I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the QAnon operation was, in fact, Acting Under Secretary of Defense Ezra Cohen-Watnik, and based on Israeli psychological operations research.

I mean, of course it is.

I listen to two “naughty” anti-semitic podcasts, the Daily Shoah with the infamous Mike Enoch, and Fash the Nation, with the always excellent James Allsup. The former is mostly comedy, as their co-host described it when he was literally called before a government tribunal to answer for his “hate speech.” The Daily Shoah is the “Goy” version of Howard Stern. If Howard Stern is allowed to do an entire “shock jock” routine based on racist and sexist jokes, then so our we – Americans who are not “Jews.”

At least we should be – clearly, we are not. The Zionist Jew comedian who plays “Borat” – Sacha Baron Cohen – has made his entire career off of racist and sexist jokes – always at the expense of people Ashkenazi Jews are racist against – yet he is now an official spokesman for the Zionist Jew Anti-Defamation League lecturing to the “goyim” about “hate speech” and declaring who should be allowed to have free speech and who should not.

You know which Jewish comedians are NOT spokesmen for the Anti-Defamation League and who do NOT lecture Americans on “hate speech?” Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

Now guess which comedians are actually funny, and which one, with the exception of one routine, is not?

The latter podcast, Fash The Nation, is more serious and more specifically analytical. Since discussing Jewish power is censored in America – Donald Trump tried to make criticizing any Israeli government policy “illegal hate speech” – it is left up to these podcasters to do it.

So Allsup and Enoch have both expressed surprise that the political campaign behind Donald Trump was, in fact, willing to “use anti-semitism.” For a long time, George Soros has been the only Jew that conservatives and Republicans are allowed to criticize, although Soros has to be declared a “Nazi” – rhetorically, the opposite of a “Jew” – if they are to mention him at all. Lately, though, this privilege is being taken away as Democrats are increasingly suggesting that any criticism of George Soros is “anti-semitic hate speech.”

The case of Hal Turner is interesting. A “racist shock jock” Hal Turner was charged by the Obama administration’s Justice Department of threatening judges. Party of Hal Turner’s defense was that he was being paid by the FBI to engage in such rhetoric, and he even famously showed his FBI paychecks during his trial. Turner famously said that his FBI handlers encouraged him to be “racist” against African Americans, but forbade him to be “anti-semitic” against Jews.

(Parenthetically, if you want to understand what the “White Nationalist” movement is all about, just find some “White Nationalist” websites and contemplate their dynamic silence on the topic of Hal Turner, and other FBI informants like the late Harold Covington. In fact, just look up what the founder of the British National Party said about Hal Turner and his group. Then consider which high profile “White Nationalist” sites constantly pimped Covington’s risible novels and his FBI honeytrap “Northwest” project. Once you see it …)

The entire mass media, including Wikipedia, have declared “QAnon” to be a “false, debunked anti-semitic conspiracy theory.”

It isn’t, really. The antagonists of the QAnon world view are “Satanist” and “globalists.” But Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League hears “Satanist” and “globalist” and thinks “Jews.” Which sounds like a personal problem, that has more to do with Jonathan Greenblatt and his fellow Jews more than it does some Midwestern house wife who cheered when Donald Trump’s administration arrested Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. That housewife doesn’t know nor would even consider Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to be “Jews” – for that housewife, they are “Satanists.”

A great TOO article pointed out that Jews often try to funnel “anti-semitic” instincts into something harmless, like “big noses.” This works pretty well, because most people don’t perceive the average Ashkenazi Jew they see on TV as having particularly big noses, and even if they did it would be meaningless because no one cares how big someone’s nose is.

But if you want to keep people from discussing the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee – AIPAC, the Zionist Jew pro-apartheid lobby – you can scream that all that anti-war sentiment is actually “anti-semitism” by people who think that Jews “have big noses.”

Did the Jews in the Trump campaign, like speechwriter Stephen Miller, and the presumptive QAnon Ezra Cohen-Watnik, use “anti-semitism” to rile up white voters? Not really. On the margins, perhaps – there were some “Alt Right” types loosely associated with the Israeli website Breitbart.com that actually mentioned some minor “anti-semitic” things, like “Jews are mostly liberal Democrats.” Of course, the Jewish talk radio host Michael “Savage” Weiner complains about “self-hating liberal Jews” all the time – the complaint is, of course, American Jews are just “too liberal” to support the whole sale genocide of the Palestinian people, fearing it would make Jews “look bad.” (It would, and it does, of course.)

But if anything, any “anti-semitism” in QAnon would be whatever kind of “anti-semitism” is in Christianity itself. It is of central importance that the QAnon op was dressed up in religious Christianity.

According to Jews, Christianity itself is “anti-semitic” because it claims that Christians, not Jews, are “God’s Chosen People” and believing that “Jews” – the identity of “Jew” is itself nothing but a social construct – are NOT “God’s Chosen People” is something only a Hitler Nazi would believe.

Really, the entire “Jew” ideology is based on gas-lighting outsiders, justifying Jews hating them by saying it is really everybody else doing the hating.

But you want to distract from Trump’s warmongering against Iran for Israel, you want to downplay Trump’s direct ties to the foreign political party of Likud, so throw out some verbiage about “globalism” and let the other side complain about “anti-semitic dog whistles” and the actual audience for QAnon will simply double down on the “Satanism” thing.

What does the mafia mean by “protection?” The mafioso will say you are paying him for “protection” but of course it is understood to be extortion.

Which is what the Trump campaign did with QAnon. If anyone, it was Donald Trump and his Israeli handlers who had access to all the presumed blackmail material from Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. The Southern District of New York announced that they had confiscated DVD’s labeled “[Name] + Young [Name]” from Epstein’s house. The original “sweetheart deal” given to Jeffrey Epstein was assisted by the Zioinst Jew Barry Krischer, who was the Florida prosecutor.

Anne Coulter pointed out early on that Barry Krischer was the real “bad guy” whose crimes Labor Secretary nominee Mike Acosta was being scapegoated for. I should also point out that every person in any leadership position in America, including CEO’s like Jack Dorsey and Congressmen like Ted Cruz, understand exactly what Anne Coulter is saying in this pregnant paragraph:

He’s still a member in good standing of the Florida bar. Last December, Krischer was honored by the Anti-Defamation League for making “an outstanding contribution to the legal profession and to the community at large, while exemplifying the principles upon which [the ADL] was founded.” (By the way, Barry, a belated mazel tov!)

Anne Coutler knows about the Jews. Every Republican staffer and activist that reads Ann Coulter, which is all of them, know all about the Jews. Every member of the American ruling class is fully “red pilled” on the “Jewish question.” Former President Barak Obama called out the pressure he received from Zionist Jews and AIPAC when he tried to normalize the American relationship with Iran. Former President George H. W. Bush complained about hordes of “Jewish lobbyists” in Washington DC demanding American support for Israeli genocide of Palestinians. American Christian celebrity pastor Billy Graham and former President Richard Nixon had frank phone calls about “the Jews” and Nixon expressed a great fear of attack by the Jews via their control of the media if he ever crossed them.

Everyone knows about the Jews.

The only people who do NOT know about the Jewish problem are, not coincidentally, the people who subscribe to the “QAnon conspiracy theories.”

Just like the mafia extorts people by claiming to “protect” them, so the Trump regime, via QAnon, claimed to be “taking down the pedos” that are blackmailing politicians while, in fact, it was the Trump campaign itself that was blackmailing the politicians entrapped by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

In 2014, Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Committee and announced he was considering running for President, and that former President Bill Clinton was going to have a lot of “problems” because of his connections to Jeffrey Epstein. Donald Trump mentioned him by name.

During the campaign, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said that Donald Trump “was crazy enough” to use the “Jeffrey Epstein thing” against his opponents.

Here is a fun question to ask yourself. Considering that the relationship between Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein has been tabloid and entertainment media fodder for decades, why was this never used by the media against Trump when he was running against Hillary Clinton?

“The Epstein thing” wasn’t the only aspect of Trump’s sexual blackmail against his opponents – and allies. Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had blackmail material on the celebrity Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife, who in turn became the first Evangelical to endorse Trump and win the Evangelical vote for him in the Republican primaries.

Infamously, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, wrote an open letter to Trump’s proxy, David Pecker of the National Enquirer, exposes an attempted sexual blackmail scheme against him, in retaliation for the Washgingon Post covering the murder of CIA agent Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi allies of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, the Zionist Jew Jared Kushner.

Please – read it. Do you think Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, understands that David Pecker is a Zionist Jew, that most of Trump’s handlers are Zionist Jews, and that Israelis like the Zionist Jew Jared Kushner were behind the murder of Jamal Khashoggi – a Jeff Bezos employee?

Of course Jeff Bezos knows. Jeff Bezos is “red pilled” on the “JQ.” He knows. He is a very smart and very savvy man. You do not get to be the richest man in history and build the most valuable and technologically sophisticated company in the history of mankind by “not understanding the JQ.”

Then, of course, there is Donald Trump’s other lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, who was not only the lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein and worked with the Anti-Defamation League’s Barry Krischer to get Epstein’s “sweet heart deal” – Dershowitz himself is accused of raping minor children trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.

So really, who is the “Deep State” that was blackmailing all of these politicians? Is the answer not obvious? It was Donald Trump and the Zionist Jews that have managed his entire business and political career since the 1970’s.

Who else would it be?

But obviously Trump loyalist and Zionist Jew Ezra Cohen-Watnik is not going to tell his audience of “QAnons” that. Because what the Zionist Jew Ezra Cohen-Watnik has done, as Under Secretary of Defense, is to use the “QAnon conspiracy theory” to threaten those they have compromising blackmail material on via Jeffrey Epstein, David Pecker, Mossad, and others.

When the Jewish media complains about the “anti-semitism” of the “QAnon conspiracy theory” they are just using that old tried and true tactic of organized crime everywhere, pretending their extortion is actually protection.

If this blog post were about Italian organized crime and their use of blackmail, the ADL would not call it “anti-Italian.”

But since it is about Jewish organized crime, it is “anti-semitic.”