Remember this?

Well, read the comments:

This is called “Hasbara.” There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of people whose full or part time jobs is spreading this sort of thing online. One particular side of it is “Likud” – meant to appeal to conservative, Republicans whites. Since the 9/11 false flag, this is always about Muslims and about how “Democrats are the REAL anti-semite nazis!”

For the liberals, there is this:

Yes, Tarl Warwick – “StyxHexenHammer666” – the dorky libertarian known for not wearing a shirt as he delivers political “takes” like “weed should be legal” and “government sucks” and “Bejing Biden is an agent of the Chinese Communist Party” is now a “Holocaust Denier” apparently for saying this sentence once:

“The famous Auschwitz shower was quite literally a showering station — they’ve got like swimming pools at these places. I believe that there were death camps — of course there were — however, what’s not clear is if this was a deliberate extermination effort on a grand scale or whether they were primarily focused on eliminating criminals and the sick.”

If you will read the comments you will see the “progressive liberals” wishing for elderly “Holocaust survivors” to main and or kill Warwick for his “Holocaust denial.”

It’s hard to tell who is worse, isn’t it? The idea that Warwick is some sort of “Nazi” who hates Jews is absurd.

It is also absurd for the Breitbarters to believe that Joe Biden is “anti-Israel” and “anti-semitic” and “working for Iran.” Joe Biden’s cabinet – with all of the important positions filled by fanatical Zionist Jews like Anthony Blinken – are actually “anti-Israel?”

But as we can see, this is modern “right vs. left” politics – both sides wishing violence and death on the other side for not being obsequious to Jews and Israel enough.

But let’s not buy into the illusions here. Who are the people posting these comments?

This is political spam. This is one guy, at a desk in Tel Aviv, copying and pasting pre-written propaganda into 30 different Disqus accounts. Sometimes the propaganda is from the “right” and sometimes it is from the “left.”

In reality, how many average Trump voters do you know that care about Israel vs. Iran? How many average white liberals do you know that even know what “fascism” actually was?

If you want to play this game, you have to at least appeal to both the Right and the Left.

If you want to win this game, you have to know who you are playing against. Considering that in 2021 America, both the “Right” and the “Left” are 100% committed to Jews and Israel – and despise people who are racialized as “white” – but not “Jewish” – it should be obvious:

a) who is ultimately behind this particular right/left propaganda

b) why these people are our political enemies

It’s not rocket science. It’s actually pretty simple: they are enemies; not to be argued with, but simply defeated.