Bullying teenage white girls is considered ‘Anti-Racist Activism’ by the New York Times.

It’s open season on teenage girls racialized as “white.”

The wealthiest oligarchs on earth sexually traffic teenage white girls, sometimes openly as with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, sometimes “hiding in plain site” like Hollywood or the “Modeling Industry.”

Until just a few weeks ago, the corporation MindGeek Inc. openly distributed tens of millions of pornographic videos, the majority of which are of white girls and women, many products of the legalized commercial sex trade and many simply video evidence of violent sexual crimes against girls and women. Operating openly for well over a decade, unhindered by any government in Europe or America – and with the direct collaboration of the entire financial system, including major banks and Visa and Mastercard.

Visa and Mastercard will not provide services to online gambling, but they have no problem doing business with pimps, sex traffickers, pornographers, and the exploiters of young women.

There is even an open market for the very reproductive biology of teenage white girls, literally their body parts. The ova of white girls are openly bought and sold in the “global free market” under the guise of “egg donation.” There is an iron-clad market logic involved; so many eggs over this many months at this price, a white female is worth X amount of dollars, etc.

But even this isn’t enough, as in the name of “Anti-Racist Activism” a 19 year old girl, racialized as “white” (notice: lower case) is being subjected to targeted harassment on social media in a smear campaign supported by the mainstream media such as the New York Times.

The white teenage girl’s “racist” crime?

At 15 years of age, she sent, to her friends, a five second clip of herself behind the wheel of a car saying, “I can drive, nigga” as her friends good-naturedly teased her about her new learner’s permit.

The term “nigga” is a common American slang for “dude” or “pal” and is constantly used in popular music and films.

A schoolmate, “whose mother is Black and father is white,” kept a copy of the clip, with the express purpose of using it to accuse her of “racism” “when the time was right.”

Four years later, when the young girl, now 19, is accepted into college and wins a place on the cheerleading team, her classmate “releases” the “secret racist video” and an “anti-racist” smear campaign begins against the young white woman. “Anti-racist activists” mob the college and demand she be fired from the team and expelled from college.

The college and the cheerleading team comply with the demands of the “anti-racists” and join in the bullying by characterizing the young white woman as “racist.”

This, after a two year hate campaign against “Karens,” the sexist slur used for women racialized as “white.”

The only people subject to more racist and sexist hate than young white women are Palestinians. That isn’t a coincidence.

The oligarchs of Silicon Valley, of the social media like, Facebook and Google, and their pornography arms such as MindGeek – virtually all of them openly Zionist – have now established a high-tech marketplace for white girls and women called “OnlyFans” where regular girls are invited to engage in various forms of pornography and sex work.

The end goal is the perfect neo-liberal commodification of white females, girls and women – they are to be products to be consumed and workers to produce.

Of course the only new development is the technology. The sexual trafficking – slavery – of women is as old as time, the “oldest profession” as it were. Isn’t it interesting that the historical, worldwide institution of “slavery” is not allowed to be discussed in America, except in the extremely limited case of African slavery in the Southeast of North America between the 18th and 19th centuries? Yet the slavery of women, and specifically, the slavery of women racialized as “white” goes back to prehistory and continues to this day.

But there is no White Girls Lives Matter marches in 2020 America.

In the far reaches of the US Empire countries such as the Philippines and Thailand have a well developed neo-liberal prostitution market, but Anglo countries have so far been extremely reluctant to allow open prostitution of their own women.

Will Silicon Valley’s new Social Media weapon be enough to finally bring Anglos to heel? Will Onlyfans and their partners at Facebook and Google, Visa and Mastercard, finally mainstream the sexual slavery of white girls – on a level that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell only dream of?

2021 is the year no white woman will be allowed to get a university education unless she denounces herself and her family as “racist” and does the unpaid “work” – “labor” – of “anti-racism.”