Watching Mike Pompeo’s speech reminds one of Baghdad Bob, when he was saying “the American troops are surrendering – there are no tanks here!” So Trump was supposed to give a speech, in Texas, but it got canceled. Pompeo is out there reading the script about how dangerous Iran is to Israel, Chinse Communist Party hates freedom, and they have all but recognized Taiwan, throwing a monkey wrench into USA Chinese relations.

I’m guessing a huge part of what we are seeing is being done to prevent Israel from staging a false flag attack and having Trump blame it on Iran. Didn’t they claim to have found “pipe bombs” in the headquarters of both the Republican party and the Democratic party?

That obviously can’t be true – no Iranian agent could have placed “pipe bombs” in the headquarters of America’s political parties in Washington DC.

But if something blew up, and they announced on TV that the Iranians did it – who would argue? “QAnon Conspiracy Theorists” on the Internet? In fact, if you said otherwise, you would get a special tag on your post that said “Disinfo – The Iranians Did It” or, more likely now, just banned. The real QAnon Conspiracy Theorists would probably blame it on the Deep State Demon-crats anyway.

Just curious – does anyone remember another “attack on the Legislature” that happened about 20 years ago? When a bunch of “Middle Eastern men” – reportedly “dressed like Arabs” – walked into a certain Legislature with rifles and bombs, but were quickly overpowered by police forces? Then the whole thing was covered up, and has even been removed from Wikipedia as “not note-worthy?”

It helps to remember things, it puts things in context.