I have just received this communication from someone with Level 3 clearance working in the Biden transition team.

EP_Ops 314 286
NG/SFO/0000 secsta
Tinker the TailorNO__SIGNAL####


Now I was told this in confidence but I can say this. They keep saying that Biden’s CIA pick, William Burns, is “unusual” because he has never worked for the CIA. Instead, Burns has spent his entire career working for the State Department, not the CIA. And he never used the State Department as official cover for CIA. Obviously not, that would be a conspiracy theory.

That is the problem with these websites. Some kook says something like, well everyone knows that the State Department provides official cover for CIA because you can’t arrest a diplomat. Which is true, but it is a conspiracy theory in this case, suggesting that Burns is a life long CIA officer with official diplomatic cover.

Like George H. W. Bush, except without the official cover. So when Ford made George H. W. Bush the CIA director, it was to “save the agency” by having an outsider. So the day that JFK was assassinated, when the head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover wrote in his notes about meeting “Mr. George Bush of the CIA” he meant another George Bush – a night clerk that worked in the basement – not the George H. W. Bush who was a private businessman who had nothing to do with the CIA ever until Ford nominated him.

After 9/11 they switched up everything so everyone reports through the Department of Homeland Security – aka the “Deep State” – except the titular head of CIA gets his own direct line to the President, at least on the org chart.

In any case, #RAnon tells me that Burns is a good guy – he negotiated the Iran deal, which is why the Enemy Deep State hates him so much.