Finally there’s a ride or die bitch, but she hasn’t had a single real man around her to steer her straight. Fuck this gay earth. — Anti-Groyper

Harold clasped Riley close and just breathed her in.

“Riley I know you won’t listen to me. But we can handle this. It will be better if you stay here.”

Riley smiled. “I love you too, Harold. But you know I can’t do that. I want to be there. It’s important.”

Bill came rushing in. “They arrested Riley.”

Harold didn’t say a word.

Bill said, “I’ve called Chaim Silverstein. He said the bail has been denied. They are charging her with insurrection.”

“Harold – it’s serious. I’m sorry.”

Harold just looked off into the distance, silently. Then, calmly, he said, “well, you know what we have to do.”

Bill replied, “look, Harold, we can’t. We just don’t have the manpower. It’s a state lock up.”

“Bill, we have to. You know that.” Harold walked over to equipment locker and started filling a canvas bag: bolt cutters, a battery powered electric drill, and sticks of dynamite.