For all the big talk of Trump “going over the head of the media to speak directly to the people” Trump himself is 100% dependent on his Twitter account. Without that direct communication to his fans, Trump has nothing.

Here’s a fun thought experiment:

Blogger VoxDay and his fans are suggesting that Trump’s concession video is a “Deep Fake.”

Hunter Wallace made a good point over at For Trump and his campaign and his hard core fans, the idea of a stolen election is performative. When Trump asked for a “protest” at the Capitol, he wanted a show not of force but a show of popularity. He was never serious about “stopping the steal” – it was a way to raise money (apparently they raised millions after the election) and a way to save face.

For the MAGA Grifters, the point of these protests was never to overturn any election results. The point was to video themselves at protests, giving speeches, and making social media content. It was an event to get hits and upvotes online.

Only some of his fans believed that they could really put some sort of pressure on politicians to demand anything.

What did the MAGAs do when they finally broke into the Capitol?

They took selfies. The took videos of themselves posing and acting with a very cool backdrop.

It’s all very much Cargo Cult Politics. The French Revolutionaries stormed the Bastille, so if we “storm the Capitol” … well, what exactly?

The ironic thing is that both the protestors and the media have the same interests in portraying this performance as if it is real. The media loved it – not only do they get traffic and eyeballs, but they can also posture as saving America from the “bad guys.”

Even Trump said they “defiled the seat of American democracy” but no one, not on the left, nor the right, not the elites, nor the populares, has anything but contempt for the legislators. It’s all a show, it’s all posturing.

The Mass Media is the Sovereign.

If the media says the election went one way, that is the reality. If the media says the common cold is a humanity-threatening pandemic, that is what their audience believes. If the media says that jet fuel can melt steel beams – even when the New York Times reports “pools of molten steel” at the base on the collapsed WTC – then kerosene can melt steel beams.

Even high school level physics takes a back seat to the blinking lights on the screen.

“Social Media” – meaning, Alphabet/Google, Facebook, and Twitter – they are the sovereign because they control the means of communication.

In 1959, the media said that Leave it to Beaver was respectable, that was what Americans are. In 2020, Black Lives Matter looters are “what Americans are.”

Simply turning off the TV won’t do anything because the majority of people are hooked into it.

The reason the “QAnon Conspiracy Theory” rattled the mass media so much is because it provided an alternative narrative that trumped their narrative. Donald Trump rattled the mass media because Trump was their creation that turned against them.

Anyone contesting for power in America is going to have its own communications infrastructure. A couple of blogs relying on other people’s infrastructure ain’t it.

So unless you have a plan for that, you’re just wasting people time.