So, the son of a police chief in a small East Coast town went to the Capitol Protests for Trump and wrote some barely-edgy stuff on Facebook. The worst thing he did is point out that it’s quite likely most White men in the military are Trump voters, and that even local police – “alpha males” he calls them – are Trump fans.

Now the Washington Post, the top level of the Mass Media, the CIA’s house newspaper, is joining in with some local “liberals” to smear these young White guys, their real target being their fathers who run the local infrastructure like the police and fire departments. They want to paint them all as dangerous “racists” and “fascists.”

I’m not sure it will work because these are the sons of liberal Democratic moms. Are they really going to disown their own sons for not being complete ******* and voting for Trump?

So this is how the media is going to play it.

This is all these “journalists” do now. The few real “journalists” at the Washington Post do nothing but report “off the record” stuff by insiders who want something “leaked” to put pressure on their rivals. The rest of the “journalists” just write these political hit pieces.

The infamous NY Mag article about the New York Times pointed it out. The “real journalists” that cover the real government and the really powerful people are 99% White – and Jewish. The “People of Color” are only allowed to do “human interest” stories about how some factory worker somewhere has some politically incorrect sentiments, thus is “fascist” or “Hitler Trump” or whatever. The “People of Color” aren’t actually trusted by the Whites and Jews to report on real, important serious stuff involving actual politicians and CEO’s. Their jobs is to attack working class Whites who are insufficiently submissive.

So they smear and slander regular White people, “civilians,” people who are not public figures but merely posted something on Social Media.

Some teenage girl sings along with a rap song? She’s made into a “Karen” – a “public figure” – by a Jewish New York Times “journalist” and gets kicked out of college and not allowed on the cheerleading team.

But Hunter Biden smoking crack while getting a footjob from a hooker? You see how quick that story was squashed! Twitter locked the New York Post out of its account within minutes.

But some White guy puts on a MAGA hat and goes to Washington DC to peacefully protest?

Well he is now a “public figure” and liable to be smeared by the Mass media.

Look what they did to the kid at the Pro-Life rally wearing a MAGA hat. He was smeared for Smiling While White.

Here’s the deal: these journalists have names. They have bosses. They have advertisers. They have NGO’s that they collaborate with (see, SPLC, ADL, etc.)

These “SJWs” also have names, and social media accounts.

VoxDay did it once: he started a website called that profiled a group of 50 or so leftists trying to get people “deplatformed” for various reasons. One “manosphere” writer pointed out that the SJWs are allowed to organized these smear campaigns, and non-SJWs are not – it is called “coordinated harassment” when they do it – but their opponents can always create their own sites where these people’s activities can be documented.

If you will go back to my own series “Taking Down the Mob” I explained exactly how to counter this sort of thing, exactly how to use their own tactics against them.

But for some reason the “right-wingers” never stick with this stuff – too hooked on the “drip, drip” of “current events.”

The Washington Post helpfully outed a nest of SJW activists in this small suburban town. They are now “public figures” too.

What do the Zionist Jews do? They created “The Canary Project” where any “Goyims” or Muslims that complained too loudly about the human rights of Palestinians while in college get followed and harassed for years after college by Zionist Jews trying to destroy their careers before they are even started.

When Obama won in 2008, the mainstream media had a field day printing politically incorrect jokes posted on social media by White minors that opposed Obama.

We need to rethink just what “the media” is. Start thinking of it as infrastructure.

Mass Electronic Media is a technological weapon. It is communications infrastructure for psychological operations. As we see with the Hunter Biden story, the short term reach of the mass electronic media is a key feature.

One of the last “copes” of the Trumpsters was that even after getting kicked off of Social Media Trump could use the Emergency Broadcast System to communicate directly with the public.

This was never going to happen, but for the average Trump fan that really believed Trump was fighting a “Deep State” this makes perfect sense. They got the tactics totally right, they just bet on the wrong horse.

If the Washington Post is to be believed, Donald Trump himself believed the conspiracy theories that Vice President Pence could reject contested Electoral College votes and personally asked Pence to do so.

This is worse than “pseudolaw” – this is a hare-brained scheme that I would have thought up. Really, does Donald Trump read these blogs and take this trolling seriously? I mean, this guy really did believe he was the Messiah of Israel so who knows.

The French Prime Minister back in the day told the newspaper that George W. Bush told him personally that “God told me to strike Iraq, so I did.”

This is our leadership class.

Which really says a lot about us, that these people are winning.