In 1975, Fowley had perhaps his greatest success when he created the Runaways, further lowering the bar that Frank Zappa had already set rather low some years earlier when he had created and recorded the GTOs.

The Runaways featured underage versions of Joan Jett and Lita Ford, whom Fowley tastefully attired in leather and lingerie. As he would later boast, “Everyone loved the idea of 16-year-old girls playing guitars and singing about fucking.”

Especially, I would imagine, their mothers and fathers. Some of the young girls in the band, including Cherie Curry, would later accuse Fowley of requiring them to perform sexual services for he and his associates as a prerequisite for membership in the group.

The Smoking Gun: Rush Limbaugh’s Dominican Stag Party

JULY 6, 2006 — Rush Limbaugh was traveling with four other men–including the producers of the hit show “24”–when he was detained over a mislabeled bottle of Viagra found in his luggage during a Customs search, records show.

Limbaugh returned to Palm Beach, Florida on June 26 with Joel Surnow, “24”‘s co-creator and executive producer and Howard Gordon, another of the Fox hit’s executive producers (Hollywood agent Jeffrey Benson was also part of the Limbaugh quintet).

With all those guys in tow, it is unclear what the radio host needed with the 29 100mg Viagra pills listed on a seized property receipt.

The passenger manifest was among several documents released today by the Palm Beach County State’s Attorney in response to a TSG open records request. Included in the material released was a copy of the handwritten statement Limbaugh provided investigators after he was detained upon the discovery of the impotency drug.

Ann Coulter: Why Can’t I Get Arrested? (December 14, 2005)

Democrat [sic] prosecutor Barry Krischer has spent two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find some criminal charge to bring against Rush Limbaugh. … Barry Krischer has been going around calling El Rushbo a criminal for more than two years but has yet to bring any charges. Last month, Krischer’s assistant, James Martz, told the court that his office has “no idea” if Limbaugh has even committed a crime. I’m no lawyer — hey, wait a minute, yes I am! — but it sounds like maybe Krischer’s maid has been out scoring him stupid pills again.

Charges like these are not brought at random.

Ann Coulter: Get Acosta! But Get The Right Guy, Too ( July 10, 2019)

In The New York Times’ version of events — and that of every other news outlet — the Palm Beach police discovered Epstein was paying minor girls from West Palm Beach for sex … and then took the case straight to the FBI!

That seems odd: Why wouldn’t police bring their case to the local prosecutor, who was overseeing the investigation and issuing subpoenas?

Because they did.

Unfortunately, the local prosecutor in this case was a sleazebag, activist Democrat [sic] named Barry Krischer.

When Krischer, then Palm Beach state attorney, found out the target was Epstein, a big Democratic [sic] donor, he refused to prosecute. It was only because of Krischer’s active obstruction of the case that the Palm Beach chief of police, Michael Reiter, begged the FBI to intervene.

Last December [ed: note the timing], Krischer was honored by the Anti-Defamation League for making “an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and to the community at large, while exemplifying the principles upon which [the ADL] was founded.” (By the way, Barry, a belated mazel tov!)

Based on this history, I have to assume the SDNY will take a dive, too, and will be showered with awards for doing so.

Trump ally David Pecker’s National Enquirer splashed Limbaugh’s addiction to pain killers all over the tabloids. This is the same David Pecker that attempted to blackmail former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with outing his affair and “dick pics.” Pecker offered to not release the blackmail material on Jeff Bezos if he would direct the Washington Post to stop covering the assassination of WP “journalist” – and CIA agent – Jamal Khashoggi.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: No thank you, Mr. Pecker

The Post’s essential and unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles. …

Several days ago, an AMI leader advised us that Mr. Pecker is “apoplectic” about our investigation. For reasons still to be better understood, the Saudi angle seems to hit a particularly sensitive nerve.

A few days after hearing about Mr. Pecker’s apoplexy, we were approached, verbally at first, with an offer. They said they had more of my text messages and photos that they would publish if we didn’t stop our investigation.

You'll wish you were never born
Blackmail, blackmail
I'll make you pay

-- "Blackmail" - The Runaways