The white, bearded, balding guy on NBC – who is his audience? Who listens to him pontificate on the “temple of democracy” or “dangerous QAnon conspiracy theories” and does anything but snicker?

The best I can figure is that the audience for broadcast NBC is old black women and white cat ladies.

In fact, the New York Times recently admitted that their profit center is “Resistance Moms” meaning upper middle class mostly white women whose Social Media Identity is based around hating Trump and Republicans. For these people “political activism” is making a Facebook post quoting a Hollywood celebrity about how bad Trump it.

These are not “political activists” – these are media consumers.

The Washington Post used to be a serious newspaper, but ever since Jeff Bezos bought it, it is indistinguisable from the Huffington Post – especially when you read the comments.

These people are a minority of America but they are the majority of paying customers for online media. As far as this writer is aware, the only serious newspaper left in the United States is the Wall Street Journal, which despite being absorbed into the Mudoch/News Corp/FOX News conglomerate, still relies on paid subscriptions of people who are not “Resistance Moms.”

After a year of Black Lives Matter rioting, the high point of which was burning the Minneapolis Police headquarters to the ground, few people – outside of the Resistance Moms – are clutching their pearls about the rather hilarious “Insurrection” where Trump Social Media Celebrities, like “Baked Alaska” and a hilarious “QAnon Shaman” dressed up in a Viking costume took selfies of themselves in the Congressional chambers while some grinning guy ran off with the Speaker of the House podium.

Sure, they broke the law, they might go to jail, but “an assault on democracy?” I’m sorry, no one takes you people that seriously.

Let’s face it – anyone who voted for Trump loved it. People who are not even particularly political kind of liked it too. Congress has an approval rating barely in the two digits. No one gives a damn that some clowns caused a ruckus in Congress and took selfies.

The TV media and the politicians are trying to out-do each other about the “assault on democracy” but does anyone care? They are allowed to set the boundaries of acceptable discourse – it is probably not a good idea for a white collar worker in a Fortune 500 company to talk about how hilarious and awesome the photos are.

But no one outside of the sour and dour “Resistance Moms” believes that it was an “assault on democracy.” They are basically the School Marm lecturing the students for impudently laughing when the class clown mocks the teacher.

The mass media hyperventilation isn’t helping their credibility either.

People who pretend they are “serious activists” are complaining about the coming crackdowns. That is happening.

Apple and Google have banned the Republican app “Parler” from cell phones and Jeff Bezos has finally made his move by banning Parler from Amazon webservers – and Amazon webservers control maybe half of the Internet.

As an article on The American Sun pointed out, what we are seeing here is the roll-up of any institutional support that Trump had. That is what the hysteria is about, that is why attorneys and medium-level staffers are being threatened if they attempt to help Trump.

But here is their problem: lots of people voted for Trump. When Biden takes office, the Democrats are quite likely to drop the whole thing, because they know they are quite likely to lose both houses of Congress in the next election – their majority is not going to last.

And the more they antagonize regular Americans who are not “Resistance Moms” the worse they are going to lose. The Democrats are going to try to move to the center.

Why was the “Deep State” so against Trump, anyway?

Yes, they hate and fear Americans and far too many Americans supported Trump.

But there is more to it than that.

In 2012 Newt Gingrich ran for President, and the WSJ pointed out that his entire campaign was funded by one donor: Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon Adelson is an “American” who even served in the US military, but infamously said he regretted it and wish he had served in the Israeli military instead, and was proud his son never joined the US military but instead serves in the Israeli military.

Sheldon Adelson is “American in name only.”

He’s also a “casino magnate” with a fortune made in “gambling casinos” in Macau, China. If this were a Hollywood movie, he would be considered an “organized crime boss” but outside of the movies that is considered a “conspiracy theory.”

Gingrich was obviously never meant to win, instead, he hurt other Republican candidates and forced all the rest of the Republicans to kow-tow to the Israel lobby even harder. When Trump was running, Gingrich became an early supporter – as did Sheldon Adelson – and explained that the Republican party didn’t like Trump because Trump “wasn’t in the secret society.”

Some people took this as a sort of “conspiracy theory” but the simplest explanation is that Trump really was an “outsider” to the Republican party. Trump was always far closer to the Democrats and is part of the New York Republicans, like Giuliani and Bloomberg, who are more or less really Democrats themselves.

Trump really was an outsider – he was, in fact, a agent of the Likud party of Israel, directly funded by the same people that funded Newt Gingrich, the biggest donor being Sheldon Adelson.

The media is also still mentioning “QAnon” and reacts to it with the same fury as they reacted to “Pizzagate.”

Just remembering some details of the last five years seems to make it clear what is going on and why the American “Deep State” has always hated Trump.

It is because Donald Trump is part of a competing “Deep State” – not an American “Deep State” but a global “Deep State” headquartered in Tel Aviv.

The CIA hates Trump because he is Mossad. Just look at who Trump has pardoned – look who Jared Kushner’s father is – look at what Charles Kushner was doing during 9/11.

Only this author has written about the attempt by Donald Trump’s faction to blackmail Jeff Bezos over his “dick picks” for allowing the Washington Post to write about how Jared Kushner’s allies in Saudi Arabia murdered Washington Post “journalist” and CIA agent Jamal Khashoggi.

Interesting, isn’t it, that the QAnon people never talked about this particular attempt at sexual blackmail?

The “real conspiracy” behind QAnon is the same “real conspiracy” behind “Pizzagate” – the “Deep State” centered around the modern Roy Cohn, Roger Stone – has attempted to blackmail various political friends and enemies with the fruits of their espionage.

Just look at the timeline, folks. If anyone is blackmailing politicians with compromising video via Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, it is Donald Trump.

What was Trump’s “October Surprise?” His campaign proxy, Rudolph Giuliani, released Joe Biden’s sons sex tapes, supposedly obtained through “hacking.”

This puts the “QAnon Conspiracy Theory” in a different light, doesn’t it?

What Trump showed us is that Republicans could win every single election if Republicans would only stop the mass immigration. Conservatives would start winning the culture war if they pushed back hard against anti-whiteness and not just tepid MLK lectures about “color-blindness” either.

And the Republicans could keep their Global Economic Imperialism going if they just cut in the white working class with some of the Imperial Loot. Nancy Pelosi admitted she blocked Trump’s second Covid-19 check because she feared it would help Trump get re-elected.

When Joe Biden gets sworn into office, what is going to change? The TV News will now support the President, but can Biden keep this thing together? Will even more lectures from some TV talking head about “white supremacy” have any serious effect?

The New York Times will likely lose a huge amount of revenue as the “Resistance Moms” get bored with no Trump to rally against.

The “Insurrection” does really scare the “Establishment” because they know that a mass of white Americans can step into power any time they want.

This is why Silicon Valley is now openly denouncing the entire concept of “free speech.”

But who are they kidding?

If – like this author – you have a materialist conception of politics, you will notice that the material conditions have not changed. If anything, the material conditions have pushed the average white American even more to “the right.”

Will kicking every right-of-center American off of Social Media actually stop their organizing?

A huge faction of the Democratic party would absolutely support making the Republican party illegal – political parties are banned often in other countries.

Of course the real rulers would not do that because it is important to maintain the “A/B Test” of two parties.

But it would be great if they try or at least really try to sell the idea.

Even if there was a “New 9/11” in America – material conditions are not going to change.

  1. “Multiculturalism” – meaning, multiracialism and multiethnicism – always causes racial and ethnic conflict. This is simply human nature, and the American Empire has hardly “solved” that problem.
  2. The political “Mainstream” that was once defined by the three TV companies, ABC, CBS, and NBC, is increasingly inoperative.
  3. White people are still a majority, and even when they get under 50% they are still the plurality.
  4. American Economic Imperialism has clearly peaked. China no longer needs the USA. Russia still has nukes and can simply stop American advances in Ukraine and Syria when it has to. Europe has given a huge middle finger to America and is going to connect their energy grid – and increasingly their financial systems – to Russia.
  5. America’s cultural power is on the wane. Hollywood is broke and anyone can make movies these days.
  6. America simply does not have a monopoly on technology anymore.

As for ZOG …

Jeff Bezos, Jack Dorsey … and Nick Fuentes … are fully “red pilled” on the “JQ.”

One of the problems for ZOG is simply the fact that Americans – white Americans – are more cosmopolitan than ever, more understanding of the world than ever, and fewer and fewer have any sort of “special relationship” with Jews and Israel because of some obscure Christian ideology.

Electoral politics is mostly a show anyway. Increasingly white Americans are getting more sophisticated in how power really works in America.