The core team consists of:

Ron Klain, Chief of Staff. Long time Biden handler. American.

Antony Blinken, State. Hungarian.

Treasury, former Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Polish.

Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Cuban-Romanian.

DNI, Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines. American that “identifies with her mother’s … faith.” A Person of Faith.

She “chose not to discipline [CIA agents], overruling the CIA Inspector General.” An interesting story with religious significance. 100% in line with Donald Trump’s policy on these issues.

DCI still TBA …

Attorney General and Commerce also not named. AG is a political fixer and Commerce is in charge of the international graft, loansharking, and the general economic aspects of Empire. Neither of these will be a surprise and will come from Obama’s orbit.

The only core team member that celebrates Christmas is General Lloyd Austin at Defense, an African-American. But Democrats will likely reject him at the last minute due to “norms” – probably to be replaced by someone with white skin, who does not celebrate Christmas, who does not have a stereotypical American last name like “Austin” or “Jefferson” or “Smith” and who has more than one passport.

Interestingly the Christmas-celebrators get positions often considered lucrative for not just the politician but all of their friends. Nordic-American Jennifer Granholm of Michigan will helm Energy, which is an increasingly important source of graft and patronage. (Go long trendy overpriced “Green Technology” and Tesla.)

Tom Vilsack, whose backstory is straight out of a Dicken’s novel, is an American-American from Iowa and will head the massive, socialized, centralized “Agriculture Industry” that defines the economy of much of the Midwest. This is more than simple graft, the byzantine political-economic arrangements are almost feudalist. Big Corn Rules Red America.

A gaggle of ethnically-balanced Democratic party hacks make up the unimportant positions. Pete Buttigieg fills the Token LGBT slot at Transportation so his CIA buddies have a backdoor line of command to the cocaine imports via boats and planes and trucks.

Also they made Dinosaur John Kerry “U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” which basically means the guy in charge of herding the Imperial provinces, especially Europe, in the multilateral institutions. (Think a Good Cop to Henry Kissinger’s Bad Cop.)

So we have Scrooges running things with some House Honkeys put in charge of doling out the domestic graft to keep the peasants on the plantation.

It’s just like Trump, but servicing the Zionists happens behind closed doors because Trump’s pornographic public displays of submission to Kushner and Netanyahu were not suitable for children and scared the horses.

So we get the same policies without Trump’s carnival act.

Without the shucking and jiving from the House Honkeys keeping Whitey on the plantation, who knows, we could try something different.