“Fuck the Jews, they never vote for us anyway.” — US Secretary of State James Baker

The photograph’s caption: “The good old days: George H.W. Bush with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Secretary of State James Baker, February 1990”


I remember clearly the moment I saw American diplomacy and power at their peak. It was the fall of 1991, and I—less than a decade into my career—was seated behind Secretary of State James Baker at the opening of the Madrid peace conference, a gathering convened by the George H. W. Bush administration in a bid to make progress on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Around a huge table in the Spanish royal palace sat a collection of international leaders and, for the first time, representatives of Israel, the Palestinians, and key Arab states. They were united less by a shared conviction about Israeli-Palestinian peace than by a shared respect for U.S. influence. After all, the United States had just triumphed in the Cold War, overseen the reunification of Germany, and handed Saddam Hussein a spectacular defeat in Iraq.

The question, then, was not whether the United States should seize the unipolar moment but how and to what end. Should the United States use its unmatched strength to extend its global dominance? Or, rather than unilaterally draw the contours of a new world order, should it lead with diplomacy to shape an order in which old rivals had a place and emerging powers had a stake? Bush and Baker chose the second option, harnessing the United States’ extraordinary leverage to shape the new post–Cold War order. They combined humility, an ambitious sense of the possibilities of American leadership, and diplomatic skill at a moment when their country enjoyed unparalleled influence.

Then, shocked [sic] by 9/11, Washington emphasized force over diplomacy even more than it already had, and it stumbled into the colossal unforced error of the Iraq war. Officials told themselves they were practicing “coercive diplomacy,” but the result was long on coercion and short on diplomacy.

The kids these days say “don’t Finkelthink.” What we see here is the traditional post-WWII Liberal order – that of Carroll Quigley – vs. the worst of American militarism, right-wing thuggery, all made even worse by the hijacking of the worst features of Americanism for the short-term provincial interests of Israel’s Likud.

Just because that post-WWII Liberal order has a lot of features that “we” don’t like does not mean that their opponents – Likud Neo-Conservatism – are better. In fact, they are unquestionably worse.

Burns makes a not-subtle point here, although the “alternative” or “dissident” right simply can’t – or more likely won’t – see it.

Then came Trump. He entered office with a powerful conviction, untethered to history, that the United States had been held hostage by the very order it created. The country was Gulliver, and it was past time to break the bonds of the Lilliputians. Alliances were millstones, multilateral arrangements were constraints rather than sources of leverage, and the United Nations and other international bodies were distractions, if not altogether irrelevant. Trump’s “America first” sloganeering stirred a nasty brew of unilateralism, mercantilism, and unreconstructed nationalism. In just two years, his administration has diminished the United States’ influence, hollowed out the power of its ideas, and deepened divisions among its people about the country’s global role.

Only now can we see how AWFUL the John Birch Society really was, how deceptive it was, how much of a misdirection it was. The John Birch Society made its enemy the post-WWII Liberal world order and McCarthy, but in order to do so it had to pretend that the Liberals were actually Communists, while hyping the Communist threat. And of course the defining feature of the John Birch Society was that is expelled “anti-semites” – but even that wasn’t enough. Just like today, a Glenn Beck or a Tucker Carlson can’t even complain about George Soros without being purged for “anti-semitism.”

Sucking up to Zionist Jews doesn’t give you a pass, it just makes you more of a target.

By the 1980’s the John Birch Society magazine featured slobbering features on the IDF and had hired Israel propagandists to write for them. But that still wasn’t enough, so William F. Buckley and his neo-con Jews purged all the JBS people anyway.

(I wonder what Henry Ford would have to say about these two specific media personalities, Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson. Both were the most popular figures on TV during their run, but they were completely boycotted by the Fortune 500 who refused to advertise on their shows, making them both loss leaders for Newscorp. The only company that will advertise on Tucker Carlson’s Top-Rated Show is the My Pillow guy, himself a dedicated Xian-Zionist nutjobs (and an actual former crack and speed addict, surprisingly.))

Nixon knew that JFK was red-baiting him by lying about the “missile gap.” Nixon, as VP, knew that the Soviet Union never even came close to matching the American-led West in economic or military capabilities.

The Neo-Cons used the same trick later, as “Team B” – a neo-conservative Zionist “competitor” to the CIA that would simply lie about Soviet capabilities than accuse anyone pointing out their lies of being “soft on communism.”


These same Neo-Con Zionists, like Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Pearle, would be given their own “Traitor’s Office” at the CIA as the “Office of Special Plans” where they would make up bold lies about “Islamofascism” in the post-9/11 era, telling Americans that Saddam Hussein had WMDs and that “Al Qaeda operatives” were already deployed in the US, so therefore America should cover their windows with plastic sheets and duct tapes to keep out Saddam’s poisoned gas. If you didn’t believe them, you were – guess? Can you guess? A “9/11 conspiracy theorist” that just wasn’t taking the threat of “Islamo-Fascism” seriously. (Just ask yourself, why Islamo-“Fascism?” Isn’t it obvious?)

No one wants to remember this stuff anymore, do they? It wasn’t that long ago, less than 20 years ago. That “era” hasn’t even passed. The USA is still in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Department of Homeland Security and the PATRIOT Act still exist. Illegal and unconstitutional NSA spying is still happening, and Edward Snowden was NOT the first to expose it. (https://www.wired.com/2006/04/whistle-blower-outs-nsa-spy-room-2/)

Here is the basic issue:

Consider all the bad things about America post-WWII, the Cold War, liberalism, militarism, imperialism, mass immigration, racial strife, the breakdown of society, all of it.

Then ask yourself, “does introducing Jews, Zionism, and neo-conservatism make the situation better, or worse?”

Take the problem of America post-WWII Liberal Internationalism. It’s a problem. Add Jew Zionism.

Now you have two problems.