If you know what the Red-Brown Coalition is, please, take a personal inventory and ask yourself what you are doing with your life.

For normal people, the “Red-Brown Coalition” is a talking point among left-wing bloggers, a “controversy.” Not coincidentally, it is the exact same “controversy” that happened on the left back in 2010 during the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

To understand the colors Red and Brown, you have to understand how the typical college educated left-wing blogger, or podcaster, or content creator, or Antifa Tweeter, understands politics.

The Democratic Socialists of America, people who voted for Bernie Sanders, and Antifa are all the same people, their political analysis should be called Charlie Mansonism.

What did Charlie Mason believe? Charlie Manson believed that the Blacks led by the Black Panthers were going to rise up in an apocalyptic event called Helter Skelter and kill all the White Devils who were led by the Nazi-KKK Coalition. Then, the Manson Family would take leadership over the Black Masses and become the new ruling class.

If that sounds crazy to you, consider the original version, also known as Trotskyism. Charlie Mansonism is what you get when you play the Telephone Game with Trotsky’s Fascism: What It Is And How To Fight It … while on LSD.

Trotsky’s idea was that the Family, er, sorry the Communist Party … would unite the colonized people of the world in a united front to take on Europe and defeat the “Fascists” once and for all. The “Vanguard of the Communist Party” would then institute Democratic Socialism via a Dictatorship of the Proletariat led by, well, Trotsky and his friends.

In Charlie Mansonism, Charlie and his Family are the revolutionary vanguard, and the Bad Guys are “whites” who voted for Nixon and were secretly KKK-Nazis. In Trotskyism, the Communist Party is the revolutionary vanguard and the Bad Guys are “whites” who voted for Fascists and Reactionaries.

In 2021 Bernie Sanders Progressivism, Antifa are the revolutionary vanguard, the Bad Guys are “whites” who voted for Trump and are openly KKK-MAGA-Nazis.

So the controversy on the progressive left, the “Red-Brown Coalition” “controversy” works like this:

  1. Left wing Bernie-bros who are not Jewish ask themselves, “if we’re communists why do most working class people vote against us? Maybe calling them ‘racist’ isn’t working.”
  2. Left wing Bernie-bros who are Jewish respond, “no you can’t do that. That is a Red-Brown Coalition and you can’t form any coalition with Nazis who voted for Trump. You can tell these people are Nazis because they talk about George Soros, which means they are talking about Jews like me.”

Here is the problem for the Progressives who are racialized as ‘white’ but not ‘Jewish’:

Your Jewish allies – all of them Zionist, by the way – are expressing their own Jewish bigotry onto Europeans by claiming we are “Brown” – “Fascist” – by some sort of instinct and that without proper supervision we will become “Reactionary” and “Anti-Semitic.”

“Brown” – “Fascist” – is just a code word for “Goy.”

It is frankly racist, it is insulting, and the Trotsky analysis is just an expression of Jewish bigotry in a political form that seemed to make sense in the 30’s.

But for those “Reds” that are racialized as white but not “Jewish”, why would the “working class” of any race want to be in a coalition with you anyway?

The first thing you would have to do is apologize for calling everyone “racists” and “fascists” and promise to not work with Zionists and “anti-gentiles” anymore.