Trump was a “populist.” What this means is that he was unpopular with institutions.

Not a single labor union endorsed Trump, but Trump won a huge percentage of the union vote. The “organized Evangelical community” hated Trump and their mouthpieces in various publications denounced him, nevertheless Trump won big with Evangelicals. No Black or “Hispanic” organization endorsed Trump, but Trump got more Black and “Hispanic” votes than any Republican in years.

Trump’s “populism” was based on a couple of things. First, and most obviously, Trump was popular and Trump was popular because he was a celebrity. Trump was a regular feature in mainstream media since the 1980’s, spent a decade as a Professional Wrestling character, then starred in a hit TV Game Show, The Apprentice.

Second, Trump was able to communicate directly with his audience via the Internet, a development three decades in the making that Trump leveraged more effectively than any politician had up to that point.

Third, Trump was the front man for a Zionist cabal that has such an oversized influence in the Mass Media it could very well be considered “controlled” by that cabal. The hit TV series Entourage was based on the real life of a Mossad agent working as a “powerful Hollywood producer.” When people say that Trump was “hated by the media” they typically mean the talking heads on TV, like the news anchor, or a guest, hates Trump. The accuracy of this observation is quite apparent. But especially early in his campaign and continuing into the second year of his administration, his “negative” media coverage had the observable effect of making him more popular.

Whoever the “News” puts in front of a camera to read the words written by whoever writes is not the same group of employees that study the audience data. So “the News” or “the Media” is sometimes a far more complex beast. The saying “all publicity is good publicity” may not be true in 100% of cases, but neither is it not true in 100% of cases.

You know why they hate the “QAnon” Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene?

It is simply because she has an alternative status system.

Greene never said anything about “Jewish space lasers” at all. What Greene did was post a political Boomerism on Facebook and make a Dad Joke about some “Green Technology” boondoggle. Because she mentioned “the Rothschilds” – and the Rothschilds are Jewish – therefore, she’s a Nazi “spewing hateful conspiracy theories” about “Jewish Space Lasers.”

The idea of a space laser is a constant discussion in the tech media. The idea of a space laser going off course and destroying a town is a hilarious sight gag from the Simpsons and is part of American humor about technology that goes all the way back to Charlie Chaplin’s Eating Machine.

Greene is getting the same treatment that Michele Bachmann and Christine O’Donnell got, and for the same reasons.

You can see that Feminism takes a back seat to Racism in the Left coalition, because the attacks on Greene, Bachmann and O’Donnell were extremely gendered and sexist. The same attacks leveled against a Democrat or a non-white would not be tolerated. But these three women represent an American conservatism that is extremely threatening to the Zionist-occupied government, although it is quite indirect.

Washington DC is Hollywood for ugly people, and O’Donnell was the least ugly person to ever run for political office. Bachmann and Greene are not beauty pageant winners, but they are not ugly, but are in fact more or less attractive enough to be “Good Optics.”

Greene doesn’t care what anyone in Hollywood thinks. Greene – and millions of White women just like her – think Hollywood is full of a bunch of disgusting creeps like Harvey Weinstein and perverts that molest children. Greene – and her millions of Social Media Facebook “Friends” – are not impressed with Drag Queen Story Hour, nor the “liberal” stuff they are teaching in the public schools.

They are also not impressed with Black Lives Matter.

An article discovered in the research phase of the ground-breaking series connecting the Central Intelligence Agency’s MK-Ultra project to the pop singer Miley Cyrus interviewed her father, the one hit wonder pop country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

The author, likely both Jewish and homosexual, had traveled to Nashville to interview Cyrus, and had to point out how self-assured he was despite being “uncool.” The author, a “journalist” at a glorified celebrity gossip magazine, had a certain system of status in his own milieu. Billy Ray Cyrus has a completely different status system.

“Status” is a very complex social phenomenon, but there are certain universals across cultures. Physical health and beauty are perhaps at the base.

White women like Christine O’Donnell, Michele Bachmann, and Marjorie Taylor Greene are quite effective Mean Girls who can act as social Schelling points for American women, thus by extension men, thus the domestic social politics of the United States.

There are other questions, perhaps larger questions. No one expects women like these to have much impact on American foreign policy. No one expect them to challenge American imperial power – on the contrary, their conservatism is based on unthinking cheerleading for the only American institution left that commands any loyalty, the military.

But these women have a status system that is outside the “Mainstream” media monopoly. Social Media has allowed these women to organize and become populist because they can gain an audience outside of the Social Media institutions.

“Populism” is not a “state” – it is not something that happens “at rest.” “Populism” happens when an institution begins to fail or is a tool of an enemy attack.

If the institution fails, the “populism” fades as a new institution evolves in its place.

A decade ago, O’Donnell and Bachmann represented a very “churchy”, Christian-lite version of domestic conservatism that is more or less in the tradition of first wave feminism and the Suffragettes that passed Prohibition. These women were hated by the institutional left mostly because they did not see homophilia as high status but in fact low status, and are similarly not amenable to social and moral blackmail over being racialized as “white” but not “Jewish.”

Greene represents the natural outgrowth of that tradition, but instead of just “social issues” like, say, abortion, she represents a rejection of the status system based around informational institutions like the Mass media itself.

Greene rejects Scientism. That is why she is attacked for “conspiracy theories” because she does not gain her status from repeating the “official reality” – the “official story” – that the media demands. It hardly matters if the last election was fair, what matters is you are not allowed to suggest that it was not. That is no longer a “political opinion” – that is now “disinformation” thus will be censored.

To be clear:

  1. Ultimately the kind of social and cultural politics that O’Donnell, Bachmann, and Greene engage in are not particularly important. Conservatives already lost all of those issues which were para-political, not political, but the destruction of civil institutions and the substitution of the federal government (not even local government!) for those institutions makes everything political. (This is the truly scary totalitarian tyranny, not some overly judgemental church ladies.) A savvy conservative would work to limit the government’s role in civil society but conservatives lost because they refuse to acknowledge the special role of the 20th Century Electronic Mass Media as the sovereign in democratic politics whose legitimacy is based on electioneering.
  2. The “populism” – and popularity – of these women is merely a sliver of Trump’s.

Nevertheless it is an illustration of the new Social Media Censorship politics of 2021. A perfect example of this is vaccines. White women, especially conservative, Christianish Moms, are not accepting the Scientism of “the Experts” of the medical institutions.

They also don’t find Black Lives Matter a righteous cause, but are in fact scandalized and offended by it – despite the full 100% support for BLM across the full spectrum of political, media and capitalist institutions.

At the end of the day, they are our Karens. If they could be turned they would become powerful allies.

Christine O’Donnell was legit hot. Like ask to the prom hot, like show off to your friends hot, like introduce to your mother wholesome yet also really hot.

If we have to be ruled by this clown show, I want a slightly loopy but nicely hot Christine O’Donnell on TV. She is just the Christian school version of a yoga chick.

I would trust her to not tear down public monuments and no freaky cultural shit and no BLM anti-whiteness stuff. Obviously she would cheer for war or peace depending on what the men decide, which is how it should be.

You know what the mass media did to Christine O’Donnell? They asked her about masturbating – on camera.

Has a man ever been asked about masturbating during a political interview? Of course not. Well, except for Anthony Weiner.

But put a pretty White Christian woman on camera and what is the first thing the Jewish media wants to talk about? Her masturbating.

“Karen” is a racist and sexist slur.