was “too partisan” and said some bad things on Twitter. To understand the subtext, recall how the Obama appointment of Chuck Hagel was covered.

Hagel was one of the few in the establishment that openly called out the Israel lobby, and both the Jews – and “non-Jews” – that were actively collaborating with foreign Israeli officials.

But the media did not want Israel to be an issue. According to AIPAC, Israel is a “non-partisan” issue. Both Democrats and Republicans support Israel, our greatest ally in the entire world.

So they threw anything and everything at Hagel. He didn’t support the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule in the military, thus he was “homophobic.” He had some opinions that were now considered wrong, about women in combat and, hey, how come Obama didn’t pick a woman or a Person of Color anyway?

In comparison, of course, Neera Tanden is a tempest in a teapot. But we can see a fault line in the Democratic party. And despite what the “mainstream” rhetoric is, the fault line is not at all “progressive vs. liberal.”

Bernie Sanders, who isn’t even a real Democrat, is the “Progressive” of the Senate and he had the Progressive vote in the primary against Joe Biden. Yet here Sanders is taking the lead on trashing Neera Tanden for being basically too progressive, or too rude – because we all know that Uncle Bernie Sanders, with his well-meaning if not practical ideals, just hates ungentlemenly behavior.

Despite Bernie Sander’s having an actual voting record that is almost nearly as pro-war as Joe Biden’s, it’s somewhat amazing supposedly serious people still act as if Sanders isn’t anything but a extremely cynical political operator himself. And for all his “Red/Commie/Progressive” posturing, his actual voting record matches AIPAC’s recommendations going back when he was in the House, decades ago.

Bernie Sanders is a Zionist – always has been, never particularly hid it. There is nothing “progressive” in Bernie Sander’s actual voting record when it comes to Israel and Zionism. Sanders never got health care for America, but he voted every single time to have America fund Israel’s health care.

As usual with Zionist politicians, Americans got rhetoric, speeches, and words, while Israel got cold hard cash and their specific agenda advanced one way or another.

Neera Tanden, a Person of Color, and a “Progressive,” can’t understand why “people racialized as ‘white’ AND ‘Jewish'” and their openly apartheid state – half way around the world – have all these special exemptions cut out for them.

But moments like these are clarifying because people like Bernie Sanders have to stand up, show his Zionist card, and discipline the uppity “goyims” like Neera Tanden who don’t realize that, you know, Israel is complicated.

Remember, when Bernie Sanders “marched with the Blacks” [his words] back in the 1960’s, what he means is that he protested against people racialized as ‘white’ but NOT ‘Jewish’ about how ‘racist’ they were.

Bernie Sanders did not “march with the Blacks” against a Jewish neighborhood that was segregated. Nor will Bernie Sanders stop supporting the apartheid regime in Palestine 100% of the time.

For Bernie Sanders, “Progressive” means calling people who are NOT Jewish “racist” and “bigots” and “fascists” and “nazis” etc., etc.

Bernie Sanders is not a stupid man. He is fully conscious of his collaboration with the foreign state of Israel and its agents and his support for their agenda in the American government.

That is what I call “foreign infiltration.”

Neera Tanden doesn’t yet understand how sensitive the Israel issue is and how – if she knows what is good for her – she’ll go back to talking about “white privilege.”