Who is he?

The former deputy secretary recounted that growing up, he always had a strong sense of his “identity as a refugee from Cuba; a very strong identity as a Cuban-American… as well as a member of the Hispanic community in the US, and a strong Jewish identity.”

He wasn’t born in America and he identifies as a “refugee” – which one supposes is a humble-brag for “cosmopolitan” – a Cuban, a Hispanic, and a Jew. What does the suffix “American” even mean in “Cuban-American?” That he is temporarily residing this side of the Gulf?

If history had turned out slightly differently, Cuba would be an American state. But Israel is half way around the world – nevertheless, Mayorkas appears to have a lot of relatives there and has been regularly visiting the country for nearly 50 years:

He first visited Israel in 1977 and continued to visit multiple times in his capacity at the Department of Homeland Security, catching up with relatives he had not seen in quite some time.

Apparently his “Jewish identity” – which is obviously infused with Zionism – is important not just to him but his whole family

he has passed on to his children all of the above identities, and he was recently honored by the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federations “for work combating antisemitism as part of [his] Homeland Security responsibilities.”

So as an official in the Department of Homeland Security – set up after the September 11, attacks, a whole scale restructuring of the entire intelligence apparatus, he has been fighting an ideological campaign against “anti-semitism.”

Does that include criticism of Israeli policy? Considering Palestinians fully human with rights? Voting against Chuck Schumer? Not finding Sacha Baron Cohen funny?

Ah we see:

Mayorkas’ ties with Israel extend beyond his family. In 2016, he spearheaded a deal to automate the sharing of cyber-data between Israel and the US.

“Automating the sharing of cyber-data” with Israel sounds rather Orwellian. Why should Israel have all of this American “cyber-data?” It’s a small country half way around the world. What country is Alejandro Mayorkas working for anyway?

If he WERE an Israeli spy – would he be doing anything differently?