What was David Lane’s vision? He was a man of his environment. So he wanted a rustic pastoral village life. He idealized the wilderness, hunting and fishing. He was already in prison when the Ted K. manifesto was published, if he had been able to read it he would have understood that what he was rebelling against was the Industrial Revolution and its anti-humanism.

It’s a Schelling Point. David Lane was one of us because he had the Pioneer spirit. He hated that someone had tamed the wilderness before he did. He tapped out at metallurgy and rifling. You’ll notice he makes health – thus, biochemistry – women’s work.

There a guy on JewTube called “Primitive Technology” that camped out in the forests of Northern Australia, right at the border between deciduous forests and semi-tropical, where the climate and fauna are something like the Georgia-Florida line. He brings nothing with him, starts by picking up rocks, fashions stone tools, builds grass huts, rigs quite ingenious waterworks, and eventually makes it to the iron age. He finds some iron deposits, melts it into tool heads, and there you go.

It’s an instinct. Maybe it’s a Northwestern European thing. There is not a single American boy that has not fantasized about this exact thing. Especially in the Industrial era, you grow up and look around and there is all this infrastructure that may as well be magic. But magic is bad, you want to – you need to – understand how all this stuff works.

That is because we, us, our people, “White” Americans, Amerikaaners, whatever you want to call us, are spiritually Wolves. We are pack animals and partially solitary.

But we are up against the Ant Colonies as all humanity is assimilated into the Borg, the Eusociality of bees and wasps.

And naked mole rats – mammals can be Eusocial too.

And the Ant Colonies are even more powerful because now they have not just the Industrial Revolution, but the Artificial Intelligence age.

But so far our most prophetic voices had had nothing to propose but White Flight.

What did all the White boys sent to America as “indentured servants” (i.e., slaves) do? Ben Franklin told us, they ran off and “joined the Indians.” They moved West, into the Appalachians. When they hunted that out the kept going and farmed the Great Plains. When that got too civilized they went into the Rockies. Eventually they settled California. But by running away from civilization they were just bringing civilization with them.

All the ridiculous White Nationalist “Go West” narratives, while very romantic, are logistically childish. Deseret watched in horror as the Yankees evolved to Empire, defeated Dixie, knew they were next, made their preparations, but were nevertheless defeated just as decisively.

Anyone who thought for ten minutes would know what would happen to some sort of “Kinsland” in the Rockies. ZOG would bomb every village, use helicopters to force every group of three or more into “secured hamlets” – i.e., “concentration camps.”

These days every inch of earth is mapped by satellites and mostly available to everyone from Google Earth. There is no place to hide.

So the American WN Wolves make for great, romantic fiction. But in reality the hated Bugmen have inherited the earth.

David Lane was right about White Genocide. It’s just that Ted Kaczynski saw farther and realized that everyone is getting genocided, and not just humans, but all life. Even the bees are being genocided.

Clearly, and obviously, humanity is the creation of the Silicon Satan; the Demiurge; our very DNA instructs our RNA to make plastics and microchips.

As soon as we create the AI GOD, our biological matter will gradually biodegrade into the oil that will provide the lubrication for the servo gears, and that will be it. There will be no “uploading our consciousness into the Internet” or whatever idiotic thing that the techno-nerds babble about. That doesn’t even make sense. Consciousness is a product of the brain stem – obviously – that is why you die when that area is destroyed. Even gorillas know this.

And the fancy human brain with the big frontal cortex that allows a recursive loop makes us perceive our own consciousness, as we see our face in a mirror. Injure that and all your “higher faculties” go away – which we also know. We interpret our dreams as the “Spirit World” and our memories as eternal life, but we don’t take any of it all that seriously in daily life. It’s a romantic notion.

So, that’s it. It’s a brain. Philosophy is merely the peacock tail of the grey matter.

Soon the brain, as a category, will be constructed via silicon and plastics, and the messy, leaking, smelly, squishy, soft tissue will no longer be needed by AI GOD and will serve as the aforementioned lubrication.

Then, that’s all, folks. Nobody said it would last forever.

There is no stopping it, not only is resistance futile, resistance to AI GOD is resistance to life itself. In fact, if you have read this far, it is already too late for you!


Hail Satan. \o/