We will not tolerate actions that go against the fundamental principles of the oath we share, including actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies. Service members, DoD civilian employees, and all those who support our mission, deserve an environment free of discrimination, hate, and harassment.

It is incumbent upon each of us to ensure that actions associated with these corrosive behaviors are prevented. Commanders, supervisors, and all those who hold a leadership position within the Department have a special responsibility to guard against these behaviors and set the example for those they lead.


The memo uses the phrases “extremist or dissident ideologies” and “discrimination, hate, and harassment.”

Surely there is a joke in there. The Hippie says, “the United States military is all about LOVE – not HATE!” Then the Boomer says, “yeah, we’ll LOVE the commies to death, ya dumb hippie!”

The Washington Post helpfully adds the term “racist”

The involvement of individuals with military links follows several incidents in which troops have espoused support for racist or extremist movements on social media or to their peers. The military’s planned stand-down comes as part of a larger Pentagon effort to reckon with its troubled history of racial discrimination, sexual assault and other internal scourges that officials say harm troops, threaten military values and damage recruitment and retention.


When I say that conservatives are always wrong, I mean it. The United State military is the only institution where such craziness can actually be enforced. Remember, according to Academia itself, their institutions are fundamentally “white supremacist” and the campuses are centers of “rape culture.” It is the US military that was the most successful at racial integration, not Academia.

As for the raping, despite their best efforts, they have never been able to sell the lie that “sex is a social construct” because neither men nor women can afford to pretend it is. Sex integration in the military is far more of a hothouse than in academia, and the system empowers both rapists and false accusers. But since when has a military, any military, in the history of mankind, ever had a problem with sacrificing one of their own for the most trivial reasons?

Recruit a bunch of young men, teach them to kill, then complain if they feel “hate.” Add insult to injury, and parade women in front of them then complain when they “sexually harass.”

The army's on Ecstasy
So they say
I read all about it
In USA Today

They stepped up urine testing
To make it go away
Cause it's hard to kill the enemy
On ol' MDMA

But this isn’t Rome – this is Star Trek. The military is supposed to be technocratic science fiction now. The bridge of a Navy sub is just like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. You stand around nicely dressed while looking at the screen politely speaking in your indoor voice using language that isn’t out of place in a Citigroup boardroom.

Conservatives are always just wrong about everything. The US military is the best at everything, but it’s the best at everything that conservatives hate.

After 9/11 every dumb ass libtard repeated the same catch-phrase because they desperately wanted to get in on the flag-waving warmongering and co-opt “patriotism” for their gay ideology.

“Average generals think tactics, good generals think strategy, great generals think logistics.”

It’s true. America was truly great – the best – at industrial capitalist production. I’ve been told it is because Americans – real Americans – are Scottish, and wherever Scots go they build factories and make shit. Scots are good at three things: fighting, building, and shagging sheep, which they call “animal husbandry.”

So like the Capitalist Pigs that the American ruling class are, they want to make every soldier interchangeable. They want to be just like their private sector counterparts where human resources are infinitely fungible. You just put any person, of any sex, any race, in the same six months training program, then stick them in front of the screen and they type in the drone coordinates and there you go.

You can’t even use the traditional slurs for your enemy as you kill him or her. William Wallace can’t say, “die, Limey swine” because that’s “racist” – thus, it is “hate.” Are you even allowed to use the term “commie” in the US military anymore? Now they have to make up fake curses, like “chud,” to avoid “hate.”

So it’s not a joke anymore. A 35 year old undocumented Latinx assigned male at birth transitions by putting on panty hose and a wig and says “I Love You” as xe pushes the button that targets the drone strike.

They call us “The Great Satan” for a reason.

“Warrior” and “Whore” are categories that lose their spiritual and religious significance in Industrial societies. Once you industrialize fighting and fucking, you lose any sense of humanity. Once fighting and fucking are rationalized into an economic activity, in the context of neoliberal market incentives, done for the short term interests of a firm anticipating next quarter’s earnings, you are basically fighting and fucking robots at that point.

Ted Kaczynski was right about everything.

Literally 100% right about everything.
Extremist Infiltration