Everything they did to Muslims they will do to white Republicans.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that Biden had tasked the director of national intelligence, in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, with compiling a comprehensive threat assessment on violent domestic extremism.

The White House will also have its National Security Council review policy to determine whether the government can better share information or take other steps to mitigate the threat. She said the review would be overseen by Joshua Geltzer, a former senior director for counterterrorism, along with current officials. “Clearly, more needs to be done,” Psaki said.


Joshua Geltzer, a Zionist Jew, is a “counter-terrorism” official from the Obama administration. He is being hired by the Biden administration to go after American “police officers and firefighters, Realtors and bartenders, even public officials” that are Republicans who voted for Trump and he labels “far-right.”

Joshua Geltzer has spent his entire career engaging in hate-mongering against Muslims and “whites” both. Much of his career has been proposing “counterterrorism” tactics against the Muslim population of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon – all enemies of Israel. At the same time, Geltzer has engaged in the same racist hate-mongering against Americans – those he labels as “white” … but not “Jewish” … and advocates using the same “counterterrorism” tactics against them.

We can see that in foreign policy, the Zionst Jew Joshua Geltzer attacks the perceived enemies of Israel and Jews, and in domestic policy, he attacks the perceived domestic enemies of Israel and Jews. Geltzer uses the same racist smear terms against both Muslims and “whites” – “far-right,” “extremists,” “violent” etc.

Needless to say Geltzer does not use any of these loaded smear terms for Jews, nor Israelis.

It should also be noted that Geltzer was a key figure in the attacks on General Michael Flynn over the “Russiagate” scandal. As should be obvious by now, this is the typical Zionist strategy – Geltzer only targeted Trump officials who are not Jewish. The Trump officials who are Jewish do not get attacked by Jews “on the other side.”

There is no need to impute a racist and sectarian motivation on Geltzer’s part, as it is quite apparent by his own actions and terminology.

And far from being a member of some fringe group of cranks, Geltzer is a member of the highest levels of the American establishment, with tenure at George Washington University, published in the most popular periodicals, appearances before Congress and is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Donald Trump voters are about to find out what it is like to be a Palestinian under a Zionist-occupied government.