the US Army is taking additional steps to screen the National Guard contingent providing security at Biden’s inauguration for extremism.

Hunter Wallace at has the best analysis of this.

Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign was one last “grift.” Trump and his family and his shill network staged these events to raise money and set Trump up for his planned post-Presidential career running some sort of “Populist Right Alt Media” that centers Jewish interests and Zionist ideology.

But the average Trump fan isn’t really that into shilling for a foreign apartheid regime based on Jewish bigotry in Palestine, half way around the world in Asia. Nor is the average American going to rally behind more tax cuts for billionaires and deregulation of corporations.

So Trump and his shills, like Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes and dozens of other “Alt Lite” Social Media E-Celebrities, riled up the people with talk of the “Deep State” stealing the election and this being “1776.” Alex Jones even told the crowd that “some of you won’t make it” – implying this was a real battle, where blood would be shed.

Of course none of these people meant anything serious. The point was to provide a big show while the Republican Congressmen like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz made some speeches about election fraud, then they would all go home and start getting emails and texts to join a new Social Media platform, to donate more money, to sign up for a new “Alternative Free Speech” Streaming Network, etc. To create a new FOX News.

But millions of people are serious. These real Americans know that their country is being stolen from them. They know the news media is fake. They know that elections are rigged.

The only thing these millions of people were wrong about is that Donald Trump was on their side and that Trump was really going to do something to “Stop the Steal,” to protect the borders, to bring jobs back.

And when the Trump shills used the rhetoric of 1776, their audience took it seriously. They were willing to engage in real violence, and even to die if necessary, to take their country back.

Apparently, the crowds beat the shills, like Alex Jones, to the Capitol. Someone let some of them in. Pentagon Secretary Christopher Miller purposefully made sure that security would be light.

Some of the Patriots – real Patriots – did what they said they would do and stormed Congress. They were likely expecting that “loyal Red Team Troops” would then enter, led by Donald Trump, and demand a recount, or whatever.

All the Trump shills like Alex Jones wanted was the get some more social media content and give some fiery speeches. They couldn’t control the Patriots.

So now Donald Trump, and his entire team, have actually committed insurrection.

What is going to happen? We know. Well meaning Patriots, who were suckered by Donald Trump’s Zionist Jew astroturf campaign are going to have the full weight of the federal government come down on them.

But all the Jewish people involved, all the Israelis involved, and all the traitors in the Pentagon – none of those people will even be identified, much less demonized in the media, much less prosecuted for anything.

Instead we will see “liberal Jews” that supported Democrats demonizing not the Jews that helped Trump’s insurrection, but non-Jews that were tricked by them.

That is how the game works. The Jews that have infiltrated the Republicans use their “goyim” to attack the “goyim” on the other side, and the Jews that control the Democratic party will use their media at ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS to attack the “goyim” that supported Donald Trump.

The Republican Zionist Jews will never point to the Democratic Zionist Jews, and the Democratic Zionist Jews are never going to point to the Republican Zionist Jews.

Because the Democratic Zionist Jews and the Republican Zionist Jews are not fighting each other. They are working together, they are all on the same side.

Recent history shows the tactic.

When the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, the five year campaign of war crimes, torture, and even more horrific crimes could no longer be ignored. But the Zionist Jews behind the worst of the sexual torture – like Douglas Feith (see the article “The Israeli Torture Template” on – were never even mentioned by the Zionists in the Democratic party, who blamed “white people from West Virginia” – grunts like Lyndie England – suggesting that they were weirdo perverts who had just made up bizarre sexual torture themselves.

Army General Karpinsky was scapegoated for the torture program and forced to resign, while none of the Zionist Jews in CIA were even named by the mainstream media.

So, as usual, non Jewish people – the “Gentiles” – were scapegoated for the crimes of Zionist Jews.

Both the Zionist Jew Democrats and the Zionist Jew Republicans are working for the same team, so to speak, and that team is the foreign state of Israel.

Now – watch as so-called “Right-Wing” and so called “Alternative Right” media completely ignore the Zionist Jews at the heart of this while they simply complain that the “liberal Democrats” are “too liberal” and that is why they are persecuting “conservatives” who were just peacefully protesting.

In fact you are likely to have a bunch of “right-wing conservative” Zionist Jews complaining that “the Left” is not just anti-American, but in fact anti-semitic and anti-Israel. What about that Muslim Congresswoman? She’s a “Nazi” because she “hates Israel!”

How many times will they get away with this?

Any so-called “Patriot” or “Right Winger” or “Conservative” that isn’t pointing directly to the collaboration of Zionist Jews in both parties, in both “camps,” is obviously in on the scam.

Because if a simple fourth-rate blogger can figure it out – so can they.

There is an interesting podcast called “Wrongthink Radio” – located in Alexandria Virginia – that is firmly in the Trump camp but occasionally – just occasionally – the host will just sort of off-handed throw out something about Israel or mention this or that “Jewish group.”

In other words, he knows. He will even go so far as to hint at it.

But despite being called an “anti-semite” these people will, in fact, never actually center the Zionist Jew problem and face it head on. They are always, desperately, trying to move to fight to something that isn’t so obviously “Jew vs. Gentile.”

In the exact same way that the Democratic Socialists of America, the Bernie-Bros, the “Progressives” always complain about “the rich” and “the bankers” … and even the “warmongers causing all the problems in the Middle East” …

… but they won’t mention Sheldon Adelson, they will only mention Charloes Koch.

They will go after a “White” CEO of some lumber company, but never a Jewish CEO of Goldman Sachs.

They will cry and scream about how some hillbilly in West Virginia is a “racist” for telling a naughty joke, or opposing mass immigration, but they won’t dare breathe a word about the Jews in Biden’s cabinet that openly advocate for the genocide of the Palestinian culture and people.

That’s why the Palestinian cause “just never seems to catch on” in Progressive circles. Just a big mystery!

Similarly, on the right you just can’t seem to ever notice how all the most fanatical hated of White people comes from Zionist Jews, and how Zionist Jews are the main intellectual and financial source of anti-white political action.

No, the right-wingers will desperately ignore anything “Jewish” and instead point to some green-haired SJW, or the one Muslim in Congress, or Ted Turner, some liberal “Goy.”

Because to confront Jewish power is to confront actual power. Which takes courage. It’s far easier to bully the weak than confront the strong.

Plus – none of these political social media voices are being paid to confront Jewish power, they are being paid not to.