By that I mean nothing can stop Joe Biden being sworn in as President and getting the Nuclear Football.

This is what they are saying: they are “deactivating” Trump’s football at noon and will “activate” Biden’s. Supposedly there is a bunch of pomp around the “peaceful transfer of power” and George W. Bush did so with Barack Obama and Obama in turn to Trump.

Donald Trump’s “personal lawyer” Michael Cohen, indicted on multiple felonies, turned on Trump and they got a couple of good soundbites out of him, like Cohen saying that Trump is “racist.”

But you’ll notice they quickly dropped everthing about Michael Cohen. How come he wasn’t out there every day dunking on Trump? Why wasn’t his long history with Trump ever used much for media fodder?

As Porter Goss said about the reasons for his own surprise resignation from CIA, it’s “just one of those mysteries.”

But a couple of months ago Michael Cohen did, in fact, predict that Trump wouldn’t even meet with Biden and wouldn’t go to the inauguration, because of his bruised ego.

I don’t believe he’s going to go to the inauguration because he himself fundamentally cannot sit in a chair knowing that the cameras are on him and that the world is looking at him as a loser. He cannot do that.

I knew a crazy guy once that explained how “the bankers” like “the Rockefellers” purposefully recruited “narcissists and mamma’s boys” to be Presidents because they are easily controlled. He had notes and charts and everything, every President from FDR to Clinton, with the proverbials lines on a chart connecting various people.

I could tell he was crazy, but I could never convince myself he was wrong.

Jared Kushner’s agenda has been completely implemented. They have rounded up their traditional enemies and are now announcing rewards to neighbors that turn them into the Feds for supporting Trump. The anti-Trump “Lincoln Project” – who were themselves 100% behind Jared Kushner’s agenda – “doxed” two Trump lawyers for retaliation for helping Trump.

Their names?

Ronald Hicks and Carolyn McGree.

I notice that the Lincoln Project, who despises Trump, always seems to go after people named “Hicks” and “McGree” for helping Trump. But not so much people named “Kushner” and “Miller” who also helped Trump.

Just one of those mysteries.