2020 Winners and Losers?

Losers: Donald Trump fans.

People can’t tell the difference between reality and hyper-reality.

One of the promises of the World Wide Web was that smaller publishers could compete with the bigger publishers.

The New York Times used to have a massive physical infrastructure: huge buildings full of massive presses, printing ink on paper, and a network of planes, trains, and automobiles that distributed the newspaper throughout the world – the “last mile” often depending on young boys on bicycles.

Now, anyone can throw up a WordPress website and with the right photographs, it looks just like NYTimes.com.

It was a running joke in the early years of the WWW and Social Media when people would post articles from TheOnion thinking they were “real.”

I witnessed such things many times over the years. During the early Trump campaign one Conserva-boomer I knew spent weeks sending articles like these:

Malia Obama Arrested Again, Complete Media Blackout.

Now this man was in some ways highly intelligent – give him a math problem and he’ll do it in his sleep. But he couldn’t tell ironic sarcasm from emotive sincerity if his life depended on it. He was, in the parlance, “an aspie.”

So once he spend a day posting a “Fake News” story from some generic website about how Donald Trump, the first week in office, had arrested all of the top Hollywood actors for drug use and sex crimes – but the New York Times wouldn’t cover it.

He wanted it to be true – he loved the idea of those snooty liberals having those sex and drugs Hollywood parties taken down a notch.

Of course the New York Times itself publishes “fake news” constantly – but it typically has a believability threshold. But this guy – his Aspberger’s Syndrome preventing him from basic judgements about human behavior – could not distinguish between the New York Times printing Judith Miller’s Israeli propaganda about Iraqi “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and a Fake News Tabloid site telling him exactly what he wanted to hear.

What he wanted to hear? Donald Trump finally taking down those arrogant Hollyweird LIE-berals! Perhaps Donald Trump was present for the arrests himself, with his personal Bible opened to Two Corinthians, his favorite chapter.

So I’m willing to call a loser:

Any of the tens of thousands of political writers who used the term “God-Emperor” to describe Donald Trump, the celebrity game show host and President.

VoxDay’s people are in full fantasy mode now.

Lin Wood says something crazy, like how Mike Pence is going to be arrested and tried for treason and executed by firing squad. So the VoxDay people try to come up with competitive fantasy scenarios to figure out why this is all part of Trump’s “4-D Chess” and if you disagree, you are a “blackpiller” who “doesn’t trust the plan” and a concern troll.


Look around you.

Many of the #QAnon types dropped out a week after the election, knowing that Trump had lost – whether he lost honestly or crookedly, it doesn’t matter.

Even seemingly respectable websites like Counter-Currents were all on board with the idea that Donald Trump was a “serious reformer” that “really tried” to stop immigration but was stymied by the “Deep State.” Those of us who said, from the very beginning, “Trump is completely full of shit, he’s a liar and he is in the pay of Likud” were trashed by the respectable types as being “conspiracy theorists.”

Oddly, saying “Trump is full of shit and a liar and a con artist” is a “conspiracy theory.” But saying “Trump is an honest reformer that means what he says but was prevented from doing anything by Obama’s Muslim Deep State (remember, CIA director Brennan had ‘coverted to Islam’)” is NOT a “conspiracy theory.”

I don’t see how Gateway Pundit or the #QAnon websites like ConservativeTreehouse don’t take down their websites in shame, but that is not how Grift works. Perhaps the story will now be “Donald Trump, Shadow President” taking down the “fake President Biden.” Some of the “Trad Catholics” do this, Ratzinger is still the “real Pope” and Francis is the “Jesuit Black Pope.” Faith healers don’t stop grifting in shame, they just move on seamlessly to a new version of the grift. Didn’t get healed? You didn’t pray hard enough.

The GOP grift will smoothly transition to Josh Hawley, another 100% owned asset of Likud who is willing to throw out “populist” bullshit to get elected. Hawley is the Anglo version of Little Marco Rubio, but less charismatic and less gay.

I have no problem hating on Boomers – my parents weren’t boomers, they were of the previous generation. But Boomers didn’t grow up with the Internet, thus these are the types that fall for “phishing links,” Facebook catfishing, fake lottery scams, and “Fake News” because it’s all on the computer screen and the subtle language differences are too subtle for them to pick up.

Do you know much money has been made from lonely boomer men by fake dating websites?

I have personally seen this in action. I helped a friend of a friend fix his computer, and his friend showed me his “online girlfriend” which was literally a generic set of pictures of what I assumed was a Vietnamese prostitute and a very simple “chatbot” script.

Yet this guy was convinced that he had some sort of “personal relationship” – an “online romance” if you will – with someone who didn’t even exist. He failed the Turing test and couldn’t tell he was dealing with a simple computer program, not an actual person.

You want to know why the Right always loses?

It is because the Right has no institutions and is led by bad people.

Introducing the Swine Right:

Imagine some smart college kid watching all this. On one hand, he sees The World League of Whores and Sodomites, but on the other fanged IQ90 swine who would gladly conscript him and have him die in trenches for a cause such as the glory of our national being, while their cousins are making millions selling weapons to the state. Some of them are lucky enough to be raised in an intellectually healthy environment and to see a possible alternative to progressive madness.

However, a lot of them are simply not. If you’re a bookish guy from the countryside and came to the capital as a talented STEM student, there’s quite a large possibility that your new college friends are much nicer and much more intelligent than your village chief, parish priest or your high school history professor.

As I detailed in Deconstructing Right-Wing Propaganda, right-wing propagandists have a “sponsorship” relationship with their patrons.

This isn’t even really my observation – this is something that Trotsky said – and surprisingly, America has actually accepted Trotskyism as the official doctrine – or at least, they have accepted Charlie Manson’s insane version of Trotskyism called “Helter Skelter.”

You see, Black Lives Matter will kill all the white people but only we good whites will be left to rule, as blacks can’t actually run things. “We” are either “White Allies” or more likely, “Zionist Jews.”

Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug, is sponsored by Peter Thiel and “just happens” to spend all his time kissing the asses of people like … Peter Thiel.

Really, sucking up to the boss is an American tradition, and right-wingers do this.

Part of the reason is that Right-wingers have no institutions because the Left did the “long march through the institutions” and American right-wingers are all Ayn Randroids thinking they are Heroic Individuals who learn this one trick to take down the libtards.

So here’s a terrible thought for ya – from the perspective of a young man in Eastern Europe who wants peace, prosperity and order, the rule of the Cathedral might be a healthy alternative to the powers surrounding him. As long as a significant part of the Right acts like the above mentioned Swine, the Left will be even more than secure in it’s picture of intellectual and moral superiority.

What is a #Cuckservative? July 15, 2015 by alfredwclark


Dear Right-Wingers, please get your head out of your ass.

Which is better?

The Traditional Catholic priest, in a small village, that thunders against Sodomites while putting his hands down the altar boy’s pants? Or the LGBT college professor who is gay married to his boyfriend?

The limited government Conservative politician who funnels money directly to the Defense Contractors who pay for his campaign while lecturing about small government? Or the liberal passing welfare policies that help his constituents?

The Right is right when it comes to things like “natural hierarchy.” But here’s the thing:

Mother Nature is a Bitch. Just because something is “natural” it doesn’t make it right.

This is something that everyone except for right-wingers learn in grade school.

Remember Huck Finn’s dad? Patriarchy is natural, and it can been good. But Huck Finn was justified in hating his father and trying to escape from him.

Why is it that most right-wingers speak like Master Morality Lions, but live like Slave Morality Lambs? It’s actually the Liberals who are the Lions and the Conservatives who are the Lambs, whining that their babies are eaten by the wolves.

I don’t have any solution, except a personal one. I refuse to listen to the Swine Right and I get a certain enjoyment from trashing them online. I love to “punch right.”

But this is serious business. The Neo-Liberals in Silicon Valley are literally genocidal and their technocracy will destroy human freedom and eventually all human life itself. We need allies to take down Silicon Valley.

It’s just that The Right – a bunch of swine; brutish, nasty, evil, dumb, and dishonest – are not even allies.