The Zionist Jew oligarch dies.

In Australia they used the euphemism “gambling personality” to describe organized crime figures.

In America we use the euphemism “casino magnate.”

Why is this guy Sheldon Adelson allowed to bribe American politicians? He owns dozens of them – Josh Hawley, Newt Gingrich – and Donald Trump.

Sheldon Adelson only cares about Israel, not America. He wants to use American soldiers to fight Israel’s wars. No one has spent more money trying to start a war against Iran than Sheldon Adelson has.

When you hear some Republican jerk-off like Ted Cruz talking about “the mullahs of Iran” – you are hearing Sheldon Adelson’s money talking.

Why was this dangerous man even allowed in the country, much less allowed to interfere in American elections – all met with silence from the “Mainstream” media who is likely to describe him not as a “Zionist Jew” but instead an “American Republican?”

I mean, we know why, you just can’t expect them to say it. But we do, which is why we’re all being censored from social media. Of course – why would Zionist Jews like Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and other Zionist Jews that run Internet companies allow us to use their platforms to object to their rule?

I wonder how the Progressives and the Democratic Socialists of America explain why Bernie Sander’s actual voting record is virtually 100% in step with Sheldon Adelson on foreign policy?

LOL – just kidding. We know what “progressive” Democrats, Bernie-bros, and DSA types would say. “Well, Jewish racism and nationalism is complicated. Instead let’s attack working class White people in rural America, as they are an easy target while complaining about wealthy Jewish Zionist oligarchs will get us fired.”