Any regular readers of my blog will understand exactly what happened here.

JERUSALEM — A leading challenger to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in elections next month said Tuesday that he is reviewing his ties with the founders of the Lincoln Project — a Republican group that opposed former President Donald Trump and whose leadership has been engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal. Israel’s New Hope party, headed by Netanyahu’s former Likud party rival Gideon Saar, hired several consultants from the Lincoln Project in January as campaign advisers in Israel’s upcoming parliamentary election.

So here we have a group of political consultants working as “campaign advisers” running elections in the USA … and Israel.

The same Jews that oppose Donald Trump in the USA oppose Netanyahu in Israel. The same Jews that supported Donald Trump in the USA also supported Netanyahu in Israel.

Just to make sure this is clear, so no one misses the significance here: Israel is a foreign state … in Asia … that is not just not part of the United States – it’s not a territory – it is also not part of Europe or the “West.” It is, in character, the same as its neighbors in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. A Middle Eastern state with a Middle Eastern culture. Israel and its neighbors share Judeo-Muslim values and culture.

New Hope said that it had never worked directly with the Lincoln Project or Weaver, rather it had engaged four consultants from the organization: co-founders Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, Stuart Stevens and Reed Galen. Schmidt resigned from the Lincoln Project last week.

Ask yourself, why would an Israeli political party hire four American Republicans?

Is Rick Wilson such a political genius that Israelis have to hire him to help them win elections in their own country?

Perhaps reading Reed Galen can shed some light on the situation?

One may or may not agree with Galen’s editorial here – but what evidence is there that Galen’s political insights might help the Israeli political party New Hope?

Ehud Barak – the former Prime Minister of Israel who was infamously photographed trying to cover his face as he sneaked out of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita” filled mansion in Manhattan – is himself a political opponent of Benjamin Netanyahu and has explained that Israel, under Likud, is losing it’s “moral normalcy” in the West.

As Kevin MacDonald predicted a decade ago, Israel is reverting to its Middle Eastern culture. Whatever European culture was maintained by Israel’s original European Zionist founders is being lost as Israel becomes just another Middle Eastern state with the same religious culture. Jews call it “kosher” and Muslims call it “halal” – there is no substantive differences between the religions. Both are more similar to each other than to Christianity.

And Israeli culture is more similar to the culture of Lebanon and Syria than it is to Europe’s. Outside of Tel Aviv’s LGBT neighborhood, Israel is a nation of religious fanatics – and the religious nuts are the only population that is growing.

The Western Jews are increasingly jumping ship – for obvious reasons. Eventually, many of them will stop pretending to be “Israelites” – and in fact “Jews” at all – and simply continue to intermarry and breed out the unfortunate effects of one thousand years of inbreeding. We’ll see more and more handsome “Jews” – like 1/32nd Ashkenazi “cannibal” Armie Hammer – and fewer Woody Allens.

But surely there is an alignment of political ideologies here, right? After all, the anti-Trump Lincoln project was opposed to Trump’s “nationalism” and sought to bring the Republican party back to conservatism and international liberal norms. So, perhaps this Israeli political party, New Hope, is similarly against Netanyahu’s “far-right” xenophobia and nationalism, just like their American counterparts?

You would think that, but you would be wrong.

Saar’s New Hope party, a hard-line nationalist faction made up mostly of former Netanyahu allies, seeks to unseat the longtime prime minister in the March 23 vote, Israel’s fourth parliamentary election in four years. Saar charges that Likud has become the party of Netanyahu and has lost direction.

My very first article about Donald Trump was titled, “The Likud Infiltration Of The Republican Party.” It specifically detailed the Trump’s campaign collaboration with Netanyahu and his interests in Syria, and how the Trump campaign was attempting to influence Russia.

This blogger was able to figure this out, in 2016, simply by reading the international media. This “scandal” eventually became “Russiagate” – except that any hint of Israeli and Jewish involvement was buried by the Jewish Zionist Democrats in control of Trump’s original impeachment.

Who started the Anti-Trump “Lincoln Project” anyway?

It would be a mistake to believe that these two factions of Jewish Zionists are “faking” their conflict. The conflict is quite real. They are “really” fighting each other.

But as a bystander, you never try to interfere when a husband and wife are fighting – even if it is violent – because they still love each other – if you try to interfere, they will simply both turn to attack you.

The question for America is – why are we allowing these foreigners to interfere in our elections?

The ADL says that accusing Jews of having “dual loyalty” is an “anti-semitic trope.”

It’s a “trope” because people say it all the time.

People say it all the time because it’s true.