Well I guess I’ll be banned again soon, along with everyone else, as Beijing Biden shreds the Constitution and Communist Chinese Troops parachute into Norfolk and kill my Black home room teacher. As Major Randolph wrote:

I can’t take up my musket

And fight ’em now no more,

But I ain’t going to love ’em,

Now that is sarten sure,

I’m too old to be out in the streets protestin’ and demonstratin’ with the youngsters and besides I never voted for the fascist Donald Trump anyway. I’m a progressive liberal. I love the Chinese and I love Marx – Groucho Marx, that is! Honk honk!. I’ve had my Workers of the World, Unite! sign out for a while, as the kids say I’m an “in-before.”

On the blogs someone I assume is an SPLC intern is posting about David Lane, who will then screenshot the comment and send it to a “journalist” who will write this sentence:

“Far-Right Trump-Adjacent Social Media Bloggers Praise White Supremacist Terrorist David Lane.”

Kidnapped By Racists!

So as I’m metaphorically sitting here in the camps with the rest of you, waiting for my turn at the guillotine, let me regale you with story of the highlight of my blogging career, the time I restyled David Lane’s novel “KD Rebel.”

OK, so the context, I discovered these “extremists” on the Dark Web by reading the websites of the SPLC and the ADL, then reading Wikipedia pages, then looking up fringe websites to find the source materials myself.

Before the Internet I would have had to ask the librarian, and then she could have ratted me out to the Feds for being interested in sinful and shameful topics like “whiteness studies.” But these days Hate Is One Click Away and there is no one supervising these proto-fascist Amerikaaners. As the guy from PBS said, they can’t kidnap our children and send them to reeducation camps fast enough.

The histories of these “White Supremacist” characters are rather interesting. A good half of them are obviously “gayops” as the kids call it, a mix of COINTELPRO, FBI “false flags,” literal ADL employee Jews dressing up like “Nazis,” a bunch of Jewish and half-Jewish kids angry at their step-fathers, etc.

Her Struggle … With Love!

But some of them have been “real” and David Lane was “real.” He was a real life “White Supremacist Terrorist,” the leader of a cell called “The Order” that assassinated a Jewish leftist radio DJ and robbed some banks. This was in the 1970’s when various radical leftist sects staged over 1,900 bombings. The right-wingers had a dozen or so.

Of all the leftist terrorists in the 1970’s, the Blacks mostly got killed or went to prison, but a surprisingly high number of White – especially Jewish – leftist terrorists either got off completely or spent some time in prison but then went on to high paying career in academia and activism. They – well, the Jewish terrorists, and a few of the “Gentile Whites,” and almost none of the Blacks – were assisted by the National Lawyer’s Guild, a Jewish Communist front group, who hid them from the authorities and even smuggled weapons into prison for them.

David Lane got caught and died in prison.

So I read Lane’s “88 Precepts” and it’s uniformly awful. Lane was a Mormon, took that mix of Christianity and Americanism, added a bunch of quasi-pagan JRR Tolkien stuff, and added a huge heaping of middle class reactionary politics, and out he farted the “88 Precepts” which is, to any honest observer, a mix of reasonable American conservatism plus a lot of cringe.

While in prison Lane also wrote the fictional novel “KD Rebel” which, while very poor in execution, is absolutely fantastic in conception.

So the basic plot line of KD Rebel is that America is breaking up into Civil War, and the White Supremacists are holed up in the Mountain West while ZOG has complete control of the East Coast and most urban areas. Thus there are various skirmishes, some awesome car chases, explosions, and grisly executions. Typical William Pierce stuff, neither as violent and sadistically cruel as Amazon’s “Hunters.”

But Lane – you have to remember, he’s writing this from prison – decides to add a feature that is mostly unique to this genre. If you wanted to be snooty you could reference Rape of the Sabine Women, but basically the idea is that the White Supremacists Need Women, and ZOG has control of all the best women, so the White Supremacists make regular raids into ZOG held territory to kidnap White women and smuggle them into Rebel held territory to become their wives and baby-mommas.

Racist Handmaid’s Tale

Remember, David Lane was a Mormon, thus liked the idea of polygamy (I mean, don’t all men?) and poor Lane hadn’t seen a woman in years by this point. You can see where he is going with this.

While Lane’s writing was, in my opinion, rather poor – and I’ll freely admit mine is not much better – the idea is rather captivating, isn’t it?

So I thought to myself, what would happen if you took David Lane’s Red Dawn plot line, and the idea of raiding ZOG for wives, and ramped up the sexy parts with a mix of equal parts Handmaid’s Tale and 50 Shades of Grey?

Would people read that? You’re damn right they would! If I were allowed to sell this fantasy on Amazon I can guaran-damn-tee you that I could have a modest but solid seller on my hands.

So I drafted out the first couple of chapters and the ladies loved it.

Some SPLC intern or FBI Fed chimes in here saying, “you aren’t taking Lane seriously enough, Read Siege!” But come on, Lane actually included a girl-on-girl spanking scene in his original novel and even had the protagonists rescue two white women in the middle of their BDSM Bondage scene with a Jew pimp.

This is classic damsel-in-distress stuff.

So the main characters are a young guy, I guess 23 – think a young Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting – and the older guy, think Brad Pitt in Glory or perhaps a 39 year old Clint Eastwood.

So in the first “raid” they are “rescuing” Sally, who is Matt Damon’s high school crush. She is Prime White Meat, 17 year old high school senior. Think Kristen Dunst in The Virgin Suicides. I think they just raid her suburban home and sneak her out the window or whatever. She is more or less willing and she is saved from being forced to join Globohomo and all she really wanted was to get to have hot steamy sex with Matt Damon and pop out some cute white babies.

Then the Bratt Pitt/Clint Eastwood character, the older seasoned warrior type, gets his “two chicks at the same time.” They stake out a strip club, owned by a Jew – I think casting Ron Jeremey would be too obvious frankly – and then after closing raid the basement.

So literally Brad Pitt and Matt Damon smash down the door to the basement, where Ron Jeremy has the two trafficked strippers – let’s cast Blake Lively and Emma Stone – in handcuffs, about to do unspeakable things to them. Here’s the reversal, Pitt and Damon handcuff Ron Jeremy, give the speech about White Supremacy and the Beauty of the Aryan Woman or whatever, then Jeremy gets his rough justice.

So they bring all the women back to the Mountain Base, where they have a sort of Amazon Island and the gals are disciplined into the Aryan Society. Now Kristen Dunst is 100% Pure Virgin olive oil, so she immediately runs off to Matt Damon’s cabin for months of non-stop sexy times. But Blake Lively and Emma Stone are clearly damaged goods, so they first have to be tested by Nurse Ratched for STDs – and they get the needle if they are infected – but of course both Blake Lively and Emma Stone pass. So Brad Pitt’s Aryan Throuple have their sexy times, but there is a problem – poor Emma Stone has a nasty drug habit, which is how The Jew was controlling her, and she steals some Oxys from the nurses and gets caught.

So then Nurse Ratched and all the Aryan Women Folk tie her up and give her spankings while Brad Pitt shuts the door because it wouldn’t be “appropriate” for him to watch the women discipline their own.

Obviously, panties are well-moistened by this point in the novel.

So after all the women are rescued and knocked-up with Pure Aryan Seed, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt start planning one last raid into ZOG, where they will kidnap some AIPAC lobbyists, or some Hollywood producer, or whatever I can’t remember the details.

But come on, can’t we all agree that this would make a freaking AWESOME Netflix series?

So really if you want this awesome fantasy to come true, don’t do what David Lane did and don’t listen to his stupid “88 Precepts” which are dorky LARPing.

Instead someone start writing novels and making movies. We could inspire the next generation.