The Democrat’s plan for “amnesty” is a rejection of democracy itself. Instead of implementing policies that will ensure the American people will support Democrats in future elections, the Democrats have decided to simply gain votes from non-Americans.

This isn’t even a case of “immigration” – “immigrants” do not need “amnesty.”

Because of the unconstitutional law of “birthright citizenship” the children of people illegally present in the United States are automatically given a paper citizenship, thus the privilege of voting in local, state, and national elections.

Those people do not need “amnesty” as they are falsely give the status of “American.” In fact, this situation is so comical the Chinese are flying pregnant women to Los Angeles to give birth, then immediately the mother and child are flown back to China.

Yet these children are falsely considered “American” and can cast “absentee ballots” from Beijing and Hong Kong, thus swaying American elections.

Yet this still is not enough for Democrats. Now Democrats want to give citizenship to various non-Americans that just happen to be staying on this side of the border temporarily. They will retain citizenship in their actual countries, and be able to simply move back and forth across the borders, spreading Covid-19, and get to vote in both country’s elections.

This isn’t merely a farce – although it is a farce – it is a rejection of democracy itself.

Why aren’t Americans allowed to vote in Israeli elections? Is it because we aren’t Jewish? Sounds pretty racist and un-democratic to me.

There is only one domestic political issue, that is a restriction of the franchise to allow only Americans to vote.

The Democratic party has decided that Americans will not vote for them in free and fair elections, so therefore they will use other people to cast ballots.

You will find that the Democratic party only cares about this one issue and will throw all other issues aside: the environment, women’s rights, liberalism, social security, civil rights, climate change, black lives, overpopulation.

None of it matters to the Democratic party. All that matters to the Democratic party is getting as many non-Americans as possible to cast ballots in elections to outvote actual Americans.