First I hope we still get to wear the masks. I’ve said it before, I LOVE the masks for two reasons. First, I’ve long wanted people to wear masks on public transportation like trains. The Japanese and Koreans do it as a matter of course and it of course helps prevent the spread of colds and flus during cold and flu season.

Plus I don’t wear one of those “medical” style masks. I just wear a bandana over my face. I look like Jesse James about to rob a train in 1890. This keeps my face off of the Spy Cameras and mobile phone cameras in case someone tries to “Karen” me.

So the day after Joe Biden is inaugurated we should all go out and patronize our restaurants and bars – the various small businesses, waitresses and barkeeps need our patronage considering how much they have been screwed for the last year.

They have already announced they are going to “readjust” the PCR tests to lower false positives. So as soon as Biden gets sworn in, all the false positives go away and Covid-19 goes back to being what we used to call “the common cold.”

Plus hopefully if the two Georgia Republicans lose their special election, the Republicans lose the Senate and everybody gets $2,000! That is great. Republicans will be completely destroyed as a national party and we will NEVER have to deal with Republicans ever again, although it may take a while to vote out GOP grifters on the local level.

We should have a big national celebration commemorating the day American finally freed ourselves from the Party of the Tyrant Lincoln. I am only happy I lived long enough to see the Republican Abomination of Desolation finally defeated.

But we must make sure to never normalize Kamalism and start making plans to dump her for Joe Manchin or Jim Webb.