Steven Cohen played a huge role in the 2008 crash and bailouts.

Remember what happened with Occupy Wall Street?

In London, a Jewish rabbi decided to “lead” the British arm of the movement, saying that any social movement dealing with finance that is NOT led by a Jew will naturally be “anti-semitic.” Hilariously, he was fired from his synagogue because it was full of Jewish bankers.

In America, a new group popped up – “Occupy Judaism.” This was a group of “progressive Jews” that would “help” the Occupy Wall Street movement to not be “anti-semitic.”

They forbade the Occupy Wall Street protestors from holding demonstrations on Jewish holidays, and “educated” the movement on how to be “allies” to the “Jewish community.”

Needless to say, Judaism was the only religion to be privileged this way, and Ashkenazi Jews just somehow managed to take “leadership” in the movement.

Occupy Wall Street quickly shifted focus from Wall Street and bankers and instead became concerned with “white privilege” and “anti-semitism.” People racialized as “white” – but not “Jewish” – were told to literally get to the back of the line and give up their space for a “Person of Color” or a Jew.