Who will be the first right-wing nutjob posting elaborate conspiracy theories about “the Chi-Coms” and Biden?

Steve Bannon has been beating on this horse for a while. The liberals are already on board, see how the Redditards were falling all over themselves to status-signal about the Hong Kong Color Revolution.

Unlike Muslims, Chinese don’t make particularly good villains because there is virtually no overlap with Deep Religious instincts in the West. The best they can do is talk about the gross food, especially dogs and cats, but I don’t think anyone is going to want to start World War III just to save Fido and Fluffy from the Oriental dinner plate.

Now you could make Chinese the villains using the Communism script, basically, sadistic totalitarians ala 1984 – but since that is literally what the Western ruling class is like I’m not sure it won’t just backfire.

The best thing about the new Cold War with China is that there really are no conspiracy theories needed. It’s a full spectrum war for economic and social dominance and the major focus will be over – hilariously – bugging consumer electronics.

So when they were going to ban Tik Tok, the last minute proposal was they would allow the app on the phone, but the back end database would store all the data at Oracle in Seattle. The news media, so gingerly as they always do, had mentioned that Oracle has a lot of preexisting relationships with various government agencies, including the CIA.

Oracle – “One Rich Asshole Called Larry Ellison” – is the reality of Silicon Valley technocracy without the Rainbow Flag Social Justice patina at Google and Facebook.

Anyway I don’t know what happened to that proposal but that is what this thing is going to be like.

All I can say is, “no Chinese ever called me ‘racist'” so why should I care? If it were up to me, all consumer electronics should be made 100% in the US and Canada, from the metal mining to the chip fabrication to the cell phone towers. Autarky FTW.

Frankly, I think a wonderful path toward Peaceful Coexistence with the wonderful Chinese people is easy: they stay over there in China, and we stay over here in Americanada, with free tourism for both peoples to visit the big cities and tourist areas – emphasis on visits as opposed to staying.

Other than that I don’t see why Chinese and Americanadians can’t entertain each other with silly Tik Tok videos. Also considering we are talking about Asians here, I assume it is really only a matter of time until they add “E-Sports” to the Olympics so I guess we’ll both be playing second fiddle to the Koreans.

But of course none of this can happen, because we are already being spammed non-stop by Republican shills, Zionist Jew Hasbara, and others ramping up the racist demonization campaigns just like the Neo-Con Zionist Jews did between Americanadians and Muslims after the 9/11 false flag.

That is how the Zionist Jews do it – start a war, then bring the children of the people they killed to America to take revenge. The Zionist Jews get to kill two birds with one stone, they see it as getting “Anti-Semite Muslims” and “Anti-Semite Amerinazis” to kill each other off. Frankly, you gotta to hand it to them, it’s a great scam.

Zionist Jews are particularly good at racist hate-mongering. Just look what the Jew media did with the whole George Floyd racist hate campaign.

The people most susceptible to Jews are, of course, white conservative Republicans, who literally worship Jews and Israel. Sure, part of that is the weirdo distortion of Christianity via Scofieldism and Chicago Christian radio stations owned by Jews.

But much of it is that right-wing conservatism, that instinct, is easily hijacked by stupidity.

It works the same as pornography, frankly. A man cannot sit in front of a screen watching pornography without the physical reaction of getting an erection. Even though it is just blinking lights on a screen, it works biologically. In some cases it wouldn’t have to be “real video” – a sufficiently sharp cartoon could do it. With “virtual reality” and “deep fakes” it can be even more powerful.

So hatemongering works the same way, sexual lust is the mother of bloodlust – or do I have that reversed?

Conservative right-wingers are particularly weak in this department.

Right now, as we speak, the Zionist Jew Israelis that run Breitbart.com and their Shabbos Goyim like Steven Bannon are ramping up the Hate Hong campaign, just like they ramped up the Hate Abdul campaign 20 years ago.

Most right-wingers will fall for it – just like they fell for Donald Trump, the professional wrestling character and game show host, who just had to hug an American flag and hold up a Bible for the cameras and apparently people bought it.

I personally don’t think that right-wingers should be sent to reeducation camps or anything like that. All I want to do is seize the means of propaganda to brainwash these moronic, knuckle-dragging right wingers to stop fighting FOR the Enemy of all mankind and instead start fighting AGAINST them.

Is that too much to ask?