The real analysis, the data driven analysis, is link and reference tracing. Before it shows up on VoxDay, it shows up in on a particular set of online sources (“blogs”) – VoxDay is not driving an agenda, he is selecting a narrative among options constructed by others – narratives that entertain his audience.

So here is how the “alt right” people see it. Right-wing is “organic” and left-wing is “artificial.” The religious people will talk of the “family” as an “organic” human development. Ethnically aware types will say that the “tribe” or the ethny is itself an organic developement, “diversity” is the exemplar of artificiality. Conservative types stress how gender roles evolve organically from the biological differences between the sexes.

The Right will also see “monarchy” or “hierarchy” as organic. The most obvious example is the hierarchy of male violence. At some point it makes sense to just accept one guy is bigger and can beat everyone else, so he is now the warlord. There is also a natural hierarchy that develops via work (work is mankind’s war against not each other, but of nature) – men form into ranks and specialties based on a meritocracy.

Organic humanity is a jungle, a complex jumble of life evolved under infintely complex constraints and pressures. The Right wants to tend this as a garden. The leftist, an ignorant fanatic, shows up one day and demands all the plants be trimmed to the same height, no two plants of the same types allowed to be next to each other, and each plant given the exact same dose of chemical fertilizer.

At least that is how right-wing cranks typically explain their love of “hierarchy” and disdain for “egalitarianism.”

There is a lot to be said for this conception. A good example is the more or less organic development of right-wing crank blogs in the Internet era.

If Big Man-ism, Warlordism, Bossism – Monarchy – is the most basic, least complex, first hierarchy to develop organically, the online version of that, in the sense of socio-political-economic writing, would be the Cult. A Cult is the intellectual “priestly” [sic] version of Monarhy, Bossism, Warlordism.

Indeed, right-wing crank blogs are based around the online version of charismatic cult leaders. It is pretty directly equivalent to “real life” counterparts.

An example of this is Vox Day. The jargon of his comments refer to him as the “Dark Lord.” He’s “Dark” – not “Light” – for the same reason that teenage boys wear flames and dragons and guns on their t-shirts, not like girls who wear rainbows and princesses and flowers. The men of the generation prior to the Boomers had “personal cards” that would list their occupation as “Professional Drinker and Pirate.” Think a tongue-in-cheek homage to a James Bond type character. In the Clint Eastwood film he teaches the Asian kids how to use ethnic slurs property, the way “men talk to each other.”

All his fans tell Vox Day how brilliant he is, and he tells everyone he is smarter than everyone else. No one “really” believes it all that much. Vox Day is the “captain” and by flattering him they are flattering themselves, “their team.” VoxDay is as much a mascot as anything.

Jim Donald is a less fun version. While Vox Day’s crowd has to be openly Christian without becoming a Ned Flanders ninny, Donald’s “NRx” crowd is openly cynical about Christianity. “Faith” means “loyalty” and you have to say the Creed before being allowed to post, if you can’t say the creed you are a “demon”. Their particular version of “Religion” only contains “things that are unfalsifiable by definition” so demanding you assert these beliefs carries one piece of important information: you are not weirdly and religiously devoted to an alternative creed, like “Marxism.”

Curtis Yarvin is the professional Jewish version. While VoxDay has to work for it – he has a real business selling subscriptions to online infotainment for the right-wing autist market – Yarvin was introduced by Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic and became a client of Peter Thiel, the gay Silicon Valley oligarch mentored by arch Neo-Conservative Zionist Jew Irvin Kristol. Yarvin has had a professional political campaign and marketing team pushing him since four days after he registered his free Google account.

Now his commenters call him the “Marx of the 21st Century” and say in the future the generic phrase “read theory” will mean him: like Kleenex is to tissue, Curtis Yarvin is the political theory. Curtis Yarvin is surrounded by a core team of sycophants proclaiming him literally the greatest political intellectual of the century so far.

They couldn’t pull it off if Yarvin wasn’t good at writing and constructing propaganda. Yarvin is what lesser bloggers like VoxDay and Jim Donald aspire to be: Yarvin doesn’t have to brag of his supposed IQ, like VoxDay, nor does he have to magnanimously answer questions from his cult followers like Jim Donald.

The joke for years about Yarvin was that he wanted to restore the Monarchy so he could fulfill his life long ambition to become a Court Jew, but Yarvin doesn’t need an actual monarch, in fact, it is best if the monarch is left as a charater off-screen, “one day to return” or even a “spiritual king.” That way Yarvin doesn’t have to take royal responsiblities while still being the one in charge.

Yarvin’s patrons pay money to add addendums to his posts, Hadith to his Quaran, “commentary” that gets to be the first to “interpret” the Holy Writ of the Prophet.

I find Steve Sailer about as informative on power relations as Yarvin. Yarvin is more analytical and it always feels like Yarvin is patiently trying to explain to his fellow Northern California “liberals” that their tyrannical streak is showing and scaring the horses. Sailer doesn’t really need an abstract analysis as his specialty is simply pointing out – “noticing” – when that streak presents itself.

Which may explain while Sailer has a pretty rabid fan base but seemingly few sycophants.

I had a blog sycophant once, it was a pretty weird experience – I’m fairly certain he was an autistic teenager. I have long assumed most of my readers and commenters are Jews, because none of what I would write would make sense to anyone else.

In any case, you can see the limitations of the Organic Right. You cannot evolve past the level of King Grug’s Band Of Merry Mugs until there is selection pressure on leadership and you can’t grow intellectually past a cult leader and his followers until you have a more complex selection pressure. Sometimes that liberal fanatics do have a point about plant placement in the greenhouse.

This is also why, in America, the Right is so business oriented, because market pressure selects for organizations with a high degree of ability to cooperate. The Left has conquered every other human institution – including the Western Church, from top to bottom.