Acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller ordered the director of the National Security Agency to install on Saturday a former GOP political operative as the NSA’s top lawyer, according to four individuals familiar with the matter. It is unclear what the NSA will do. The agency and the Pentagon declined to comment.

The next day showed us what the NSA will do – as they are told.

Nakasone was not in favor of Ellis’s selection and sought to delay his installation, according to several people familiar with the issue, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter’s sensitivity.

Ellis probably will start work on Tuesday, the day before the Biden administration takes office, said several individuals. Although Nakasone is not the hiring authority — the decision is made by the Pentagon general counsel — by tradition the NSA director weighs in on the selection.

Ellis was selected under pressure from the White House, people familiar with the matter said at the time. The move drew criticism from national security legal experts as an attempt to politicize a career position.

“Politicize a career position” means “hiring a partisan for the other side.”

The real issue is, of course, what they won’t say. Ellis is a protege of Devin Nunes, who is a “Trump loyalist.”

When you read “Trump loyalist” don’t think “immigration hawk and isolationist.”

No, the term “Trump loyalist” means “Likud agent.” Here, let Wikipedia explain:

On March 29, 2017, The New York Times reported that Ellis and Ezra Cohen-Watnick were involved in leaking intelligence documents to Representative Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee. The article stated that while neither were accused of breaking laws, Ellis and Cohen-Watnick appeared “to have sought to use intelligence to advance the political goals of the Trump administration.”

Back in the day you could see how Israeli spies Paul Wolfwitz and Richard Pearle promoted each other as they infiltrated the institutions.

We see the same networking with these characters; Representative Devin Nunes, “Trump loyalist” Christopher Miller, Cohen-Watnick and Michael Ellis – they are also directly connected to John Bolton, Israel’s “man on the ground in Washington.”

Biden could, on his first day, move Ellis to the basement if he wanted. But he won’t, because Ellis is there to cover for the circle of Israeli agents that “Trump loyalists” have placed in various positions in the Intelligence community.

The Washington Post won’t say it, for the same reasons that the Washington Post won’t tell you who the “Russians” were that Trump proxies like Michael Flynn were meeting. “Russiagate” is how the “Mainstream media” covered Israeli and Jewish organized crime, because it’s apparently OK to be racist against Russians, but not Ashkenazi Jews.

Even pointing out the obvious – Zionist Jews and Israelis are buried like ticks into the entire American establishment – is an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory.”

Jonathan Pollard was an “anti-semitic conspiracy theory” too, until he got caught. Then when the entire Israel lobby – headed by the most “respectable Jews” in American society – clamored to free the traitor, pointing out how many Jews in powerful positions in America are straight up traitors is an “anti-semitic trope.”

The “Goys” that work with Jews in the Democratic party are legitimate targets for the “Goys” that work for the Republican party, and the Jews that work for the Republican party. And vice versa. You will see Democratic Jews and “Goys” attacking the “Goys” in the Republican party. You will NOT see Democratic Jews and “Goys” attacking Jews in the Republican party.

The Zionist Jews are the players, and the “goys” are the pieces on the board. There is an obvious arrangement; Republican Jews won’t attack Democratic Jews and Democratic Jews won’t attack Republican Jews.

This isn’t even “4-D Chess” – it is basically checkers. Hell, it is pick-up sticks. It’s Go Fish. It’s perfectly obvious and it is barely hidden.

It is just if you ever say it, the Zionist Jew Anti-Defamation League – America’s only openly racist and pro-apartheid political lobby – will defame you as an “Anti-Semite.”