Remember when Donald Trump suggested the United States buy Greenland?

This made a news cycle. It was treated as mostly a joke. But this incident can provide insight into what is now called “the Dissident Right.”

Here is the question: did Donald Trump really want to buy Greenland, but was stymied by the Deep State?

Let’s not forget: various Dissident Right “leaders” and celebrities have said that if you don’t believe that Trump “really” wanted to stop immigration than you are a “conspiracy theorist.”

If you were to say, “Trump never meant a word of what he said, he was just saying what the audience wanted to hear” – that is a “conspiracy theory” and you are having “paranoid delusions.”

I’d suggest another way to think about this is ask yourself, “did Donald Trump really want to make peace with North Korea?”

My answer would be, yes. I have no doubt that Trump really did want to make peace with North Korea. I suspect that Trump really did think he deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for making peace with North Korea.

The follow up questions are, of course, can Donald Trump find North Korea on a map? Does Donald Trump know anything about North Korea at all, except “Rocketman” and “nukes?”

So both things are possible. It is possible that Donald Trump really did want to make peace with North Korea and win the Nobel Peace Prize and at the same time, Trump really had no idea about North Korea, the Nobel Peace Prize, or international relations at all. But sure – if all he had to do is make a speech, do a photo-op, and then accept the Nobel Peace Prize, I have no doubt Trump would have loved to do all that.

As an illustration of the Dissident Right and how deceptive these people are, let’s take two popular “Dissident Right” “Neo-Reaction” bloggers, Curtis Yarvin and James Lawrence. I’ve called James Lawrence an “enemy propagandist” and I stand by it. Fortunately for me, Lawrence has once again outed himself as an enemy propagandist by a recent exchange.

As for Trump, he was all mouth and no trousers, but the idea that he never wanted to do anything in office but shill for Israel is a cope.

Here we see James Lawrence posturing as a “realist.” Trump really wanted to buy Greenland but “the structure … resisted him at every turn.”

This is a constant refrain of Lawrence. Israel, and Jews, have no power. They are in a sense powerless. In this he follows his leader, Curtis Yarvin, who also told us that AIPAC has no power, the poor Israelis can’t even properly genocide the Palestinians because the International Liberal Protestant Conspiracy (Yarvin’s words) at the Neo-Calvinist Harvard Cathedral won’t let them, because their Universalism makes them sympathetic to the Palestinians.

What Lawrence is doing is simply relying on the ignorance of his readers. It is a good bet for Lawrence to make, that his readers are stupid and ill-informed – that is a safe bet.

Lawrence does this by pretending that Donald Trump just popped out of the ether in 2015.

Here Lawrence tries to paint anyone noticing Trump’s close collaboration with the Israel lobby as a kind of “conspiracy theorist.”

Well, the mind boggles to imagine the quantity of secret Jewgold that Netanyahu had to slip Trump in order to make it all worth his while.

Get it? “Secret” … “Jewgold.” It’s a South Park joke. Lawrence wants to pretend that Trump really wanted to do all these wonderful things, like build a wall and deport them all, but the “Deep State” – the “Progressive Liberals” at the Harvard Cathedral prevented him from doing so.

What about the undeniable gains that Israel has made on the international stage? Trump WAS able – despite the “Deep State” – to overturn 75 years of bipartisan establishment consensus on Zionism. Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Trump forced the US to “recognize” Israel’s occupation of all of Palestine, Lebanon’s Golan Heights, and all of the illegal settlements.

Of course Trump continued to shovel billions of dollars of American money to Israel’s military and their private sector. Trump’s administration hired hundreds, if not thousands, of Jewish and non-Jewish Zionists – some actual Israeli citizens – to important posts all throughout the government.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, helped stage an astonishing coup in Saudi Arabia, where his close ally, MBS, literally locked the entire Saudi Arabian establishment in a hotel and drained their foreign bank accounts and killed anyone who resisted. This was immediately followed up by Trump announcing various Gulf states, and US client states like Kosovo, had all recognized Israel.

What James Lawrence wants you to believe is that it is a “conspiracy theory” – it’s irrational, silly even, to believe that Trump did all this because that would mean “Netanyahu” bribed him with “Jew-gold.”

Again – Lawrence expects that his readers are stupid – and perhaps he is correct. If you think that Donald Trump just appeared one day in 2015, surely, his strong support for Israel must be because of Netanyahu’s “Jewgold” – and considering that Trump seems to be paying a heavy personal price for his Presidency, surely, his connections with Likud are no big deal, right?

Now, back in the real world, not the fantasy Right-Wing world, Donald Trump’s entire family has been more-or-less an extension of Jewish oligarchs going back to the 1960’s.

Donald Trump’s father famously joined a Jewish fraternity and sometimes claimed to be Jewish himself. Trump’s father was known for his close personal and business ties to the Jewish community in New York. Trump donated land and money to Jewish causes. There are synagogues with dedications to Trump’s father.

The Democrats tried to make a big deal about Trump’s father’s arrest “at a Klan rally” but anyone who spends a minute thinking about it would understand that Trump’s father was part of the anti-Klan protests – basically, the 1950’s version of Antifa.

Then there is Trump himself. Trump’s acknowledged “mentor” was the Jewish Zionist Roy Cohn. Trump’s entire business has been managed by Jewish New Yorkers. Trump closest political allies were Jewish tabloid publishers like David Pecker of AMI. Trump’s “personal lawyer” – “fixer” – was the Zionist Jew Michael Cohen. Trump’s other personal lawyer – also the lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein – was Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case for Israel and a notorious Zionist.

Trump’s family has always been “intermarried” with Jews, and his prize daughter literally rejected Jesus Christ to covert to “orthodox Judaism” to marry Jared Kushner, and Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish – as he famously announced at AIPAC in 2016 – and are Israeli citizens.

In the late 90’s, Trump took over Perot’s Reform Party from Pat Buchanan, whom he infamously called a “Nazi” and suggested he was collaborating with “anti-semites” like David Duke.

In 2001, Trump served as the Grand Marshall of the Israel Day Parade and served as a “Gentile” spokesmen for Israel’s interests all throughout the Bush administration.

When Obama became President, Trump used his celebrity – and his Twitter account – to popularize the “Obama Birth Certificate” conspiracy theory, which was sourced from the Israeli propagandist Orly Taitz. The goal was to paint Obama as a “secret Muslim” that was working with “the mullahs” to help Iran get nukes to “drive the Jews into the sea.”

Donald Trump Jr. famously said that Trump finally decided to run for President specifically to stop Obama’s Iran deal because it was bad for Israel.

Now while all this is happening, the media would sometimes say that Donald Trump is really an “anti-semite” because he once said that Jews make good accountants and that he wished his daughter had married Tom Brady.

Enemy propagandists like James Lawrence play a similar game. Lawrence simply ignores the Trump’s family ties to the Zionist Jewish community that goes back to his father, and perhaps even his grandfather.

James Lawrence pretends that Trump’s lawyers, like Alan Dershowitz and Michael Cohen, just sort of “happen to be Jewish” and that of course, New York, Jewish lawyers, etc.

James Lawrence wants you to believe that Trump really wanted to end mass immigration but the Deep State stopped him, and all the stuff for Israel – overturning 75 years of bipartisan consensus in America and Europe and the Middle East – just sort of “happened” because of course Trump would be pro-Israel!

James Lawrence is clearly an intelligent and educated man. He’s not stupid – far, far from it. So this is either a very weird blind spot, or Lawrence is just lying on purpose because he is an enemy propagandist.

Sure, Trump really did want to buy Greenland. Sure, Trump really did want to make peace with North Korea and get the Nobel Peace prize. Sure, Trump really did want to build a wall and stop immigration.

But he did none of those things. In the case of immigration, he never even tried – the first thing he did when he got into office was announce an increase in skilled immigration.

Trump spent 30 years advocating for Israel yet never breathed a word about mass immigration, until his famous elevator speech, where his offhand comment about “illegal immigration” became an applause line.

So when these Neo-Reactionaries, these “Dissident Right” wingers, ignore Trump’s entire political and professional life and that of his father and instead focus on Trump’s throw away rally lines what are we seeing here? What is happening?

Isn’t it obvious? This is called Hasbara – shilling for Israel – and you can be assured they think you are stupid because they don’t even try to make a serious case.

Instead, they just call you names – “conspiracy theorist” – “Jew obsessed” – and suggest that it’s just crazy to think that Trump has spent his entire life as an agent for Likud because Netanyahu doesn’t have that much “Jewgold.”

The rest of this Dissident Right is much the same. James Lawrence also wants you to believe that rich people have no power and that Capitalists, the Fortune 500, are powerless when confronted with the Armies of Green-Haired SJWs from Harvard.

Curtis Yarvin says the same thing – Silicon Valley companies have no power, power flows through them.

This type of rhetoric – this Hasbara – has been around for a long, long time, and it always follows the same basic script. “Hey goyim, don’t believe your own eyes, that’s all a conspiracy theory.”

Curtis Yarvin, James Lawrence, the rest of these Dissident Right types – they are enemy propagandists – for reals. That is not a throw-away insult, it is a real and accurate description of what they are and what they are doing.

So the question to ask yourself is, are you as stupid as they think you are?

If you are a right-winger, a “dissident rightist” and a Trump fan, the answer is probably “yes.”