About a decade ago I discovered the “bad hate websites” by people Zionists call “White Nationalists” or “Alternative Right.” Being a dyed-in-the-wool liberal by instinct, I tend to have an open mind and try to “Steel Man” the arguments others are making, even when – especially when – I disagree with them.

At some point I only had to cross-reference the websites of the Zionist lobby at the ADL and the SPLC with the “bad hate websites” of the so-called “Alternative Right” and discovered the Zionist lobby were the ones peddling “hate” and the “Alternative Right” people tended to be more stupid than hateful, although a minority of them, maybe 20%, were extremely intelligent and far, far more truthful than any of the Zionists at ADL and SPLC.

The conservative and libertarian Republicans have told me, for well over a decade, that liberal Democrats are “the real racists” and since I am white, thus a “racist” I figured this makes sense.

So I’ve decided to register as a Democrat. Republicans are all liars making up nonsense like “race doesn’t matter” and “color of the skin” and all that MLK nonsense they told us in junior high school. Republicans speak like children.

The Democratic party is serious: it’s a full out racial knife fight. Race is everything. They don’t pretend. So it makes sense for White people – i.e., “racists” – to actually do something to defend ourselves in the race war that is the Democratic party.

I suppose I’ll vote for Joe Manchin, or perhaps an Aryan-American like Jennifer Granholm or even an anti-semite like Tulsi Gabbard, whose 12.5% Samoan ancestry is enough to give her official People of Color status, unlike poor Elizabeth Warren, so Gabbard is sort of our “Secret Undercover KKK-Nazi” agent.

After all, Hillary Clinton was the first politician of the modern age to actually ask for White votes specifically and Bill Clinton was literally a good-old boy redneck from Arkansas who once said that Obama should be serving coffee not running for President.

Even Barack Obama – it was his White half that was able to oursmart the Zionists like Netanyahu and stop a war against Iran, who will hopefully have nukes soon to keep Israel and Saudi Arabia in line. We had to take one for the team on that, but I guess Obama’s mom should get a medal for deep, deep undercover work in unpleasant conditions. Sacrifices have to be made.

It takes a certain amount of verbal acuity to use the complex racial jargon, but any complex field has its own jargon. Republicans are too stupid to understand the use of euphemisms like “disprivileged.”

Do you speak to your dogs the same way you speak to your children? Of course not. So why do Republicans pretend that everyone is “equal” and some sort of “honor” requires you to speak to everyone on the same level?

When the neighbor’s dog growls at you, do you take offense? Is it a crime against your honor? Obviously not – that would be insane.

Republicans are like the Redcoats lining up in formation and shooting their one bullet our of their muskets on cue. Democrats are like Rebel Americans sniping from behind the trees and using guerilla tactics. All warfare is deception and it’s pretty easy for American Democrats to fool racial competitors for resources. Those “Good Schools” don’t come out of nowhere.

Some idiot Republican is right now furiously typing out some crazy-ass screed about “food stamps” and “public housing” meanwhile American Democrats use real power to organize reality on the front lines.

Life is struggle and politics is a contact sport. Stop wasting your time listening to a bunch of nerds LARPing like they are a character in an Ayn Rand novel and join the fight.

Democrats are the lesser of two evils. Be practical, this next election is the most important election of our lives.