Despite Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, being Jewish himself and a life long supporter of Israel, from a prestigious Zionist family that founded America’s Israel lobby, there has been no official phone call between the White House and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Noah Oppenheim’s NBC News documents the growing concern.

In his first three weeks in office, President Joe Biden has made a flurry of phone calls to American allies around the world, including the leaders of Canada, Britain, France and Japan. But one close American ally’s leader has so far been left conspicuously off the new president’s call list: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

While it is clear that Biden has his hands full with a myriad domestic challenges, every day the phone doesn’t ring adds to concerns in Israel that Netanyahu is being frozen out by the new Democratic administration because of his close ties with Donald Trump and his public antagonism of Barack Obama.

Biden hasn’t called Israel’s Netanyahu yet, raising fears of a frosty four years to come

Blinken’s predecessor, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was known for being especially close to Netanyahu. When Benjamin Netanyahu wanted a secret meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman to negotiate hostilities against Iran, Netanyahu called up Pompeo, and Pompeo used the leverage the United States has over Saudi Arabia to get a favorable deal for the Israeli Prime Minister. Pompeo falsely characterized the meeting as exclusively between the United States and Saudi Arabia and kept the actual Israeli agenda of the meeting from the public.

Donald Trump’s administration was full of officials especially close to Netanyahu and his Likud party. Indeed, Donald Trump’s administration has been the most Likud-friendly government ever – perhaps even more Likud-friendly than various Israeli governments that Likud has been a member of. Donald Trump’s administration overturned 75 years of American bipartisan consensus and put America not simply behind Israel, but the open enforcer for Israel’s most hard-line, militant, radical faction. The entire world – especially Arabs and Iranians – took notice.

Donald Trump’s government was so overtly Likudnik that American Jews, themselves Zionists, expressed concerns about the optics of the entire situation. On his way out the door Donald Trump pardoned anyone and everyone that Israel wanted, including Jonathan Pollard. Twenty years ago both Republicans and Democrats were firmly against any sort of pardon for Pollard, Bush’s CIA director threatened to quite on the spot if Pollard was released.

Donald Trump’s first impeachment was over “Russiagate.” If one had read the mass media – all of it, save FOX, comically slanted toward the Democrats – one would think that Donald Trump’s proxy, Michael Flynn, had been meeting with Russia’s Vladmir Putin, relaying orders. Indeed, the Washington Post even ran editorial cartoons of Trump and Putin as lovers, and the entertainment media like Saturday Night Live spent months comically mocking a supposed collusion between Trump and Putin.

But what actually happened?

Flynn was found by the FBI to have lobbied Kislyak to exercise Russia’s veto against the passage of a United Nations security council resolution condemning the growth of Israel’s illegal settlements. And he did so under orders from Jared Kushner, the presidential son-in-law and Middle East fixer, who was himself acting on behalf of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Thanks to Flynn’s indictment, we now know that the Israeli prime minister was able to transform the Trump administration into his own personal vehicle for undermining Obama’s lone effort to hold Israel accountable at the UN. A clearer example of a foreign power colluding with an American political operation against a sitting president has seldom, if ever, been exposed in such glaring fashion.

So Michael Flynn met with the Russian ambassador, at the behest of Netanyahu and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, to gain Russia’s support for a veto against a resolution demanding that Israel stop their illegal settlements of Palestinian land. Whatever Flynn offered to Russia in exchange is unknown. But what is known is that the Trump campaign was collaborating with Russia in the interests of Israel.

The first impeachment of Trump, presided over by an almost exclusively Jewish cabal, never breathed a word about the Israeli agenda at play here – in fact, they went to great lengths to obscure it. Instead, the Democratic party, and the entire mass media, engaged in blatant racist xenophobia against Russians – not Israelis, not Jews. Former CIA director John Brennan even accused Trump of being an “agent” of Russia – but not an “agent” of Israel, despite the actual agenda in play here.

The website, the central hub for Trump’s most enthusiastic fans, has been attempting for the last two months to accuse the new Biden administration of being “anti-semitic” and “anti-Israel.”

Considering that Joe Biden – an avowed “Zionist” whose three children all married Jews and raised his grandchildren as Jews – has been a long time loyal supporter of the foreign state of Israel, it would seem ridiculous for the “conservative, far-right” to accuse Biden’s cabinet, with nearly all the important positions filled by Zionist Jews, of being “anti-Israel” and even “anti-semitic.”

But they will.

So the rules are this, for those racialized as “white” … but not “Jewish” …

If you support Israel, you’re an anti-semite because you want all the Jews to go to Israel.

If you don’t support Israel, you’re an anti-semite for not supporting the right of Israel to be a Jewish state.

What you can be assured of is that Joe Biden and the Democrats, as well as Donald Trump and the Republicans, will all support Israel. Biden’s Jews will probably be a lot happier if Netanyahu and Likud is replaced by Bennie Gantz and the Blue and White party. Biden’s Jews – who are Obama’s Jews, who were Clinton’s Jews – are the ones that created Obama’s Iran deal.

Only to see Trump’s Jews, Jared Kushner and Netanyahu, come along and destroy their carefully crafted deal with Iran – their plan for Israel’s long term security.

Either way, the interests of a foreign state – Israel – take precedence over the interests of America. The Iran deal – and Israel’s illegal settlements – are an argument between two factions of Zionist Jews.

The difference between Biden’s Jews and Trump’s Jews is simply a disagreement over strategy.

This is what it means to be under a “Zionist-occupied government.”