is already ramping up the 9/11 propaganda.

The ten year anniversary was far more fraught: Internet video had become mainstream. Despite a total blackout in the “mainstream” broadcast media, the inconvenient facts of 9/11 could not be wiped from online. The 10 year anniversary was heavily stage managed, with Presidents Obama and Bush doing a joint appearance and certain family members of the victims banned from the events.

The dust up over the GameStop hedge fund shorts and insider trading have ignited some curiosity about the 9/11 “insider trades” including some various financial companies being involved in both.

It was Buzzy Krongard’s bank that placed puts against the airlines. Buzzy Krongard “just happened” to be named Executive Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in March of 2001, just about the time that the “elevator upgrade” in the WTC towers was started and just a month after Dick Cheney’s “mysterious” meeting with oil company executives about a “possible” war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It’s always been interesting how little people even know about the “official story.” The people who are quick to pretend they can “debunk” the “conspiracy theories” don’t even know what the official story is, much less have actually examined any evidence for or against the official story. Few have even read the 9/11 Commission report and even fewer the NIST report on WTC7.

We’ll see if I get deplatformed in the next six months as obviously my writing will be interesting to people who start thinking about 9/11 as the mass media propaganda heats up for the 20th anniversary.

There are a lot of people who were young when it happened that never really even thought twice about it.

The fact that the original author of the “9/11 PATRIOT Act” is now the President of the United States is quite relevant too.

Also, the fact that the entire USA – and much of the world, in fact – is in a “Coronavirus lockdown” and even the “mainstream” is speculating about the coronavirus being accidentally released from a Chinese research lab makes the “9/11 Anthrax Attacks” also relevant again.

Average every day Trump voters are now being treated the same way that Muslims were treated after 9/11, presumed to be “terrorists.”

The past isn’t over, it isn’t even the past. In the grand scheme of things 20 years is a blink of an eye. Many of the worst political problems in 2021 have their roots in 2001.

If anyone is interested in how disinformation works, just look up a timeline of 9/11 disinformation, from 2001 – 2011, especially the names “Judy Wood” and “Dmitri Khosolov.” Simply observing the disinformation will help you perceive the actually dangerous information they were trying to discredit by putting out sci-fi bullshit like Wood and Khosolov.

In 2001 many people could not imagine there being any sort of “cover up” by “the government” about 9/11 – to even suggest such a thing was considered unpatriotic and just crazy.

In 2021? Mainstream Republicans believe that Donald Trump is waging an occult war against a cabal of Satanic Pedophiles and even stormed the Capitol building to prevent what they believed to be a massive case of election fraud.

What 2021 Republicans believe makes what I have to say about 9/11 look down-right pedestrian.

Look at this: Youtube is now marking primary eyewitness testimony of 9/11, and video of the WTC demolitions, as “Age Restricted.”

I always tell people to just look at the primary evidence and think about what you are seeing with your own eyes:

Here’s Joe Biden predicting the Anthrax Attacks the day of 9/11.

Truly one of the dumbest things I have ever read is “debunkers” saying “the jet fuel softened the steel beams.”

Did anyone actually watch the videos? The jet fuel blew up in a fireball. The buildings stood there for an hour and the fires were burning out – the smoke was dark, black, indicating a lowered temperature. Really – just compare the size of a 747 fuel tank with the size of a WTC tower and think for a second. “Jet fuel” is basically kerosene. Does kerosene “soften” your metal kerosene heater causing it to “soften” and collapse?

Is the “official story” that the “jet fuel softened the steel beams?”

No – that is not the “official story” at all.

Is the “official story” that the floors “pancaked?”

Nope – that is not the “official story” either.

So what is the official story? The people who claim to believe the “official story” don’t even know what they are claiming to believe. The “official story” has changed so many times in the last 20 years virtually no one knows what it is, and they don’t remember what it used to be.

The mass of one Twin Tower is variously estimated to be between 250,000 and 500,000 tons, a factor of 11,000 to 22,000 times greater than that of the jet fuel. If 900 cubic feet of fuel was spread evenly over just one 40,000 square feet floor of a Tower, it would result in a film 0.27 inches thick, about the thickness of a pencil. If 900 cubic feet of fuel was spread over all 110 floors of one Tower, if would result in a film 0.00245 inches thick, which is less than the thickness of one sheet of paper.

Even NIST admits in its Final Report, “The initial jet fuel fires themselves lasted at most a few minutes.” The only remaining source of fuel for the fires was common office furnishings. The idea that a few floors of common office furnishings burning for 56 minutes could result in the demolition of the South Tower is phenomenally ludicrous. If true, then every high-rise steel tower ever constructed should be immediately demolished as a hazard to public safety. Of course, that is unnecessary because no high-rise steel structure has ever collapsed as a result of fire.

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