It ain’t 79 year old Joe Biden. We all saw the campaign, the man is well into dementia stage.

It ain’t Kamala Harris. Despite the typical GOP shills doing what they always do – race-baiting – Harris is a figurehead in reserve – if that.

I have nothing good to say about Hillary Clinton. Over the years there is precisely one non-negative anecdote I have ever had about her, her saying she wanted the votes of “working white families” in West Virginia. Other than that, I never cared for her.

But right-wing GOP shilling always follows the same boring script. First – Hillary Clinton is an elitist snob that mistreats her Secret Service detail and refuses to tip waitresses. Second, she is your shrewish, ball-busting ex-wife.

That shit may work on some fat-assed Rush Limbaugh listening Boomer conservatard, but not me. So trying to distract my attention from the ruling class by presenting me with a Professional Wrestling Heel – Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton but a brown that hates whitey – is also not going to work. Harris is a nobody.

Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer? Legislators do have power but they run nothing.

Our new Defense Chief? He is apparently too busy hunting down Straight White Men in the military to be doing any serious Pentagoning. Since Straight White Men run the military, obviously it is a meaningless exercise meant to appease some political bean counter.

Ron Klain? He has been managing Biden for a long while and has been a Democratic party hack for a while. Administration policy may well be decided by simple fiefdoms – which helps to duck responsibility but also lacks any sort of coordinating factor. What little coordination there is goes through Klain. Personnel is policy, but Klain isn’t a real boss that has hiring and firing ability.

I suppose oligarchy works best without a central figure.

I don’t see any instability in the Defense industry, Finance – the silliness over GameStop isn’t what you think it is – is running along fine and Janet Yellin is a dedicated servant of the truly powerful. The Chambers of Commerce, representing industry, are perfectly happy with Biden. Our European Partners surely enjoy needling the Americans over the Trump embarrassment and thumbing their noses at America’s hysteria over Russian gas, but they aren’t even slightly interested in rocking the NATO boat and they fear China as much as America does.

America is still under Coronavirus Lock Down and untold millions of jobs and businesses have been destroyed, but no one is starving and passing out some UBI Coupons will keep the masses appeased for a while.

So really it is business as usual, except for all the talk about nuclear war.