No, I don’t mean like Jared Taylor of AmRen, working with Jews in “the movement.” I’m not part of any “movement.”

Instead, I mean, literally, is it physically safe to work in, say, an office building when Jews are present or where Israeli interests are involved?

Short answer: NO.

Don’t believe me? Look up the “Israeli messaging company Odigo.” Or the Israeli company Urban Moving Systems.

Another example? Try to find a New York Times article from late 2001, titled something like “The Mysterious Stranger” about a “miraculous” event at the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001.

So, the article explains that for a religious Jew, they have to have ten men in the group before they can do some cult ritual prayer or whatever. So this group of orthodox Jews that worked in the World Trade Center would meet before work to do their cult ritual. But that morning, one of their guys was late, so they couldn’t do the ritual, because they only have nine Jews.

So what happens? Out of the blue, the minute before they were going to give up and get into the elevators to their various offices at the World Trade Center, a “mysterious stranger” – also an orthodox Jew that none of them knew – just magically appears to help them do their cult ritual.

But since he showed up at the last minute, they were all late, thus miraculously survived 9/11.

After 9/11 there was an anti-semitic “conspiracy theory” that spread around saying that “no Jews were in the Towers.” This is not true. At least one Jew died on 9/11, and quite possibly at least one Israeli.

You can do the math. 3,000 dead, one Jew, possibly one Israeli, in New York City, the most Jewish city in the world with more Jews than Tel Aviv and probably as many Israelis.

So if you are working in an office building that is owned by a Jew, like Larry Silverstein, and you are NOT on an Israeli messaging app like Odigo that will warn you of impending terrorist attacks, I would say – NO.

Don’t risk it.

No, it is not safe working next to Jews. It is not safe to work in an area where Jews, especially Israelis, are in charge of the physical infrastructure with the access to plant explosives.

I urge all Americans who work in skyscrapers in a major city:

  1. First, check to see who owns the building.
  2. Research the company that is in charge of security. Do they have any Israelis in management? Are they an Israeli company? “Former” IDF or Mossad?

Really – better to not take the risk.

  1. Always be aware of Jews in your physical proximity. The weirdo orthodox types are obvious, but that nice lady that sits in the desk next to yours? The pretty one that looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

If you see her get a message on her phone, then she grabs her purse and quickly heads toward the emergency stairs?


I actually suggest getting a map of the office layout, and putting a “star” on the desks where Jews sit, just so you can keep an eye on them.

4. Every morning check to make sure a Zionist Jew hasn’t locked the emergency exits at the top of the stairs, like they did in World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 on September 11, 2001.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on, can’t get fooled again.