A momentary lapse of reason
That binds a life to life
A small regret, you won’t forget
There'll be no sleep in here tonight

That line seemed really profound to me when I was in middle school. Everyone was waiting for the next Pink Floyd album to “drop” and in the run up I was introduced to their last album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason.

I thought MLR was an amazing album. Over time my opinions changed – it is actually a pretty terrible album. The sound is utterly dated with its heavy overuse of the 80’s synthesizers popular at the time. Roger Waters once haughtily claimed that David Gilmour’s lyrics weren’t that good – and he was right.

No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside
Just a world that we all must share
It's not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be
No more turning away?

“The coldness inside” sounds really “deep” to a sensitive teenager perhaps feeling longing for the first time. But in hindsight the sentiment of “On The Turning Away” is about as profound as the classic 60’s tune, “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke”

I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony,
I'd like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company

The lyrics for “One Slip” seemed profound. My 13 year old mind struggled to understand the complexities involved. Obviously, it was about a “one night stand” that led to a pregnancy. To my mind, this was life-altering drama. For David Gilmour, it may have been something his lawyers had to take care of. The woman in “One Slip” may as well be a stand-in for dozens, maybe hundreds, of groupies.

Roger Waters needed David Gilmour the same way that Paul McCartney needed John Lennon – and vice versa. McCartney and Gilmour tended toward fluff without their partners, and Waters and Lennon tended toward a self-parody of overwrought gothic teenage angst without their partners.

You can predict the dynamic by just looking at them. Gilmour and McCartney were beautiful young men; Waters and Lennon probably got depressed every time they looked in the mirror. The Grateful Dead had the same issue: Bobby would have been a forgotten one-hit wonder without the melancholia of Jerry, and Garcia would later take note of the groupie situation, pointing out it didn’t take a genius to figure out who appealed to the ladies in a band he nicknamed “Beautiful Bobby and the Ugly Brothers.”

The Division Bell was better, but Pink Floyd peaked on Animals. The Wall holds up, but barely. I’ll put my hipster cred on the line and say that The Final Cut is an underrated piece of musical art, a sad masterpiece on the level of Lou Reed’s Berlin.

“Rock Music,” as an art form, peaked in the 1970’s. It was never as good before or since, and that is all she wrote, folk.

I am surprised I had never heard of this early internet Pink Floyd fan phenomenon of ENIGMA PUBLIUS. I did get to see Roger Waters live once at a festival with the Smashing Pumpkins and Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson. Smashing Pumpkins were great (there I have saved my hipster cred. My daughter liked Kelly Clarkson so fuck you.)

The Dark Side of QAnon Part Two: The Friends We Made Along the Way

As for QAnon, Travis LeBlanc gets it 100% correct:

What the Trump administration did was create its own Alt-Right. A “safe” Alt-Right with “safe” enemies. Instead of Jews and non-whites, the villains were pedophiles, communists, Satanists, and China, people boomers could feel okay about hating. More importantly, QAnon encouraged unconditional loyalty for Trump. If Trump starts cucking to the globalists, don’t freak out! It’s all part of the plan. It’s 800-dimensional underwater space chess. Trump’s cucking is actually proof of how based he is.

I’m sick and tired of Boomers and Boomers-in-spirit whining about the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980’s. They miss the significance of it as they race to distance themselves from “conspiracy theories” as they try to position themselves as “hard headed skeptics” even though they are anything but.

The children involved in the McMartin Preschool case as well as the Presidio case developed sexually transmitted diseases. That doesn’t happen unless someone is molesting children. There is no need for any “spiritual” or “satanic” explanations because simple biochemistry and the germ theory of disease explains it.

As young teenagers we were once taken to a presentation about “Rock Music.” For hours were were bombarded explanations for the sexual double entendres in rock lyrics and treated to a steady diet of “satanic” imagery in rock music. I can recall two things about this presentation.

  1. It had the opposite effect on me and I became a life-long super-fan of AC/DC, especially their “satanic phase.” Eventually I began to understand that “Highway to Hell” was about the REAL Devil – alcohol.
  2. I remember the entire audience gasping in horror and they projected on the screen the European cover for the Scorpion’s album Virgin Killer which was a scandalous and clearly sexualized image of a naked 10 year old girl. In other words, “child pornography.”

Of course the Christians got a lot of things very wrong. For many of these musicians, they used Satanic imagery because Satanic imagery is Christian imagery. When Black Sabbath sang about “witches in black masses” they were using Christian imagery to describe war. If anything is “Satanic” it is the modern way of the industrialized human slaughter we call “war”. The same Christians who were scandalized by imagery of Satan and witches were the same ones that would say “we should just nuke the commies” and really mean it. They were disturbed by the Satanic imagery because it was about them and their real God.

In the 1980’s everyone was RIGHT to panic over “Satanic pedophiles.” The scandal of The Finders was a case in point.

Two local police officers in Florida observed a bunch of naked children, covered in scars and bug bites, playing outside of a van driven by two adult males obviously not related to them. When they took the children into custody they found that the children, ranging in ages from infants to eight years old, had never used a toilet, indoor plumbing, and were unfamiliar with modern appliances. They had been raised as “feral” for presumably their entire lives.

The investigation led to an “alternative religious community” in the middle of Washington DC that had a warehouse full of computer and video equipment – at the time in the 1980’s, extremely expensive and incredibly high-tech – and an early version of the Internet and Email connecting the “cult” to every spooky hotspot around the world during the height of the Cold War. The leaders of this “alternative religious community” had spent their lives traveling back and forth between countries behind the Iron Curtain.

The Finders investigation of course immediately became “an internal CIA matter” as it was found that the cult ran a “computer training business” for the Central Intelligence Agency. Everything was squashed except for a report drafted for the Treasury Department that you can still find online and read for yourself.

So, a “TV studio” in the middle of Washington DC, filled with high tech video equipment and computer networking connections to cities around the world, and a bunch of naked and abused children. What was going on?

Well one quite interesting video that was found and described by police officers was a bunch of children, led by two adults “in white robes” butchering a pregnant female goat and extracting the goat fetus.

Yeah – I don’t believe in “Satanism” either. But then again, I don’t put on a white robe and lead a bunch of naked children in a “ritual” of dismembering a pregnant female goat to extract the fetus to show to the kids.

A couple of years after the Finder scandal, the Washington City Paper did an interview with some “former members” who explained how it was all a big to-do over nothing.

You see, the “Finders” were just one of those “alternative religious communities” that “just happened” to have various compounds in downtown DC and suburban Virginia – the heart of America’s Military Intelligence Complex – and the whole cutting up baby goats thing was just a lesson in animal slaughter. They even tried to shame the “city folks” who “don’t know where our meat comes from.”

What was this? Child porn? Child sexual trafficking? Maybe.

But as Ann Coulter once pointed out, how many actual pedophiles can there be? Of those pedophiles, how many of them are powerful and politically connected? It doesn’t make sense.

But once you strip away the “Satanism” and the lurid “child sex” aspects, and take a bit of a historical view, it’s not really that mystical.

Slavery has existed since the dawn of mankind. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and pimping is the second oldest. What about drugs? It is a mainstream take that America’s neighbor to the South, Mexico, is nearly a “failed state” due to the endemic corruption due to drug cartels. If you want to see “Satanic” – go watch the execution videos posted online by the drug cartels to warn off their opposition. Is murdering 35 teenage schoolchildren in cold blood – simply for the crime of witnessing something they should not have – “satanic?”

The long history of the MK-Ultra project – some of it on the open public record for decades – shows that the US intelligence agencies, the CIA, as well as the military, we very invested in “human behavior modification.” The idea of a “remote controlled assassin” – a product of “hypnosis” – has been a trope in literature since the 1950’s novel the Manchurian Candidate, itself written by an author with deep personal and business ties to CIA.

It’s known – acknowledged – that children were abducted by the MK-Ultra researchers and given massive doses of LSD and other drugs and subjected to various forms of torture and attempts at “brainwashing.”

So you tell me – what were the “Finders” doing?

But why even go back that far?

Why don’t we just start, say, on September 11, 2001.

Many Americans cheered at the opening of Gitmo as a prison for “suspected terrorists.” As dark rumors of “torture” began to spread, Republicans were unified in their support for it, while Democrats would merely complain that “torture didn’t work.”

When the mainstream media started to cover some of what was happening, they assured us that when the female soldier put her hands down her pants and removed a bloody pad and smeared it in on the face of a detainee, it wasn’t “really” period blood, it was just “red paint.”

OK – what exactly was happening here? You see, Douglas Feith had assured us that “breaking the sexual taboos of Muslim Arabs” was a great way to get them to “renounce Al Qaeda” and tell us where the ticking time bombs were.

Think of it as behavior modification.

Once the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, the images and videos were selectively released and the US Congress were given a “private showing” of some of the worst. Senator Lindsey Graham admitted “we are talking about rape and murder here.” For his part, celebrity CIA journalist Sy Hersh said, “yeah, it was really haunting to hear the screams of the children as they are being sodomized” and pointed out sometimes the children were raped in front of their parents. Hersh said the program’s name was Copper Green.

All this was done to “get intelligence” about “terrorism” and “9/11.”

Once Obama got into office, he simply put the entire thing to rest and no one talked about it anymore. There were “black sites” the world over where CIA agents were torturing people. The torture was US government policy – the Bush administration called it “enhanced interrogation” – and it was being practiced at the highest level of the CIA all the way down to the lowest grunts deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq.

So, the US kidnaps entire families from around the world, rapes the children in front of their parents, tortures the parents, much of it involving the most bizarre sexual tortures straight out of De Sade – all being done by an administration who wears it’s “Christianity” on its sleeve – and a very particular form of “Zionist” Christianity at that.

All this is being done because of 9/11, supposedly. At the same time the American government is doing this, they are squashing any investigation of the 9/11 attacks themselves and brazenly lying to the American people about how they had “no idea” that an attack was coming.

Is the government run by Satanic pedophiles?

Well, if it were – would anything be different?